The Community Has Spoken — Announcing the Winning Feature

As part of our 4 million active installs celebration, we invited you to vote for the next Elementor feature. Here are the results.

It’s a big Wednesday for us this week. We’re still catching our breath from all the excitement of our 4 million active installs. Thanks again, by the way, for helping us reach that lofty number! 

One week later, we’ve finally finished counting the votes for our next Elementor feature. Before we announce the winning feature, we’d just like to add that we’re excited to deliver what our users express (and confirm) interest for. That’s how our website-builder should work. It’s all about the preferences of our users (and their users). 

And so, here are the results: 

Steps for forms: 7,311 votes

Lottie: 3,900 votes

Lead Collection: 3,846 votes

Instagram: 2,571

We’re truly excited to see the Steps for Forms feature come into fruition. And of course, to see the ways you incorporate them into your Elementor sites and content. 

As we described, the Steps for Forms feature will let you, the website builders, build multi-step forms that break down the process of submitting a form and improve the user experience.

The upper hand, as we see it, that a multi-step form has over a regular form stems from several advantages (to name a few):


  • They’re known to increase conversion rate
  • They’re also known to have a higher completion rate
  • You can reduce the number of form fields in each step, but still have all the form fields you need overall. In other words, the submission process is less overwhelming for the user, but you’re still collecting all the data you need to reach your desired conclusion. 
  • They feel more natural, more conversational 
  • They’re mobile-friendly
  • Many more

We’re looking forward to seeing the forms you create and are also excited about how they improve your sites’ performance and the things you’re looking to accomplish with the forms. 

As for the other feature candidates, they’re by no means off the table. We’re just taking things one step at a time! But we’ll definitely keep you posted about when we’ll be rolling out those next features in 2020. 

Just for some context about the features we released in 2019 and how the Elementor platform is evolving more and more, take a look at this list: 

We can’t wait to add Steps in Forms to this list. And of course, more and more features in the very near future. 

We really couldn’t have done it without you, so thanks again for helping us reach our goal of 4 million active installs, and of course, for voting!

Stay tuned for the Steps in Forms feature to be officially launched and ready for action. Stay tuned for its arrival in the next few months, along with other updates you’ll see in the next releases. 

Congrats to those who voted for Steps in Forms! Happy we made your day 🙂 

About the Author

Orlee Gillis
Orlee Gillis
Orlee is a design enthusiast and hands-on writer. She is passionate about visual learning and information architecture.

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111 Responses

  1. I love Elementor and how it keeps getting better, with new and useful features, while maintaining it’s general intuitiveness and “it just works-edness.”

    I’m pre-voting now for the next round of features for a native calendar / events feature. (Hoping voting this early it’ll count double.)

    Thank you!

  2. Your software continues to be absolutely outstanding both in ease of use for me and my clients, as well as how robust it is with features! This is another great expansion to your app. I hope to eventually see something thats a universal CSS for a web site (sorry CSS still still seems a bit scattered). Anyway thanks for this feature!
    Filip from Boston
    (yes, Elementor built!)

    1. Your site looks very functional and professional.
      If I may, it takes a long time to load…
      These days I find the Graphics images more attacking as the “code behind”.

      May be we require getting better Image Compressing software.
      My2Cents 🙂

  3. You need to concentrate on making Elementor more mobile friendly. I cannot create any websites with Elementor using my tablet.

    I have had to leave websites and use ClickFunnels which costs me LOTS OF MONEY to make website on the go for my affiliate programs.

    That just stinks!

    1. I am not sure what you mean. Why are you creating websites on a tablet? In my experience elementor is very mobile friendly and you can design everythiing for different responsive modes such as tablet so I am unsure what the issue is.

      1. Do you find that the navigation options meet your needs for mobile and tablet?
        I would like to see some improvement on that front.

  4. I currently use Gravity Forms and Steps is a primary reason. So this means Elementor allows me to cancel yet another extraneous plugin??

    1. We also use GF and am excited to see Elementor give forms some attention. However, we also use Infusionsoft and integration with forms is essential to us. I’d love to see Elementor implement some CRM integration!

