Matan Naveh

Elementor Talks #50: Secrets From the Startup Industry

Rand Fishkin, co-founder of MOZ and one of the most recognized figures in the digital marketing world, discusses the problem with Growth Hacking, talks about the dilemma of selling a service vs. selling a product, and introduces us to his recent enterprise, SparkToro.

Elementor Talks #49: Maintaining Your WordPress Website

Joe Howard, the founder of WP Buffs — a 24/7 WordPress website maintenance service, examines the advantages that service companies have over product companies, lists the most common support tickets they receive and shares his experience with hiring remote employees.

Elementor Talks #48: Upscaling With Video Marketing

Chris Savage, co-founder and CEO of Wistia, tells us how winning the Emmy awards propelled the development of Wistia, illustrates the role of videos as part of a content marketing strategy, and advises businesses to think like media companies.

Elementor Talks #47: Improving Your Onboarding Process

Danny Wajcman, co-founder & Chief Operations Officer of Lucky Orange, explains what sets their product apart from Google Analytics, illustrates how this helps the product onboarding process, and shares his tips for scaling your business.

Elementor Talks #46: Growing Your Digital Presence

Matthew Woodward is an SEO expert and the owner of a successful marketing blog and Youtube channel. In this podcast, he tells us about the early days of affiliate marketing and explains why many SEO marketers are doing it wrong.

Elementor Talks #45: Dribbble’s Growth

Michael Sacca is the VP of Product at Dribbble. In this podcast, he talks about the factors that helped them grow, the challenges they faced and also shares his tips for business growth on a small budget.​

Elementor Talks #43: Building Your SEO & Marketing Skills

Tommy Griffith, a digital marketer and the creator of ClickMinded — a series of online marketing courses, criticizes the universities’ approach to digital marketing studies, talks about the clickbait economy, and provides some SEO tips for entrepreneurs.

Elementor Talks #42: Developing Widgets for Elementor

M Asif Rahman, the WordPress entrepreneur behind Essential Addons, tells us how Matt Mullenweg encouraged him to develop his first plugin and talks about Essential Addons’ upcoming releases.

Elementor Talks #41: The Evolution of a WordPress Business

Vito Peleg had a long journey from his days as a musician to the launch of his plugin, WP Feedback. In our podcast, he tells us how he transitioned from running an agency to developing plugins, and reveals his best marketing channels.