Introducing Hello Theme: The Fastest WordPress Theme Ever Created

We have finally launched the ‘Hello’ theme in the WordPress repo. We built Hello so you never have to worry about themes again. Try the theme made by the happy folks at Elementor.

Many of you already know, love and use Elementor’s Hello theme, but this week, our starter theme was officially added to the WordPress repository, so we figured our baby deserves a formal baby shower. 

Having Hello available in the official WP repo is a big deal. It means millions of WordPress users can easily install and activate it directly from their dashboard, and also get auto-updates for new versions.

Hello offers 100% compatibility with Elementor, and is both lightweight and clean. Hello gets out of the way and allows you to design your pages and sites without any setbacks.


Say Howdy to Hello, The Fastest Theme You've Seen, and the Last One You'll Ever Use

What is the Hello Theme?

Hello is a ‘super’ WordPress starter theme, meaning it’s a lightweight, minimalistic blank theme, with no styling at all, except for basic browser compatibility styling (AKA reset.css).

Originally, starter themes were mainly used by developers, who wanted a clean theme they could customize with code. Nowadays, with the power of Elementor’s Theme Builder, there are many advantages to using a blank theme and customizing your entire site parts using Elementor, without having to deal with conflicts or code.

Want to switch from your theme to hello?
Just make sure you’ve built the header, footer and other areas with Elementor theme builder. Here’s a tutorial how.

Why Choose Hello?

There are many advantages to picking this theme before others, especially these:

  • Perfect for Elementor. The Hello theme works out of the box and offers consistent compatibility with Elementor. When we release a new version of Elementor – most of the testing is done using the Hello theme. You know our developers – they’re the best of the best (without bragging). They make sure Hello theme is always updated and up to speed.
  • Perfect for landing pages. If you are building landing pages, you should know that every millisecond count. Hello is a boilerplate theme that will load your landing pages faster than ever before. (more about it in a section below).
  • The least possible issues. With Hello, there is the lowest risk of compatibility issues between the theme & Elementor and between the theme & other plugins, since its code is so minimalistic and optimized. With Hello, there are no surprising CSS spacing glitches nor color inconsistencies.
  • Fast performance. Hello is feather-light. It’s lighter than most themes because it comes almost empty of styling and scripts. All the design is done using the Elementor Theme Builder. Faster site load and leaner code mean better SEO results for your sites.
  • FREE forever. The theme is also completely FREE forever. We want our users never to give a second thought to their choice of theme, and just focus on designing beautiful & professional sites.

Important Note!

Bear in mind, It only makes sense to work with the Hello theme in combination with Elementor. Once you activate the theme, your homepage will be devoid of styling, and will look like this:

This is completely fine, and how it is supposed to work.

Once you finish the activation, it’s time to start customizing your theme.

Then it’s just a matter of setting your header, footer and content, using the lovely Theme Builder. With the right template or design touch, you’ll have a unique homepage creation in minutes.

BTW, we created a child theme for Hello which is available in GitHub, and we are working on getting it into the WordPress repository as well.

Just How Fast IS This Theme?

We already told you about its speed, and now it’s time to show you its actual speed results.
As mentioned above, the strength of Hello is its simplicity and the fact that it contains ONLY non-intrusive essential code, making the loading speed way faster.

For example, here are some examples of pages created by Elementor with various themes:

All of the examples provided below are in the same environment and without any caching configuration and optimization.

See how lightning fast it is:




Twenty Seventeen


Performance grade






Page Size

759.8 KB

487.5 KB

722.1 KB

670.0 KB


Load Time

763 ms

690 ms

986 ms

688 ms

503 ms








Performance grade
Page Size
Load Time

759.8 KB
763 ms

Generate Press​

Performance grade
Page Size
Load Time

487.5 KB
690 ms


Performance grade
Page Size
Load Time

722.1 KB
986 ms


Performance grade
Page Size
Load Time

670 KB
688 ms


Performance grade
Page Size
Load Time

475.1 KB
503 ms

While it seems that the performance scores are close, there’s a significant difference in loading time, which increases on real sites. Once you have a fully operational site, with plugins, scripts, images and other imminent delays, you’ll be able to measure the difference in loading time in seconds.

How Does Hello Work With Popular Plugins?

One of the advantages of Hello is its out of the box compatibility, not only with Elementor, but with other popular plugins as well:

WooCommerce – Since the theme is empty, it allows you to use Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder with the least issues and glitches.

Yoast – Hello is the perfect addition to the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s HTML is nice and shiny, and will help you get the most out of Yoast.

WPML – Since Hello is extremely lean, it has few strings to translate, and all strings are translatable. This will enable you to have your backend translated in no time using WPML.

