Elementor Sites of the Month – October 2019

What a superb list we have this month! A variety of sites from entirely different areas: a pet care service, an industrial robot manufacturer, film production companies, a large counterculture and occultism magazine, an art gallery, design agencies, and more. Whether it’s corporate, magazine, service provider, online store, or portfolio — these examples prove the possibilities are endless.

And as the list can reveal, we don’t necessarily look for complex websites; we actually appreciate simplicity. What we do find important is creativity, originality, and of course — a showcase of Elementor’s capabilities!

So, after this short introduction, let’s begin.


MACH is a leading creative boutique agency from Lima, Peru. Founded in 2010, it focuses on branding, BTL, and digital marketing. Apple, Honda, 3M, Bosch, Unilever, HP, and Cisco are among their clients, as well as many other large local companies.

The agency’s three main areas of expertise are expressed on their site in three consecutive sections, each highlighted by a different bold color. Both the lightbulb image and the image of a parrot flying out of the billboard attract the visitors’ attention and convey a message of creating innovative ideas and breaking the boundaries. The diagonal color scroll effect on the background goes in opposite directions and helps to produce a flow between the sections.

Design & Development: Freddy Cedeño

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Revolution slider, WP Fast Cache, Advanced Custom Fields


Travel Destinations is a production company based in Barcelona, specializing in creating and producing high-quality audiovisuals and photographs for hotels and vacation resorts, spas, restaurants, and other tourist destinations. 

Their site is relatively simple, but the combination of concise text and the atmosphere created by the videos, generates a pleasant user experience. Also, the dark background helps the visitors focus on the videos, just like in a movie theater. The website has three language versions — English, Spanish, and French — which significantly expands the target audience, to which the company caters.

Design & Development: Jose Toste

Theme: Welcome

Plugins: Sticky Header Effects for Elementor, SVG Support, WP Rocket, Yoast SEO, Cursor Control, Cookie Notice


Jomac is an active gallery space located in downtown Honolulu. Jomac owner and artist John McCaskill’s work explores the themes, visual motifs and graphic textures of the traditional indigenous art and tribal designs. He uniquely combines traditional techniques of printmaking and relief printing with a visual dynamic that is rooted in contemporary art and updated themes. 

Jomac’s designer created an art gallery website, which includes a WooCommerce store. Since John’s works are very colorful, the designer chose a black & white color palette, preventing sensory strain on the visitors’ eyes. The layout in all pages is consistent and displays a smooth transition between texts and images, strengthened through a fixed background. The motion effects applied to the tribal elements add subtle movement and interest.

Design & Development: Whiskey & Red

Theme: OceanWP

Plugins: WP Rocket, Yoast SEO, Elementor Contact Form DB, MailOptin – Lite, Modern Events Calendar Lite, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Stripe Gateway


Atmostfear is an open-access counterculture medium consisting of periodic, unconventional curated articles, attracting fans of diverse arts, occultism, gothic culture, the supernatural, and more. This is a multipage site containing tens of pages, numerous sections and columns. This is why the homepage of this site is long, displaying all the different categories of the site.

The designer had to create a clear division between the different sections on the homepage, using oblique shape dividers, two-layered titles, and even numbers. They harnessed the power of our theme builder to create Single Post templates and maintain design consistency. On top of that, they built a WooCommerce store and customized the product pages to present related products, testimonials and more. We think they succeeded in this complicated task. 

Design & Development: Alex de Borba

Theme: OceanWP

Plugins: AMP, EditorsKit, Fabrica Dashboard, Facebook for WooCommerce, Instant Articles for WP, Ocean Elementor Widgets, Ocean Extra, Ocean Hooks, Ocean Popup Login, Ocean Sticky Header, OneSignal Push Notifications, Perfmatters,
Rank Math, Google Indexing API, Rank Math SEO, Super Progressive Web Apps, TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Admin, WooCommerce Blocks, WooCommerce Brands, WooCommerce MailChimp Integration,
WooCommerce Smart Coupons, WooCommerce Stripe Gateway, WP Rocket, WP User Avatart


ZERO is a lightweight industrial robot, manufactured by the Korean company Global Zeus, a growing supplier of high-quality equipment for the semiconductor-, flat panel- and solar industry. ZERO is designed for a wide range of applications including pick-and-place, assembly, vision inspection, and so on.

