Elementor’s Library contains a range of invaluable resources for web-creators, including individual sections, Template Pages, and the recently added Full Website Kits. All of our assets are created by a dedicated team of in-house expert designers within Elementor, who are constantly educating themselves on the newest trends in website design and creation, as well as industry requirements and best practices. 

As Elementor constantly creates new design capabilities, improving workflows and optimizing performance, the library assets need to be updated from time to time. That way, we provide you with the most innovative, and up-to-date assets.

That is why, on December 8th, we added 25 new Page Templates, and we will continue adding new ones. On December 30th, some old Page Templates will be removed. Every single Template Page is created as a standalone unit, using a variety of Elementor widgets, features, animations, and effects that are ready to be used out of the box. 

Read here to learn more about what will happen to historic Page Templates 

This update includes six new Page Template types: Homepage, About, Contact, Services, gallery, and Projects. To accommodate a wide variety of trends, requirements, and industries, each page type received a number of variations. 

Homepage Template: Make a Winning First Impression

Homepages are one of the hardest pages to design, it’s where you get the first, and often only opportunity to engage customers and get them to interact with your website. Aside from the aspiration to make the most appealing homepage from a design perspective, the layout of the page and its content is equally important. 

While some businesses need to relay more information, others are more visually oriented. For example, this Interior Design homepage has a clean, modern design with an emphasis on projects the team has completed. To ace the first impression, the hero section includes an image gallery to display more designs in less space, as well as a clear CTA to request a consultation. For a highly engaging experience, the page is equipped with sophisticated motion effects and video demonstrations. Additionally, to generate trust, the page has dedicated sections with pictures of the team members, the services they provide, and testimonials.  

Interior Design Homepage Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 1

Additional Homepage Templates include: 

  • Packing & Moving Company – Traditional services-based company with standard hero, services, and testimonials section. This page also includes a counter. 
  • Online Doctor Consultation – Traditional layout with a modern feel, optimal for mobile browsers.
  • Online Training – Darker background with neon colors to facilitate a unique vibe that stands out.
  • Travel Agency – Modern look with multiple images and a listings section.

About Page Template: Tell Your Story the Way You Want To

Customers who take a look at your about page demonstrate a high intent of doing business with you, but before they make the final decision, they want to know more. When they visit your About page, they want to know whether your business is the right fit for them, and they evaluate that by your story, history, vision and mission statement. 

While some businesses are focused on the content they share, others may place more of an emphasis on how they share it. For example, this sophisticated Restaurant About page provides the user with an experience as they visit the page. With image entrance animations, customers are captivated by the culinary story this page conveys. Therefore, this page contains more imagery and less text, for a more appetizing scroll. 

About Page Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 2

Additional About Page Templates include: 

  • Business Consulting Company – Conservative design with minimal motion effects and entrance animations, as well as a slides widget for team images.
  • Creative Digital Agency – Heavily visual design with a modern look, includes the text path widget, motion effects and videos for a highly engaging, visual experience

Contact Page Template: Get in Touch

From a relationship and marketing perspective, the Contact page may be the most critical one. This is where your customers will visit when they want to get in touch with you, and by including a form in it, this is also your opportunity to get their information to foster a relationship with them in the future. Therefore, it is really important that this page generates trust and confidence in your business. 

To ensure you include a form for lead collection, every Contact page template includes a form using the Elementor widget form as well as other sections based on the type of business and information you need to share. For example, this Plant Store, while a sweet and short page, has a strong emphasis on lead collection, with the form taking up the majority of the page and the contact information located lower on the page. This page also includes a testimonial section to boost customer confidence. 

Plant Store Contact Page Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 3

 Additional Contact Page Templates include: 

  • Hotel – Clean, visual design with an appealing image carousel that further encourages customers to get in touch  
  • Conference – Modern look with the contact information on top, and a lead collection form in the middle, accompanied with a logo strip to increase confidence, and a map to share the conference’s location  
  • Restaurant – Animated Contact page to continue delivering an experience, along with a form – to book a table, testimonials, and a map showing the restaurant’s location.

Service Page Template: List Your Offerings

As one of the most visited pages after the homepage, this page is where you get to inform customers specifically what you offer and why customers should choose you over anyone else. Since the services each business provides vary tremendously, the way it is designed and structured should reflect those differences and be appealing to your target audience.

Take for example the insurance industry, although in the past it was considered to be a very formal and rigid industry, and websites were designed to reflect that, in recent years the insurance industry has been undergoing a revolution. This revolution is demonstrated on this Insurance Company website. The moving shapes across the page inspired by confetti generate fun and playful feel. Additionally, by putting people front and center the company becomes more approachable, with the services section kept to a minimum to reduce fear. The page also includes an FAQ accordion section, to keep the page short, yet informative.

Insurance Company Services Page Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 4

 Additional Services Page Templates include: 

  • Construction – Elegant and conservative page, inspired by architecture. This page includes image masks inspired by the shape of buildings and horizontal lines across the page to convey structure. 
  • Dental Care –  To reduce fear around dental visits, this page is designed with a friendly front, while maintaining a white, clean design to mimic the cleanliness of a dental office. 
  • Law Firm – Luxurious and professional looking page, with less imagery to maintain a serious feel. 
  • Spa and Beauty – The images on this page do all the talking, descriptions of each service is kept to a minimum and the usage of motion effects is used to fluidly guide customers through the page. 

Adding images to your website allows you to increase SEO and customer engagement. Using a gallery enables you to share a large amount of images without it disrupting the flow of your content. This is also where you get to show customers the diversity of your work, services, or products to increase the number of customers who relate to your offerings. 

Different business types may require differently structured gallery pages, some businesses will have fewer images to show, and so a slideshow may be sufficient, whereas other businesses may have an abundance of images and will therefore need a longer presentation. For example, a boutique Architecture Photography website may have fewer images to share, and having a single-fold slideshow will be enough to expose customers to all of their featured images at a quick glance. 

Interior Design Homepage 1 Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 5

 Additional Gallery Page Templates include: 

  • Travel Blogger – Single fold page that features the most attractive pictures the travel blogger could capture, to encourage customers to follow along the journey. 
  •  Exhibition – An exhibition gallery meant to showcase a variety of exhibited items that may not be related to one another. This page has images scattered throughout the page in a unique layout. 
  • Photographer – Features a number of high-quality images in a single column. The design is clean so that the photographs get the full attention. 

Projects Template Page: Brag a Little

Customers come to your projects page to learn more about the work you’ve produced. This page is your chance to increase your visibility, elaborate more on the projects your business has been involved in, their background, scope, and of course – their outcome. On this page, you shouldn’t include all the projects you’ve worked on due to short attention spans, but rather the ones that are most likely to interest your customers, and the ones you are most proud of.

As projects naturally vary between industries, services, and capabilities, the projects page should be used to accentuate your best work. For example, this 3D designer project page shows a list of case studies on a clean, white background. Each case study has a unique image and title along with a short description, where customers can choose which project they would like to read more about and be directed to a full project page.  

3D Designer Portfolio Welcoming 25 New Page Templates To The Library 6

 Additional Projects Page Templates include: 

  • Interior Design – Modern, clean design full of images, where each image links to a full project page. 
  • Architecture – Alternating sized images that link to the project’s full page. 
  • Photographer – Mainly black and white themed Projects page, with a pop of color for a sleek, and unique look. 

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