Pop It Up! The Competition Showcase

Our first ever competition was an exciting two weeks. We asked you to send your popup creations, and now it is time to announce the 10 best popup entries as well as the prize winner!

A feature is only as good as how well it is implemented. We launched our Popup Builder just a month ago, and almost immediately started seeing the Elementor community embrace it with open arms.

This drove us to launch a popup competition on our Instagram account, where you were invited to submit your popup creations for the chance to win a Wacom Intuos digital drawing tablet. Now, let’s look at our top 10 popups and announce our competition winner!


Rafael is the executive director of Grupo Aristeo, an immigration agency based in Madrid. Rafael used the Popup Builder to create a personal bio popup for each one of the Grupo Aristeo Team. We liked his idea of a “digital business card” popup. It looks elegant, with well-organized text and clear structure.


Getonnet is a digital agency based in both Sweden and Norway, working primarily in digital marketing and web production. The popup these guys submitted was made for their new website. It has a simple structure; clean and minimalistic with a modern flat design. The font matches the rounded text fields, and the animated effect on hover creates an engaging call-to-action. The familiar emoji spices it up and adds a spirit of celebration.


The Agenciativos project from Peru provides web services focusing on entrepreneurs and people who are starting their business. The popup they created for our competition has an air of festivity. It attracts the visitor’s attention thanks to its happy vibrant colors and cool animation.


Correia Filho is a freelance designer from Ceará, Brazil. He told us his inspiration for the popup came while he was editing a video for his company. He decided to combine the video and image to create a nice effect. Inserting a video inside a popup is not obvious and together with the cut-out person, indeed it creates a nice combination of layers. 



Aaron Mendlowitz started his own company Bananacake Media, in December 2018, developing websites and marketing strategies for businesses of all kinds. For this pop up he wanted to show what could be hiding inside the visitor’s devices. So he found a cute GIF and made the “Yeti don’t go nowhere” popup. The Yeti sneaks up on us behind the corner with a lovely animation effect and the call-to-action copy (and animated button) complements it. 



Shafiya Aslam from Sri Lanka helps bloggers, entrepreneurs, and companies build creative branding and modern responsive websites. She designed a colorful 2/3:1/3 grid structured popup; the smaller part displays an image with a cut-out effect, while the bigger part contains a form. Shafiya’s popup matches her website perfectly.


Robert Castro from Colombia is a systems engineer by profession, currently working as a designer and web developer. Robert’s popup is very trendy, demonstrating flat design, nice illustrations and good color contrast. He used delicate animation effects on several elements, producing an entertaining and dynamic layout.


István Bálinth is the CEO of Pixelbeast Srl., a small agency from Transylvania, Romania. He is devoted to designing pleasant and lovely interfaces for an exceptional user experience. For this popup, he came up with the idea to implement a visual form which allows the potential customer to see a preview of his choice. There’s an additional use in CSS and Javascript, which enabled István to add animation and create a dynamic popup design.


Henstra Design is a small graphic design, illustration and marketing studio in Ontario, Canada. Andrew Henstra specializes in logo design and branding, print collateral, and drawing original cartoon characters.

Andrew’s cartoon drawing skills came in handy when he created his ‘Toddler Trump’ popup. As he wrote to us, the ubiquitous president Trump seems to always be on our screens, so he decided to do a cartoon caricature of Trump as a preschool toddler. He also thought that the accompanying wordplay would nicely endorse Elementor’s popup capabilities: “Making Popups Great Again!”. Well, we will have to agree – this is a creative and funny popup. In other circumstances we’d think the animation is inundated but the spirit in which it was created is funny and light, so it fits perfectly.


And the winner is Marc Orta Gonzalez from Barcelona. This is not the first time that Marc’s work is featured on the Elementor’s blog, after his website entered our December showcase. Marc drew his inspiration from the name of the contest, ‘Pop it up’, as well as Elementor’s promotional video. He decided to incorporate the popping effect of popcorn in the popup since the idea is similar – something that pops out of nowhere.

Marc recreated a promotional popup for a cinema, where users can get free tickets and popcorn buckets. This is a two-step popup: Popup 1 introduces the information with a ‘get your tickets’ button, while popup 2 is a Congratulations Screen in case of a win. 

Hats off, Marc!

About the Author

Matan Naveh
Matan Naveh
Matan is Elementor's Magazine editor. Starting his career as a Radio Broadcaster, he worked as a content manager and Editor-in-Chief for over 10 years. Matan enjoys psychological horror movies and 80's Chinese restaurants.

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8 Responses

  1. >>>A NEWSLETTER is only as good as how well it is implemented…<<<

    First link (@thepandaway) takes us to the Instagram page of the winner. OK.

    I click through and find the website of the winner. Cool.

    I go to the website and there seems to be no way to find the winning Popup as it seems the site is a one-pager.


    Thanks. 🙂

    1. The competition did not require entries to use their pop ups on live websites. Some of these pop ups were created simply for the competition.

  2. Great showcase and so inspiring!
    Question to @getonnet what plugin is used to create a menu under the tab “Tjänster”? It looks simple and great!

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