Suitably, Zero’s website has a corporate look & feel that is achieved through the right choice of colors, quality photos and illustrations, and a uniform language. 
The inner page menu not only helps to navigate, but also creates a journey of various stations, through which the potential customer can learn about the product. 

Designer: O Ji Yeun

Developer: O Ji Yeun & May

Theme: JupiterX

Plugins: Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Contact Form 7, Ele Custom Skin, Ele Custom Skin, Jet plugins, Image Hotspot, Slider Revolution, Make Column Clickable Elementor


Take 42 is a Melbourne-based production company made up of a talented group of photographers, filmmakers, and writers. 

Here too, much like the site of the Travel Destination company (number 9), the video is the center of attention. The text is quite minimal and the design is seemingly simple, but actually allows us to focus on the studio’s work.

The icons, used as a loader, also showcase the services the studio provides. The vertical line that starts from the video and transitions to the text helps to connect all parts of the page in a simple and clean way. It’s also worth mentioning the counter-directional scrolling effect on their homepage. This a trendy, fresh design, perfectly befitting their target audience.

Design & Development: Thomson Pendreich

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Type UI, Akismet Anti-Spam, Classic Editor, Cloudflare Flexible SSL, Dash Icons + Custom Post Types, Elementor Extras, Slider Revolution, Smash Balloon Instagram, ShortPixel Image Optimization, SSL Insecure Content Fixer, SVG Support, Tuxedo Big File Uploads, W3 Total Cache, WP Mail SMTP, WP Vivid Backup, Yoast SEO


Jeff is a psychic medium, spiritual intuitive, and energy healer based in Los Angeles. The work he does “supports people in their personal evolution and helps them to continue making progress on their own unique journey in this physical world.” 

Jeff’s profession and character are reflected in his website design. There is an air of calmness and harmony produced by using gentle earth tones and photographs that convey calmness, balance, and intimacy. Particularly worth noting is the Testimonial page, which is decorated with various geometric shapes that move with the mouse scroll. Our impression is that all parts of the site connect perfectly, resonating one of the goals of the treatment that Jeff offers — “This session is geared to connect with your angels and guides to provide guidance on specific areas in your life.”

Design & Development: Nick Made

Theme: OceanWP

Plugins: OceanExtra, Central Color Palette, SG Optimizer


Graduation Hoodies and T-Shirts are a big thing in Germany, everyone has one from their school years. AK Hoodies is a German online store dedicated to graduation shirts, which actually enables its customers to create their own custom designs on the website — a pretty awesome feature. 

The creative use of a brushstroke as a design motif is very prominent on this site. AK’s logo is based on it, as well as the hover effects applied to the main menu and the product items. The images transmit an urban, hip and American atmosphere, and together with their hoodies and streetwear fashion, AK gives a perfect hi-5 to their target audience.

Design & Development: One Dot

Theme: Custom made

Plugins: Advanced Custom Fields Pro, Better Search Replace, Classic Editor, DHL for WooCommerce, Duplicate Page, Elementor Inline SVG, Elfsight Instagram Feed CC, FormCraft Basic, Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP), JetPack, JotForm oEmbed, Klarna Checkout for WooCommerce, Klarna Checkout payment gateway for WooCommerce, LiveChat, Lumise – Product Designer Tool, ManageWP – Worker, PayPal PLUS for WooCommerce, PopBox For Elementor, Trustbadge Reviews for WooCommerce, , WooCommerce Admin, WooCommerce Bulk Order Form, WooCommerce Bulk Variations, WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons


Garage Sigrist is an advertising agency from Switzerland, specializing in digital and print media, logo and graphic design, screen printing for textiles of all kinds, and web design.

