It’s a big Wednesday for us this week. We’re still catching our breath from all the excitement of our 4 million active installs. Thanks again, by the way, for helping us reach that lofty number! 

One week later, we’ve finally finished counting the votes for our next Elementor feature. Before we announce the winning feature, we’d just like to add that we’re excited to deliver what our users express (and confirm) interest for. That’s how our website-builder should work. It’s all about the preferences of our users (and their users). 

And so, here are the results: 

Steps for forms: 7,311 votes

Lottie: 3,900 votes

Lead Collection: 3,846 votes

Instagram: 2,571

We’re truly excited to see the Steps for Forms feature come into fruition. And of course, to see the ways you incorporate them into your Elementor sites and content. 

As we described, the Steps for Forms feature will let you, the website builders, build multi-step forms that break down the process of submitting a form and improve the user experience.

The upper hand, as we see it, that a multi-step form has over a regular form stems from several advantages (to name a few):


  • They’re known to increase conversion rate
  • They’re also known to have a higher completion rate
  • You can reduce the number of form fields in each step, but still have all the form fields you need overall. In other words, the submission process is less overwhelming for the user, but you’re still collecting all the data you need to reach your desired conclusion. 
  • They feel more natural, more conversational 
  • They’re mobile-friendly
  • Many more

We’re looking forward to seeing the forms you create and are also excited about how they improve your sites’ performance and the things you’re looking to accomplish with the forms. 

As for the other feature candidates, they’re by no means off the table. We’re just taking things one step at a time! But we’ll definitely keep you posted about when we’ll be rolling out those next features in 2020. 

Just for some context about the features we released in 2019 and how the Elementor platform is evolving more and more, take a look at this list: 

We can’t wait to add Steps in Forms to this list. And of course, more and more features in the very near future. 

We really couldn’t have done it without you, so thanks again for helping us reach our goal of 4 million active installs, and of course, for voting!

Stay tuned for the Steps in Forms feature to be officially launched and ready for action. Stay tuned for its arrival in the next few months, along with other updates you’ll see in the next releases. 

Congrats to those who voted for Steps in Forms! Happy we made your day 🙂