  5. While I appreciate any updates, I feel like the core structure of Elementor still needs a lot of improvement. Nested sections, reusable styles, things like that are far more needed than these items. When I first started using Elementor two years ago, it felt geared toward developers AND basic users, but recently it’s been all basic user additions and nothing to help real designers legitimize your tool.

    1. Also worth noting that I’m sure a good percentage of users have dedicated form software that they use.

      Still very very happy to be using Elementor, just want to see the team continue to push the envelope when it comes to core features and usability.

      1. The feature I would personally like to see as regard to reusable styles – is a possibility to save template for some sections -> reuse that template on different pages -> change text and images but it should still be connected to a template, so I can go to template and change for example paddings or font style and it would change across all the reused elements on the website.

        How it is now is more helpful for building but nor changing or maintaining. Especially when we talk about bigger websites. Unless I don’t know something?

        1. Same. I use SCSS/CSS for most of my styling, but I wouldn’t mind staying in Elementor and having global widgets/components that can inherit styling. This would make managing large websites a breeze!

    2. I would also like to see nested sections and reusable styles. I also would like to see a better solutions on navigation with the big focus on mobile. It is upsetting that both Elementor and different plugins for it are so bad with responsive solutions. And like others mentioned – performance issues.

    3. Agreed. Elementor needs to focus on optimizing for speed and removing requests that are not needed. It’s an excellent tool i use on all my website but tools like oxygen are so much cleaner and faster in comparison.

      Please focus on performance for a while 🙂

  6. I mostly agree with the above comment. I really value this plugin, but I’d love to see a focus on performance over features. Elementor doesn’t have to do everything!

    Many popular add-ons allow the user to turn on/off elements depending on need. This might be a great addition to Elementor, which seems to be getting heavier all the time. 🙂

  7. I missed the boat on this, but why doesn’t Elementor support linking columns to other pages? There’s a plugin (Make Columns Clickable) that offers this, but it seems like such an odd thing to leave out of the core.

    1. +1
      We need to attract more visitors to your sites…
      You can have the best site but without visitors there is no change in converting visits into business.

      I find sites becoming slower and slower.

  8. Focus more on the basics than the gadgets. For example the Pro post widget still doesn’t include category as part of meta, and doesn’t link to author page as one would expect. From a UI perspective the meta section on post archives should have consistency with the behavior of the meta section on a post.

    That’s a tiny basic thing that has been brought up for several years now that would have more benefit to a broader range of users than shinny predesigned templates, etc. I got on Elementor Hello Theme to get off of that stuff.

  9. In developing the Stepped forms it would be great to make it a separate form widget so that we can have the simple form widget for quick day to day stuff and a new ‘complex’ form widget.

  10. Gimme Global Sections to make my life easy! Thanks for all your hard work on this wondrous software. It has allowed me to step back into web design without becoming a code doctor.

    1. Right now you can make a template part from a section, and then use the Template widget to pull it into where ever it needs to be displayed 🙂

  11. None of these help me. Useless in a way. Its like asking what new feature you would like in a car and you only added ability to add a usb device.

    Can you fix how slow and bloated elementor has become in the past few months?

      1. Ditto! It’s becoming bloated and slow. A year of optimization should be on the agenda, not reproducing functionality that can be found elsewhere.

      1. Very true. It takes 5-10 seconds for a decent Elementor page to load up. I sit there staring at a loading screen much of my day.

    1. A pro forms plugin (incl. conditional fields) is FormidableForms ( In it’s core it is more geared towards pro users.

      I actually don’t see why Elementor is even looking into such a complex field with its site builder. Unless all they want is a simple form builder so users can replace equivalent free plugins.

      I can only hope that the Elementor team doesn’t focus all their energy next on something complex like membership management. Again a field where I see entire plugin dev teams focus their energy on. Not to speak of e-commerce solutions. Maybe a site builder like Elementor should not try to please all and everyone and get the user to uninstall all their plugins. (Unless Elementor devs beat the competition, hands down, in all issues they tackle here of course!)

  12. I love using Elementor and have been working to update my whole site. I do interviews monthly and would love to see ‘word hover popup moduals’ in addition to the button activated. This would make my interview flow better.

    Don’t get me wrong, when I discovered the button one I was elated because it kept the reader glued to my exciting/interesting interview but the other would be even better.