We are not going to mention all 55K+ plugins, but it’s fair to say that Hello supports the majority of them. Starter themes, in general, have better compatibility, since they have less code to conflict with.

Here's a Faster & Better Way to Build Landing Pages

Many marketers use starter themes to manage their landing pages. Hello offers even more advantages than the regular starter theme, including:

1. The ability to set the header and footer per landing page / per landing page category. Unlike regular WordPress themes that come with a generic header and footer design that runs across pages, with Hello you can designate a specific header & footer design per landing page, category or other condition. Learn how here.

2. Fast loading time. No redundant code is loaded, allowing your landing page to load faster.

3. Full width and boxed layouts. Choosing between a boxed or full-width layout is a small but pesky problem that is non-exsistant with regards to Hello.

4. Easy to build a one page website with anchor menus. Learn how here.

5. Dozens of Elementor pre-made landing templates,  and 2,000+ Envato Elements templates. The ever growing list of templates created by Elementor as well as by its designer ecosystem far exceeds the demo content offered by any multipurpose theme.

Developers, Take Hello to New Grounds

Need some customization to your Hello? Our developers took care of that too. Visit the full readme file to browse through the hooks offered by the Hello theme.

Some examples of code enhancements include setting custom content width, registering WooCommerce features, changing default capabilities and more.

Take it for a spin, developers. I promise you’ll get hooked! 😉

How to Install and Customize the Hello Theme?

Getting started with Hello is an easy 4 step process:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New, and search for ‘Hello’.
  2. Install and activate the theme. Wait… it’s installing 🙂
  3. Now, go to Templates > Theme Builder, and build your header and footer. (You need Elementor Pro installed, of course).
  4. Next, go to Settings > Reading, and set the homepage to one of the pages.

You can go on to customize the other parts of your site. Learn how through our Theme Builder video series.

Say Goodbye to Theme Conflicts. Hello Theme Is Here. #design #speed #WordPress #Elementor

Hello Theme Specs

  • Lean Starter theme framework
  • 100% compatible to Elementor
  • 10,000+ active installs
  • Rated 5 stars (out of 14 reviews)
  • Responsive design capabilities
  • Well documented
  • Developer friendly code
  • Full screen & Boxed Layouts
  • RTL supported
  • Accessibility ready
  • 300+ page templates & blocks
  • Easy to customize: header, footer & more
  • Custom menu
  • Perfect for landing page management
  • Lean Starter theme framework, with no styling
  • 100% compatible to Elementor
  • 10,000+ active installs
  • Rated 5 stars (out of 14 reviews)
  • Responsive design capabilities
  • Well documented
  • Developer friendly code
  • Full screen & Boxed Layouts
  • RTL supported
  • Accessibility ready
  • 300+ page templates & blocks
  • Easy to customize: sidebar, header, footer, content, single & archive
  • Custom menu
  • Perfect for landing page management 

Whatcha' Waiting For? Try It Out!

The Hello theme completes the circle we started with Elementor, changing the process of building sites.
Instead of this process: Install WordPress > Pick Theme > Customize with code
Advance to this process: Install WordPress > Activate Hello > Customize with Elementor

If this is the first time you are hearing about Hello, I invite you to try it out. If you are among the 10K+ early birds already using it, please share your experience. 

How has working with Hello changed the way you build websites and how you regard WordPress themes?

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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305 Responses

    1. They don’t know your website and the functionality of your theme. Best thing to do is to try it out yourself and test your site.

  1. Hi Ben,

    I have a question, which I’d like to know before “experimenting” with my website. I have already built my website with another theme. If I use this theme, will I break my website and have to built it all over again?

    Thank you!

    1. Depends on the functionality of your current theme. There isn’t a clean cut answer for that. You can test the hello theme and if it breaks your style or functionality you can switch back to your current theme 🙂

  2. This may be a stupid question – but if you were to have sites currently on elementor and astra, for example, built entirely on elementor (header, footer, everything), is this something that should/could be switched to now without issue? Or would it be more appropriate to use going forward for new sites? Thanks!

    1. I think there will still be some adjusting needed because of random “global” styles with Astra. I haven’t experimented with this. I’m not sure about this version of Hello theme, but the one on Github doesn’t style the comment block for blogs.

      I would use the hello theme moving forward on new sites.

    2. Unless you’re simply looking to experiment, or learn a new workflow, best advice is probably — if it aint broke, don’t fix it!

      I have been using GeneratePress for years and about a few months ago moved over to using the Hello theme beta for new sites.

      I have found that combining Elementir with a high performance theme like Astra or GeneratePress etc works pretty well for me, for the most part. But I have been torn lately, and decided I had to go one way or the other, as both Elementor and GeneratePress, for example, have developed alternative methods for delivering approximately the same thing.

