Dear Elementors! We’re three weeks away from the new year’s celebrations, and very soon, we will be reviewing the past year’s developments and highlights on our blog. We will also publish our special showcase, presenting the 10 best Elementor sites of 2019. We are inviting you to vote on your favorite website, and if you’re still not part of our community – now it’s the time.

But before the holiday festivities kick off, we have one more showcase to present  — the November showcase. And on this month’s list, you will find a great selection of sites: craft beer brewers, cheesemakers, digital agencies, freelance designers and photographers, the Science & Fiction Festival, and more. Oh, and an interesting anecdote: 5 out of the 10 entries are German. Sehr schön!

Let’s get started for one last time for this year.


Kevin Luck is an experienced portrait photographer from Hanover, Germany. His portraits are characterized by tight and dramatic framing.

The idea of opening each page of the site with a different quote is charming and helps to draw the visitors into the photographer’s own world and creative thinking. The photos are presented in the form of a contact sheet that comes from the world of old-school photography. The menu simulates a postcard, and therefore, the idea of placing the contact form there, fits the postcard design very well.

Design & Development: Kevin Luck

Theme: Astra Pro

Plugins: Borlabs Cookie, WooCommerce, JetBlocks, Ultimate Addons, Yoast SEO


Minute is a Tel Aviv- and New York-based startup, developing a platform that taps AI to enhanced video content. Minute’s solutions analyze hundreds of videos automatically, extracting the most exciting seconds to create smart, compelling video teasers, connecting viewers with engaging, targeted content.

Minute’s website feels futuristic thanks to the blue and purple color scheme, the animated illustrations, and modern and rounded Sans Serif fonts. The designer employed the trendy liquid abstract style with circular and three-dimensional elements that give depth and sense of flow to the site. The animations on the website are delightful and support the adjacent messages. 

Theme: Hello

Plugins: GS Logo Slider, LoftLoader Pro, Cookie Law Info, RevSlider, Elementor Extras


Philipp Kossack & Leyla Rohrbeck are two cooks from Berlin, on a mission to spread the art of cheese making. With love for good food and quality products, as well as 20 years of experience in cheese production, they now offer courses for cheese aficionados.

Their site turns the cheese-making process from perhaps a far from a sexy process into something fun that brings a smile to your face. It boasts two-dimensional comic and optimistic illustrations and uses a very ‘mature’ and dark color palette, which balances the site and maintains the right level of seriousness.

The designer applied entrance animation to various elements on the site and selected a soft and rounded font for the headings. This combination generates a feeling of softness when scrolling down. The images on the site are all circular-shaped, similar to the cheese wheels, so recognizable with the world of Fromage.

Design & Development: Anton Lüdecke

Theme: Custom

Plugins: WooCommerce, Germanized for Woocommerce, FooEvents for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Really Simple SSL, PayPal PLUS


Ralph Millard is a product designer and creative director based in Orlando, Florida. He loves working with creative people and inspiring brands.

In his site, Ralph took a modern design approach, using geometric elements that are scattered in space, connecting with the text/image, thus creating an exciting composition. In the second part of the website, there’s a combination of texts and the elements, which creates a quasi 4-column grid and helps to emphasize the text section in the center. 

Apart from that, Ralph used a variety of motion effects that render the site dynamic, creating an intriguing scrolling experience. The website color scheme consists of four contrasting colors. The typography also has a sharp contrast between the titles and the texts, size-wise, and font-wise (Serif versus Sans Serif). The “guest appearance” of Notorious B.I.G. at the bottom with his quote, takes it up a notch and makes the composition fresh and entertaining.

Design & Development: Ralph Millard

Theme: OceanWP + Custom

Plugins: Elementor Addon Elements, Happy Elementor Addons, Imagify, LoftLoader, Rank Math SEO, WP Rocket


With more than 30 years’ experience, Officine Di Giacopo SA from Switzerland manufactures different machinery and machine parts for railway, food, and machine construction industries. 

The blue color that prevails the layout creates an association with blue-collar workers — people working with machines, etc. The lines throughout the site are reminiscent of production lines that also fit the concept. Despite the aforementioned, the site still feels very modern in its design. The processed images of machinery, the modern line icons, as well as the choice of the circular Sans Serif fonts, complement the mechanized  concept but still look stylish. 

Design & Development: Tobe Design

Theme: Astra

Plugins: Astra Premium Sites, Astra Pro, Autoptimize, Central Color Pallette, Complianz (GDPR Cookie Consent), Custom Adobe Fonts, Really Simple SSL, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, UpdraftPlus, WPML Multilingual CMS/String Translation/Translation Management, Yoast SEO Multilingual, Yoast SEO Premium


A small online creative family agency based in Melbourne, Australia, New Age Creative believes in the effective interaction between design and functionality. As stated on their site, their true value that sets their work from others is their ability to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

At first glance, it looks like a rather simple site with a plain layout. But as the visitors scroll down, they realize the entire site is built as if we were watching it from above. Throughout the scroll, the scenes change and take us to different rooms in the studio. Using Playfair Display font together with the dark color contributes to a refined and sophisticated effect. The loading animation for the menu draws the visitors’ attention to it and the company’s logo. Smart idea.