    The other thing that would be so awesome is adding an addition option for 2 link addresses on the media carousel. Actually, for all features that offer a link option. When I do my book reviews I would like to link to my review and to a purchase site.

    Thanks for building such an easy way for non IT people ( like me) to have the satisfaction of building their websites. It makes me look like a professional! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!

  13. I voted for the leads system, but this was the next best feature in my opinion and an exciting one for sure. Looking forward to seeing what it’s like.

    It would be great to be able to have popup mentions for each field in a form. This would allow for a cleaner form by not having to have the extra info cluttering the actual form, but still allowing the information to be seen.

    Please consider some of the features found in Gravity Forms or similar plugins. Since Elementor forms seem to be styled to my sites by default, I much prefer using them over my Gravity Forms, but the lack of features prevent me from doing so.

    I’m hoping with these updated forms that is not the case. Looking forward to it! Keep the new features coming.

  14. Guys, I love your platform, but please add loop templates, loop templates, loop templates (may I vote three times ;-)?) so we can design individual posts or custom post types, and then use these templates in posts lists, delivering much more flexibility for designers and developers. The problem is that each vendor announcing additional Elementor features pack is doing its own implementation of this feature, which demonstrate how much it is needed. The concept of a Loop template by Dudaster is perfect and I suggest you do exactly that (check here:, no need to reinvent the wheel). Designers and developers would then be able to add custom skins to build things with greater flexibility by pulling content straight from WordPress. You would have one advanced posts list or repeater control that could implement tons of different skins for testimonials, flipping cards, products list, carousels etc. etc. Thank you and hope I am not annoying you guys.

  15. Conditional fields are much more important than anything else, I think.
    I’ve only been a user for a short time, but it’s fun to work with Elementor.
    Stepped forms are ok, but the crown can only be set with conditional fields – the competition can do it too ;o)

  16. Nice. While you’re working on the form why don’t you add a feature to put mask on the form, specially for phone, like (99) 9999-9999[9], I’m in Brazil the phones have the prefix and either 8 or 9 digits. It would me amazing and so much easier than use a hook.

  17. Elementor is by far the easiest tool that matches the description of many developers: “Even your grandma can build a WordPress site”. It gets easiest with Elementor. Thanks very much for your deep feat of engineering which makes life easier for some of us who hate frontend.

  18. Great Feature! Thanks!!!!!

    I would love to see a feature that brings Reviews from Facebook, not to embed one by one, but a list of recent reviews or X reviews!

    And also Google Reviews!

  19. I also wanted to mention… the worst thing with Elementor by far in my opinion is the lack of simple spacing and alignment of columns and sections. I literally spent more time messing with spacing adjustments than actually creating the content of the site. Especially when creating more complex column layouts.

    Even simpler layouts are a pain to deal with in Elementor. And I know I’m not alone in this sentiment. Forums and Youtube comments are littered with complaints regarding this. For example, lets say I want a 3 column layout. Obviously a column gap is required for each column, otherwise the contents run too close together. Yet when a column gap is added, this causes the first column to have a gap to the left of it.

    Why the heck is there no way to have equal spacing and proper gaps by default without having to have this empty space to the left? It looks ugly and trying to figure out the math to fix this is extremely annoying. And why not have default settings for spacing of columns that allow breathing room. Having to manually adjust this each time is a waste of time as well.

    I also think there should be a better structuring of columns and sections. I constantly am confused when it comes to this. I watch tutorials and follow the recommended instructions, yet no matter what I do my layouts appear with huge gaps on mobile displays. I end up having to spend hours fixing things on mobile because the spacings are never accurate by default. And sometimes I even have to use the “hide” feature and re-do entire sections for mobile view because they look so off. And then when a section is hidden on mobile editing view, it pushes all of the other sections off of the top of the viewing screen, causing me to have to guess on the header gaps, etc.

    There’s a plugin that is supposed to fix the column gap problem but it didn’t work for me, at least not at the amount of gap I felt was necessary to allow enough breathing room.

    I love Elementor but think the team should really consider focussing on improving the above mentions before moving on to any new features. This is also my biggest complaint with Adobe, who continues to fail to address it’s plethora of bugs and annoying oversights, and instead focusses all of their energy on new features (many of which are not very useful). It’s been their achilles and is Elementor’s as well.