      I have now made my decision and will stick with Hello Elementor/Elementor in future. I like the way they have lifted the site development workflow away from existing theme modification and allowed us to get at almost every element of the site without having to implement somebody else’s theme ideas and develop our own code.

      Ben and his team do an outstanding job.

  3. Love the lightness of the theme. Any way to globally disable page titles? When activating the theme, all page titles appear on the page under the header and I’m forced to go through each page and manually disable.

    This will hinder me from activating on other sites that are already setup.

      1. Currently, we don’t have an option to set global settings but as Wilsky wrote, you can use CSS to remove page titles.

        1. Hi Matan, could you share what the css code is and where to add it in the child theme? I’m switching from phlox theme and the only issues I currently see are removing the page titles, re adding my site logo, the color on all my links switched from blue to pink, and some changes in the fonts (nothing major). But removing the page titles throughout is definitely a must. Thanks in advance!

      1. The op meant generally to hide the page title on the entire site. Can’t say I’ve come across any theme that has such a global option and can’t say I’ve missed it much but perhaps I should get out more.

        Anyway “Hide title” is on elementor settings of each page.

        1. Hi,
          Hmm, I have checked on all my pages and there is No option under page attributes to ” Hide Title ” ? You can only select Full width or canvas templates.

          Would you happen to have the CSS to disable all page titles ?

  4. Hi Ben, awesome post!
    Quick question, how well does the Hello theme and Theme builder capabilities (ex. custom header menus) work with Google in terms of code structure for SEO purposes? Hope my question makes sense.

    Keep up the amazing work guys!

      1. The SEO ranking is determined by a few factors, among them site performance, content, responsiveness, and structure. Elementor creates most of the HTML structure, so if you’re already using Elementor, Hello theme can only benefit you.

  5. I moved over to this last week as am creating a sign for launch in July, I was using Divi and there were weird things happening with crocoblocks overriding elementor headings… But since swapping over to Hello it’s been so much easier, and faster!

    Must say the last few weeks using Elementor has bene a bit of a revelation – I’m pretty much building an entire site with no coding

  6. How does this theme compare to using a theme like Underscores? That’s been our go-to theme so far, but I am curious if Hello theme is an improvement.

    1. While we tested Underscores on the same page, hello produced significantly better results. But you’re welcome to try it yourself 🙂

  7. Like it! But it would have made more sense to publish the theme in the repo if global settings were available in Elementor: e.g. font sizes for all headings, colors, etc.

    1. This is exactly why I moved back to Astra. Just the simplest global options would go a long way. I don’t want to have to change from pink headers every time I build a new page (unless I’m doing it wrong – which is totally possible).

  8. This is awesome Ben! 🙂

    After close to 72 hours of continual design (and learning, still new to EM Pro), I looked at my screen and began to wonder why I had a premium theme installed, when what I actually wanted was to make each pixel on that screen my own.

    Was using this when testing EM out a while back from GitHub but it went away!

    About to sleep when I seen the email – think I still should. can’t wait to wake up though.

    Great job!

  9. Is it possible to change the theme’s colors? When I put it on my site everywhere I had a table it made the background white or grey. I can’t seem to find the options in the theme’s custom area to change the background colors. Is this possible? Because if not then the theme is worthless. I was using Ocean before and had zero issues. Everywhere my tables were discolored Ocean allows you to change the themes colors. In Hello it only allows you to change the font.

    1. Currently, this is not possible via the theme settings, but you can set it using a few lines of CSS. A broader solution is coming soon.

  10. Great! Any instructions for those already using Hello from github, to migrate to the version from the wordpress repo? I would like to have those update warnings from my panel.

  11. I think it could be useful a child theme as well.

    Is this official?

    If yes, you should link it in this post I guess.

    I want you to notice that in the child theme should at least be added this short css because when I activated it, somenthing changed from the parent theme and I had to find out what was the problem.
    body {
    margin: 0;

    1. Hi Ferdy 🙂 if you’re talking landing pages, you can use Elementor Core’s blank canvas. If you’re talking about an entire website then yes – you will benefit from using the theme builder. Otherwise, you will need to use custom code.

  12. Nice! But Woocommerce Checkout and Cart Pages does not look very inviting with Hello theme.. Will we ever be able to edit fonts, colors and rest with Elementor???

    Thank you

    1. Hi Lee,

      WooCommerce is a highly complex plugin and any pages that rely on its basic elements (e.g. Cart, My Account, Checkout, etc.) are even more so. The level of complexity is such that changes in something as routine as a WooCommerce update could cause havoc on a layout, resulting in a devastating effect on the webpage’s functionality.

