In June 2019, our first international meetup took place in Berlin right when the WCEU 2019 kicked off. This was an excellent opportunity for 80 members of our community from around the world to gather in a trendy neighborhood cafe, exchange ideas, draw inspiration, and have some beer and hummus!

The meetup program included an introduction by the leaders of the German Elementor community, Helmut Goebel and Siggy Becker; a presentation by our CMO, Ben Pines, in which he described the new profession of the web creator and provided some teasers for Elementor’s upcoming launches; And “Round tables” — 7 tables and 7 group discussions about Elementor-related topics: the Web Creator, Community, Business Opportunities, Workflow, Web Design Trends, The Future of Page Builders, and Features for Elementor.

Watch the video above and make sure to keep yourself updated on our future meetups.

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