    Please take a poll on this and you’ll see I’m not alone. Thank you.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I created an issue on the Elementor github back in April 2018 and it’s still not been sorted, despite multiple people agreeing that it should be better. It’s such a shame as otherwise Elementor is incredible but this makes simple layouts a nightmare to deal with and remains a problem to this day.

    2. Thank you, I had the exact same thought as you! I’m also struggling to align columns and make them responsive over the whole site. It needs to be simpler. But nonetheless Elementor has many great features and I’m sure that it will only get better with future updates.

    3. Totally agree with Derek and Allen as well.
      Further, make a survey or poll to see what users feel is not working. Then see those results. It may be better to categorize users by knowledge level to understand who is experiencing issues and why in this survey.

    4. I use the advanced tab and set it to 25px in the columns — and this moves the text away from the edges === it is the same as CSS in dreamweaver — nothing works until you set the CSS stylesheet to suit what you want! (( I hope that is what you mean )) and you can simply copy box 1 and then paste it on every other box — right click paste style so that you do not have to keep messing about on the left advanced tabs area — faster to work with now

      otherwise post some screenshots to show what is happening!




    5. I gas-lighted myself into think it was me because i too spend a LONG time getting spacing adjustments right.

      I have tried a few other plugins but somehow i simply can’t get it right. I thought it would far easier to create layouts with elementor but i do find myself spending far too long trying to get a simple grid layouts working on most devices.

  20. These are always welcomed, but we still don’t have 4 breakpoints for responsive design. Desktop (think: Thunderbolt Displays), Laptop (think: MacBooks), Tablet, and Mobile. It’s frustrating designing on larger displays, then see nothing applies on my MacBook. Please utilize your 2020 roadmap on improving the core functionality and structure of Elementor rather than continue to add things that don’t benefit the majority.

    Benefits > Features.

    The step forms are a nice-to-have. 4 breakpoints are need-to-have and serve more people.

  21. Love what you guys are doing, but in the germane words of TLC:
    “Don’t go chasing waterfalls
    Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to
    I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
    But I think you’re moving too fast”

  22. Hello,

    I’ve been using the Elementor since it was first released.
    I like the many features and great options of the Elementor.
    I hope that two of the functions of the Elementor will be updated in the future.

    1. I want the reactive phase to be level 4. (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile)

    2. I would like the Elementer user to create a folder to add custom widgets. To make it easier for anyone to create an elemental widget, the open source is open and custom widgets are required if necessary.
    So I want to have a folder where I can create and add custom widget files in the Elementor or Elementor pro version.

    Thank you.

      1. 2 years and still nothing. Its more than important. Having 3 very generic breakpoints is terrible. The mobile breakpoint is for older smaller iphone screens only and none of my clients use ipads. Apart from illustrators and old people with old iphones who use it for facebook, who really uses tablets? All my clients are either large andorid/iphone 8+ or laptop users. And what about for us using 5k retina 27inch imacs.

  23. I would really love to have more customizable Woocommerce. I do want to have the Steps for Forms but IMHO, Woocommerce needs a lot of work for now and needs to be prioritized. Currently, most of the businesses are dying to have a retail store online and we can’t fully support them using Elementor because of the lack of feature to customize. Hope we can get this into that Dev Board.

  24. And one more thing guys @elementor the uploaded Video/svg of Ben adding the sticky note to the white board has background sound, so it will be better if a new video is added without the sound.

  25. Good luck for Josh, I wish to see is face when he will see the board now lol!
    Thanks a lot for your regular hard work!

  26. When I changed the galleries on my site to the Pro Version yesterday, i had an issue with the size of the pictures in the lightbox: they appear much smaller now. Is there a way to adjust this?

  27. Pls improve overall speed and performance! For all professionals this is the by far most important point!

    Pls take care about you professional users as well as for all the beginners.

    I personally need more breakpoints! At least one more for huge screens like an iMac 27.

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. We are constantly working on speed and performance. Having said that, a lot of speed issues were found to be related to hosting, and many users share reaching amazingly fast loading sites with Elementor.

