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Winner 05 End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 1
Winner 04 End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 2
Winner 03 End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 3
Winner 02 End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 4
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From an initial pool of over 100 hopefuls to a shortlist of 30, we’ve finally arrived at the moment you’ve all been waiting for — announcing the Top 10 Elementor Websites of the Year!

We’ve counted each of the many thousands of votes and had our judges weigh in on their favorite picks after passionately critiquing every last pixel.

Let us raise a banner — or perhaps a header — to the best Elementor Websites of 2021 and the talented minds behind them!

Presenting the Top
3 Winners

Web Design Studio
By: Jovan Lakić
Generalcondition End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 6

Modern Typography

Masonry Grid

Horizontal Scrolling

 Hover Effects

As our 1st-place winner, Jovan receives a 1-year pro license coupon for his existing plan, a US$500 Gift Card, a 1st place winner’s trophy, and a branded swag box containing lots of goodies.

“A Breathtaking Design: The Epitome of Artistic Reality!”

Judges’ Verdict: “General Condition presents a fine example of engaging scrollytelling. Touches of Baroque art splashed with witty typewriter text, expertly incorporating horizontal scrolling effects, logo-inspired motifs, multi-layered imagery, and floating effects are only a few drops in the ocean of what this modern masterpiece of a web design studio delivers!”

General Condition is an award-winning multidisciplinary team based in Belgrade, Serbia. They specialize in brands, identities, art direction, web design, and web development. Their boutique studio focuses on creating visual solutions and creative concepts through identifying needs or problems, research, and testing.

Theme Builder: Hello

Plugins: Premium Addons for Elementor, The Plus Addons for Elementor

Creative Studio
By: Gary West Jr.
Superglow End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 7

Trendy Oversized Text

Micro Animations

Hover Effects

Modern Color Scheme

As our 2nd-place winner, Gary receives a 1-year pro license coupon for his existing plan, a US$350 Gift Card, a 2nd place winner’s trophy, and a branded swag box containing lots of goodies.

“A Musical Journey Lit All the Way to the Top of the Charts”

Judges’ Verdict: “If hot is always now, and cool is forever young, then what’s trending is Superglow! A highly vibrant, dynamic, image dominant design that perfectly resonates with its millennial music audience. Using spectacular hover image effects, large contemporary text, mixed with elements of street art and urban culture, the music and lifestyle creative studio hits all the right notes!”

Superglow is a UK creative studio specializing in digital content. They work with artists, brands, and record labels to create visual branding, websites, social content, and video for releases, campaigns, and events. Their portfolio of work includes renowned record labels such as Universal Music Group, Virgin EMI Records, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Interscope Records, and more.

Theme Builder: Hello

Plugins: All In One WP Security, Simple Custom CSS & JS, SiteGround Optimizer, Yoast SEO

Electric Car
By: Claudia Bot – Tide Design
Totemautomobili End-Of-Year Showcase 2021 — The Winners 8

Zoom-In Hover Effects

Fade-in Motion Effects

High DefinitionHD Videography

Full Page Canvas

As our 3rd-place winner, Claudia receives a 1-year pro license coupon for her existing plan, a US$175 Amazon Gift Card, a 3rd place winner’s trophy, and a branded swag box containing lots of goodies..

“Where Timeless Elegance Meets Minimalist Sophistication”

Judges’ Verdict: “Honoring the aestheticism of the past with the impetus of the present, Totem GT beautifully captures the high-speed excitement of its prestigious automobile using a full canvas heavily reliant on its gorgeous imagery. A high definition close-up hero, followed by side-on, and bird’s eye view images, closed out by a high-quality video, the seemingly tangible ride appeals to the senses.”

Totem GT electric is an Italian handcrafted jewel car designed to suit the highest driving expectations by bringing human senses and emotions to create an extraordinary experience. The performance and interior of their vehicle enhance the life of this legendary automobile through a unique blend of the classic past and the dynamic vision of the future.

Theme Builder: Hello

Plugins: Element Pack Lite – Addon for Elementor, ElementsKitLite, Essential Addons for Elementor, MP3 Music Player by Sonaar, Sticky Header Effects for Elementor

The Other
Magnificent 7:

Each of our 4th to 10th place winners receive a US$100 Amazon Gift Card and a branded swag box containing lots of goodies.

Web Design Agency
By: Gaetano Sorangelo

Web Design Studio
By: Enrique Figueroa

Custom Water Fittings
By: Chris Lettner – The Weather

Interior Design Agency
By: ABC creación digital

Branding and Marketing Agency
By: Grenade Studio , Scott Ritchie - pixelshifter

By: Five by Five

Web Design Agency
By: Billie Argent – Passionate Digital Agency

Last but certainly not least, all raffle winners from our voting audience receive either Amazon Gift Cards, branded t-shirts, or branded caps.

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