As their name suggests, the agency’s office was previously a car garage and while the smell of gas and oil has long evaporated, the design language of their site is still influenced by the world of car mechanics. The hero illustration is very impressive (and hipster-ish), but when the visitors scroll down the colorfulness gives way to a clean design, a cohesive and uniform language, giving the appropriate focus on the agency’s various projects. 

The beautiful animated icons draw the visitor through the garage motif. The combination of the colorful hero image with clean language throughout the site, reflects the combination between the creative nature of the agency owners and their professionalism. Well executed and fine tuned.

Design & Development: Tobias Sigrist

Theme: Bifrost

Plugins: Slider Revolution, Login Designer


District Dogs is a pet care company that provides premium services to mostly dogs and their owners in the Washington DC area. 

More often than not, a fusion of too many visual elements might put a strain on the visitors’ eyes and distract them. Exceptionally, the designer of this website has managed to achieve this task heroically, and the result on the whole is nothing short of amazing. They used diagonal geometric shapes in the background, behind texts, and as background images to create dynamism throughout the site. In doing so, they maintain both interest and flow between the sections.

The copy is excellent and simply explains what services they provide to the customer and their dogs. The illustrations and sketches of dogs and dog-related objects are just beautiful. This is the first time this designer has used Elementor — we can’t wait to see what comes next!   

Design & Development: Stephen Lepsch – The Creative Industry

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Autoptimize, Broken Link Checker, Duplicate Page, Dynamic Content for Elementor, GA Google Analytics, SVG Support, The Plus Addons for Elementor, WordPress Importer, WP Store Locator, Yoast SEO

Think your Elementor-based website or landing page should be featured in our next Top 10 Websites column? Give it a shot!

About the Author

Matan Naveh
Matan Naveh
Matan is Elementor's Magazine editor. Starting his career as a Radio Broadcaster, he worked as a content manager and Editor-in-Chief for over 10 years. Matan enjoys psychological horror movies and 80's Chinese restaurants.

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27 Responses

  1. I’m not claiming to be able to do better, and I’m aware this is my judgement speaking, however these look like what used to be award winning tvcs when I was in that industry. In other word, they are designed to look good and win awards, but they don’t sell anything. That makes them a pretty little waste of time and money for a real client. So to prove me wrong, how about showing the metrics for each of these and let’s see what they are worth.

    Let’s face it, unless these examples sell lots of products and services they are just a waste of bandwidth. They are also largely for “clients” who are in a design focussed niche, so it’s easy to make a nice looking site. Show me one for an automotive exhaust fitter that looks a million bucks, and also makes the owner a million bucks. That would impress and inspire me.

    Incidentally I first looked at these on a 27″ Mac, and then on my iphone. Maybe there is something wrong with my phone, or maybe these just don’t work so well on a phone, where more than 60% of people are active on line.

    That said, thanks for showing them to me. There’s a lot of great creative shown here, and you can’t have too much creative!

    1. I agree, we need to see the type of websites that work for ordinary businesses and companies on a day to day basis, usually uncreative and less stylish, but do the job!!!

    2. Agreed, I am building a financial services website with Elementor Pro and if I did all this pure design stuff, my site would get shunned, they look fantastic but they always seem to be purely pretty, designed for print sort of sites. The site I’m building looks boring in comparison to these but it fits the industry.

    3. I think when it comes to flashy graphic designs, it all boils down to your strategy and how well the design serves it.
      The strategy might not necessarily have to be conversions or sales. It could be informative, it might have to do with branding or many other business priorities.
      Even if it is sales, it could still be done very well see apple’s products pages… or nike and others. These are bold effective attention grabbing, interactive experiences the users to enjoy and remember. I think design is a powerful tool, and I appreciate people who make the effort to create something unique and special. Even if it doesn’t always prove to be more effective in the narrow sense of conversion rates or intuitiveness, it is still inspiring and fun to see.