      1. Even with fast hosting (for small clients using say WPengine) is too pricey and not an option. Its fine with just elementor and 1 or 2 add ons. Start using more and the code becomes bloated.

  28. The breakpoints issue is important elementor team, we need this. At least maybe consider swapping tablet for smaller laptops. A lot of people including my clients use smaller MBP laptops.

    I have had to hack the editor css to overwrite the ipad resize because i don’t need it for now and changing viewpoints in the settings has worked for now until i update. So now instead of ipad in the editor i have a 15′ MBP monitor.

    Its a pain with us working on massive retina screens.

    Please its been a wanted fix for a long time. We don’t need new widgets for now.

      1. It would be cool if we could generate our own breakpoints and these show up dynamically within the breakpoint view options panel. And also you could replace the breakpoint icons in widgets with a dynamic dropdown too 🙂

  29. Very disappointing. Not a single word about improving conversion rates or CRO in general. Just a slavish drone on about me-too features. It looks to me like you have stopped being leaders, are now just building another bloated page-builder, and think that by giving people who don’t know what they need, what they ask for, you’re at least following the money. But no lead is unassailable guys, and you don’t have the luxury for being installed in every WordPress from the get go! Stop pandering to the crowd and start showing sum leadership again.

    1. Yeah I am with you, another new product that showed HUGE potential but has been bogged down by having to pander to basic and new users offering shinny things while ignoring the core users. The Adobe model that was adopted by the likes of Sketch and now elementor.

      I just can’t get over how bloated and slow elementor has become. 5-8 second page loads and the amount of bloat in the code makes me want to start using a new builder. Thing is I dont want to once again switch over to a new builder. I switched over from the annoying VC so elementor was a breath of fresh air but i never had page load speed issues with WPbakery page builder.

      1. Every page builder suffers from feature creep, even WordPress itself has that problem.

        It’s just a byproduct of having a massive user base (not many other plugins have 4+ million installs).

        I’ve been using it since 2016 and I like the fact there are always constant new features coming out.

        Elementor seems to run a bit slower on shared hosting, I’ll give you that, but it does dynamically load JS scripts etc based on what widgets you use, which means you’re not loading up files you don’t need.

        I don’t think the Elementor dev team are deliberately aiming to make their page builder slower than the competition, it’s a pretty complex plugin and there are probably reasons why the CSS and JS loads up the way it does.

        But the user also needs to be smart with how they use Elementor too (eg not inserting massive 4MB PNGs into their layout when they can set up WP thumbnails properly and insert a smaller image size).

  30. I really hope the update will also include

    – setting input masks for text fields so we can force to enter data as wanted.
    – setting conditions to show certain fields would be awesome!
    – direct Zapier integration

  31. It is on your ‘DEV board’! On one of those yellow papers (Film with Ben, showing at 0:05).

    I’d like to see it ready to use soon: >Last night I had a crazy Time<

  32. I would really like to see style sheets natively in Elementor. You can get a stylesheets plugin but I would rather be able to create global style sheets natively rather than downloading a third-party plugin and configuring for every new website I build.

  33. I got a few things I would love Elementor to have. From a frontend dev’s point of view, these are some things I can come up with in no time:
    A smarter grid system. Elementor’s flexibility there is also it’s curse for me. It does way too much. I prefer the ease of Visual Composer there. Said it and won’t take that back.
    Rows in rows shouldn’t add extra padding. Bootstrap’s grid is way better there, for me at least.
    More ‘flexboxy’ grid system. Columns should be able to flow down in space if they aren’t able to use the space they have. And say, if you have two columns, they don’t need to add up to 100% of space, and you could apply a justify-between helper.
    I’d also like to have some more rem helpers, and be clearer about some units (looking at line-height there).
    Sliders with dynamic content should also be a thing. Relying on another plugin for the pro version of a plugin for this basic stuff is a bit disappointing to me. Having some posts or another post type display in a slider is way too hard. I can achieve this with my custom themes I build in pure PHP in minutes. Looking for a scalable, reliable and customizable Elementor solution took me hours instead – without a good outcome.
    I am really looking forward for Elementor’s future, but you shouldn’t go into the direction of adding to many edge case features. There are enough solutions for that.


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