Design & Development: New Age Creative

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, Akismet Anti-Spam, Cloudflare Flexible SSL, Custom Post Type UI, Elementor Extras, Slider Revolution, W3 Total Cache, WPvivid Backup Plugin, Yoast SEO


Mika Novo is a freelance designer and strategist based in Munich, Germany. Since 2017, he has been developing branding strategies for businesses and startups through visual branding, web, UI & UX design, sound branding, and social media content.

It seems to us that Mika wanted his personality to shine through his design —  hipster and unapologetic about it. The idea of showing his working process through a timelapse video gives an inside glimpse into the studio in a trendy way that coincides with today’s storytelling trends (Instagram, stories, etc.). The projects’ presentation works well, and the hierarchy is very clear. On the left, the name of the project and Mika’s part in it. On the right — a view of the project and everything you need to know about it. Here, too, the use of the accordion is efficient because anyone who really wants to know the whole process will click on it. This saves the endless scrolling caused by a mass of text. Black and white colors dominate the layout with a touch of blue. The only change in color appears when Mika lists his services or refers to his colleagues. 

Design & DevelopmentMika Novo

Theme: Blank Slate

Plugins: Autoptimize, Classic Editor, Complianz, Duplicate Post, Google Analytics Dashboard, Smush, SVG Support, Wordfence Security, WP Super Cache, WPS Hide Login, Toast SEO


Adam and Niklas from Germany have recently founded their small digital agency, where they provide web design and development services, marketing and communication, analysis, and strategy. They aim to tell their clients’ stories in the best way for their business and brand.

Their brand new site has a relatively monochromatic color, with the highlights achieved by using yellow marker-like paint on various elements of the website. Exactly as their slogan says: “We make it our mission to discover the potential of your individual story.” The portfolio page also breaks the monochromatic pattern, giving each project a strong and saturated color. Make sure to check the “Competences” page and click the “+” icon. You will discover some awesome animated icons.

Design: Adam Al-Haifi Abs

Development: Niklas Dickopf

Theme: Phlox

Plugins: The Plus Addons for Elementor, WP Rocket, Loftloader, Yoast SEO, Elementor Custom Skin, Make Column Clickable, WP Bodymovin, Custom CSS & JS


Garage Beer Co. is one of the leading breweries of Barcelona’s growing craft beer scene. Established in 2015 as a brewpub, they specialize in IPA’s but also produce fruity sours and dark beers.

Their web designer went with a dark and minimalistic approach, enabling the unique and creative beer packaging to take the center of attention, making a real impact on the user. The first impression when landing on the homepage is that of a hipsterish MTV clip or advertisement, courtesy of the huge logo in the middle, and the flickering animated images in the background.

Scrolling down reveals the beer cans, which are positioned like in an artwork display — Each can has a solid, black background that highlights its design and the attention it deserves. The large headlines are in Sans Serif font on a black background, creating the look & feel of a music festival. Very trendy and cool, just like IPA’s.

Design: Danilo Campos – Acreb Studio

Development: José Sotelo

Theme: Astra Pro

Plugins: WooCommerce, Essential Addons for Elementor Pro, Microthemer, Shortpixel, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, WooCommerce Memberships


Founded in 2014, Münchner Science & Fiction Festival is an interdisciplinary blend of art and science festival, merging fantasy and science fiction with art and science.

The design of this website is hypnotizing, conveying an outer space, an alien-like atmosphere. When landing on the homepage, visitors are welcomed by a mysterious, eerie-looking locust (and the festival’s logo), while floating particles in the background reminded us of Stranger Things’ first season. Spacey electronic music starts playing, and scrolling down reveals the source — a sci-fi clip featuring the same giant locust, and narrated by an authoritative voice. This clip also resembles another famous sci-fi staple — The War of The Worlds. 

The designer made an excellent choice with the fonts for the body text — thin and elongated, very suitable for the sci-fi themed layout. The Edward Gorey-inspired sketches correspond to the video and texts and are very “true” to the overall atmosphere of the site. Each inner page has a unique design based on the content displayed in it, whether it’s the structure, icons, photos, colors, or illustrations. It’s also worth mentioning the inward-tilting menu that demonstrates a great combination of creativity and functionality. Brilliant work!

Design & Development: Dandy von Nützen

Theme: Architecturer

Plugins: Elements for Elementor, Contact Form 7, Duplicate Page, Element Pack, WPML Multilingual CMSWP Rocket, LoftLoader Pro, WPML Media, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Management

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