  2. Yes, you are right.
    Do you have any directions for the “exhaust fitter” site that looks and makes millions?
    That would impress me.

  3. I noticed on website nr 08 (Studio Jomac) they have a line of text that has been rotated 90 degrees.

    Is there a way to do this with text in Elementor or do you have to import the text as an image and assign a link to it?

    Same question for vertical text (in other words letters below one another but the right way up). Thanks!

    1. Hi Liétte,

      The text you’re referring to on Studio Jomac is text (not an image). It was rotated by using css within the widget’s Custom CSS box:

      selector {
      transform: rotate(90deg);

  4. I had checked many sites listed here and performance were very low, is the key metrics was only design? If then how can we do this for our clients? It will be better to include performance also in the metrics. Many of the sites listed here have very low page speed in google page speed test

    1. Optimize the images as much as possible, keep the website slim and use WP Rocket! I have load times of 1 second to 2. Maximum 2 with very much content.

  5. Relax ppl, it’s a website showcase, not entrepreneurs of the year. Congrats to everyone listed, especially Alex de Borba and Atmostfear Entertainment, amazing, yet powerful and elegant design! And not to forget other devs who used the OceanWP theme. That’s what functionality meets excellent design looks like

  6. Well well well! I was quite proud of my new design with the GOAT Elementor! Not a professional web designer but I always to improve our Security Guard Branding.

    Now when I see what some of the designers do…. I just want to RUN to bed and NEVER wake up again!!!!!!

    Too Good. So Congratulations big time! … sadly for me! LOL!

    Wishing all great success

    Chantal Pavlos, Perth WA

  7. Love the Jomac website design. Too often I see website designs that say more about the website designer than the client. But this website designer has created a design that is a pure, confident and elegant design that allows the clients work to breathe. And the designer brilliance is in its unassuming simplicity, but it still has all the bells and whistles it needs …and no more. It’s simply beautiful.

    Have to say I like District Dogs too.

  8. Hello,

    I’m very happy that our team’s “Global Zeus Site” finished 6th in the elementor showcase.
    Our team belongs to a Korean agency company called Superbee Global Design Group.
    I introduced elementor page builder to our team members and the “Global Zeus Site” is the first time our designer used the elementor page builder.

    In the future, I would like to showcase various examples in this showcase by creating more cool designs and cool features.

    Thank you for the good look at our site.

    Thank you,

  9. I have been wondering how they created the shapes. I think its done using rotation selector {transform rotate etc}

    Cannot find any tutorials on transforming a header layout. Be good to see more advanced techniques you can do with elementor.

  10. Hi !
    I’m a freelance and I’ve learned so much thanks to Elementor and his YouTube channel tutorials.

    In the last period I saw that often videos on Elementor YouTube channel are less interesting than before (I loved “Speed Art” series…) so why don’t You replicate most of the best effect shown in these sites (for example background color effect in Mach Agenda site…) in order to do new advanced tutorials ?

  11. I think lots of us rest wondering how District Dogs have used shapes and coordinate so well movements and make the illusion they are in 3 D.

    Added to the cleverness of using a beautiful and light yellow gradient (yellow and black together usually don;t go well as they are both hard colours). I still admire the whole lot and the softness of flow when scrolling up and down.

    Just two things missing in my opinion is the page ‘home’ in the menu and the button to go up at the end of each page. A sitemap would be good too.

    But clearly, on the top of the league. On mobile, looks great too. Stephen Lepsch probably knows he got here a fantastic tool and I understand isn’t ready to share it!
    To Stepen, if you change you mind..Congratulations. The Best of the Best for me!

  12. Thank you again for this beautiful collection. I hope one day to include one of my sites;)

    Very simple effect but that I find interesting, is the Zoom / Parallax on (02) Sigrist website.

    This scroll input effect in the site is really clever.

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