Since releasing our WooCommerce Builder, we have been receiving quite a few submissions of e-commerce websites. Two of them were featured in our last showcase, another two will be presented in this list. Plus we selected various websites from a wide range of fields – beauty and fashion, advertising, design, car restoration, online marketing and more. 

Can you guess which countries have dominated our Monthly Top Sites list so far? Well, number 1, not such a shocker, is the USA, followed by Australia and Brazil. In the fourth place is Germany and then the Netherlands and the UK. 
So, after this interesting bit of trivia, we can get started with our 5th Elementor website showcase!



Run by the two online marketing experts, Gael Breton and Mark Webster, Authority Hacker is a leading online marketing training platform, that teaches affiliate marketers how to grow authority sites ethically and efficiently, and scale them into revenue generating sites. 

Recently they redesigned their site using Elementor. Matching Authority Hacker’s objective, their website has a business-oriented design, maintaining a solid color palette and a clear structure. The hero section features an engaging marketing message and a Call-to-Action button, accompanied by a fitting illustration. Clean modern images placed throughout the page also spruce up the design, yet stay loyal to the chosen color palette. The blog pages present more colorful images and have a useful sticky social share sidebar.


Cocoon Styling is a hair and make-up salon from the town of Herzogenbuchsee in Switzerland. Their one-page website predominantly exhibits a clean and soft design with white, black and gold (or Afghan Tan, to be precise) colors, except for the vibrant logo which fades in and out between the images at the hero section. 

Clicking on the Menu button opens a sidebar menu, making it easier to browse through the page and provides additional information like their opening hours and social media channels. Also worth mentioning: the cool booking button on the header, the Before & After slider that efficiently and playfully demonstrates Cocoon’s make-up skills, and the Call-to-Action buttons, which on hover creates a scissors cutting effect. The designer went into the smallest details when building the site, and it paid off – all of these features combined create a stronger brand, and make the website visit more enjoyable.


CZ Brains is an advertising and digital marketing agency located in São Paulo, Brazil. They have designed with Elementor a well-structured website with an eye-catching color scheme which makes it clear: this site is all about advertising.

There’s no doubt that the center of attraction is the client’s portfolio gallery – striking colors highlight the agency’s projects. A click on one of the images leads to the relevant internal pages, which are impressive in their own right.  


Bluey & Scoot is an Australian footwear company, that designs and manufactures shoes for men with wide feet in sizes 9–15. Their online store was created with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder and has a simple, yet functional structure with short scrolling pages, box-shaped sections, and a box-shaped logo.

The B&W color scheme complements a very practical and modern website design and leads to a fast and efficient shopping experience.



Top Hat Classics is an international business, specializing in the restoration of classic Land Rover Defender cars. Their new site has an elegant and professional look and feel, achieved by using a clean full-width layout, black and white duotone, a classic font pairing, and high-resolution images.

A major factor in accomplishing the site’s professional look is the copy and marketing messages. We usually focus solely on pure design aspects of a site, but in this case, we simply could not ignore the eloquent texts, the clear messaging, and the high-quality images that accompany them.


Melius Consulting is a team of professional consultants who are experts in health, safety, and business improvement. Operating across all industries and sectors, Melius Consulting provides expertise in applied project management, continuous improvement, and scientific research.

By featuring a full-width layout, a clean white background, and a solid color scheme based on three different hues of blue, the designer succeeded in giving the impression of a highly professional corporate site. A closer look (and scrolling) reveals slight movements of several floating elements, while other ones remain in place. This effect, along with the entrance animation on each page and the load progress bar, contribute to a dynamic design.


The Digital Artisans are Gerard and Kaye, a husband and wife team from Manila in the Philippines, who help creatives translate their vision into effective designs in both print and digital.

Their motto, ‘Crisp, clean, minimalist, timeless and straight-forward’, is reflected in many elements in their website design: The simple layout and structure, the sleek background, the small-sized headings and texts, the minimalistic designed logo, the soft colors, and the graceful images. We also liked the portfolio gallery which gives the right focus to each of the works presented, as well as the sticky social media sidebar.


Inspire Shoots is a small team of professional artists from Serbia working in high-end fashion, commercial and luxury wedding photography and cinematography. Their dramatic selection of works displayed in a full-width hero section immediately grabs your attention, as is often the case with great photographers’ portfolio sites.

However, unlike other sites in this field, Inspire Shoots didn’t settle for just showcasing their work. Instead, they went the extra mile and built a beautiful About page dedicated to introducing their team members. This page is divided into sections, where each section presents each team member with a short bio, photo and social links. But what really stands out are the striking images enhanced by sketches that present the members and their skills in a creative and cheerful way.



Jessica Pereira is a self-taught Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Brazil, active since 2011. In her bio, she admits to having a little rebellious-but-well-intentioned spirit that thrives off imagination.

This spirit is apparent in Jessica’s site design and in the informal, straight-forward language she uses. Whether it’s the wacky puppet background illustration, the devil’s horn logo, the Star Wars Storm Trooper image, or the ‘no BS’ Call-to-Action messages, Jessica has used these elements to craft a youthful and hipsterish website. The portfolio section and pages are the only parts where she opted for a clear design so the visitor can focus on her portfolio.



Wrap It Up is a company from the Netherlands, owned by 27-year-old Christine, who makes handmade African head wraps and jewelry. One of the company’s goals is to empower passionate and strong women who are making a difference by displaying their talents and creativity.

Wrap It Up’s site is elegant and vibrant, yet simple and functional at the same time. The colorfulness comes mainly from the head wrap images but is complemented by the sections’ background colors. The geometrical shapes also engage, while not distracting the visitor from exploring the homepage. The online store was built with Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder and the result is great: well-arranged category and product pages with captivating product photos, that provide potential buyers all the required information to make a purchase. It was worth being bold, different, and creative!

Think your Elementor-based website or landing page should be featured in our next Top 10 Websites column? Give it a shot!