      Currently, Elementor enables to customize the areas surrounding the WooCommerce elements. Take the cart page, for example – You may not be able to customize the table itself, but you can customize the title or the area where the table is located. You can also insert your own images, backgrounds, and content according to your needs (e.g. adding an FAQ).

      We are considering several options for achieving full compatibility with WooCommerce. But this is still in its development stages.

      1. Hi Matan,
        I suppose You should change the description of Hello Theme then, as the line about “WooCommerce” is suggesting that it is fully compatible.

        I hoped so, as I would love to switch to hello, but having an online shop, it is impossible until these features will be ready. Cart, My Account, Checkout, etc. pages are essential

  13. One area that’s badly missing from Elementor (and this theme I’m afraid only makes this worse) is the lack of ability to style Woocommerce’s My Account page. Don’t get me wrong. I think Hello is a great theme but I’m afraid without option to style My Account pages using Elementor, and this page lacking any style, the My Account will look awful. Why do I care about My Account? Not everybody’s shipping physical products so their users will be logging into the account to download files, manage their subscriptions, etc and it’s a big part of their experience. I guess what I’m saying, is add the option to style Woocommerce’s My Account pages including the highly popular Woocommerce Subscription styles integrated into My Account.

      1. Hey Matan completely understandable, however the basic styles of woocommerce rarely change. You also don’t have to go very deep into it but for example, it’s not too hard to offer a stylised tabs for the links in my account. Most themes do this and they do it fairly well.

    1. Absolutely agree, we’d also love to have an one theme for all. /my-account is an extremely versatile part of many projects: think of support ticket integration, customer dashboard, requests, etc.

    2. And a user profile page. WordPress has the worst user profile experience. And then with elementor we can create templates for every post type,, EXCEPT users!

      NOT GOOD

  14. Hi, I switched to this theme and now I can’t access my multi-site as a ‘Super-Admin’… it seems to have downgraded me to just a regular admin on that one site… how can I fix???

    1. ‘Super Admin’ is most likely a role that your old theme created. Therefore, you need to copy this code to your new child theme.

  15. I think it’s important to provide a child theme in order to be able to add some actions and filter in a custom functions.php

    1. There is a plugin called “Child Theme Configurator ” that helps you create child themes. I saw it in a nice tutorial in youtube.

  16. Great! Allready switched from Astra Pro to Hello. Page speed improved: 600ms faster. Only thing that changed is the page titles at the top of the pages. But you can fix that pretty easy with CSS.

    1. I have the free version of the Astra theme on my site but that basically provides the header and footer for me, as all the rest of my pages are solely built by Elementor blocks. Do you think I can just simply switch to Elementor Hello theme without breaking it? I have Elementor Pro, so recreating a header – footer won’t be an issue.

  17. Excellent news! I´m using Astra theme for all my sites mainly because of the starter sites, which you can download an entire site template. I hope there will be something similar for this theme in the future.

    1. Definetly, there is no doubt about it, and the reason for it is that it’s virtually a blank theme… If it has less things, how could it be slower, right?

  18. Happy to hear this, but wonder how Hello will expand in the future. And why not include Astra in the speedtest chart? Is that because Astra is Elementor’s largest “feeder” theme?

    1. Elementor creates most of the HTML structure, so if you’re already using Elementor, Hello theme can only benefit you.

      1. I switched, and was surprised just how much stayed the same. I mean, once Astra uses Elementor to build its demo content, its built in Elementor and switching to Hello works pretty well.

        HOWEVER. Astra has a pretty through “Customize” area and some default styles that don’t translate over. So you can’t just flip the switch and expect everything to translate over perfectly.

        I personally don’t have time to go through and recreate all the default styles for the sites I’ve already built with Astra, so I’ll just continue to use them for now.

        I’d like to use Hello for my builds going forward, but without the ability to set some default styles in the WordPress dashboard, it’s of limited use to me.

  19. Wow. This theme is fast. I was using Astra and I had a gtmetrix pagespeed of 2.6s. Just activated Hello and now my gtmetrix pagespeed is 1.3s. Took before and after screenshots. Very happy with this. Will be switching my clients over to Hello theme asap. Thanks.

  20. It would be nice to see astra theme added to the speed test. I currently favour Elementor Pro on Astra theme.

  21. Hi Ben,
    Wonderful! I down loaded Hello, activated it and loved what I saw. I need to adjust a few templates with Elementor Pro but that is no worries. Thanks. 🙂

  22. I really love the idea to have a theme customizable by myself. So, as I read, I can set the header/footer templates I want, but, what about sticky header, can I set it? If it so, I will move to Hello to develop all my pages.

  23. Excellent, I’d been hoping for this for some time and run the Github version on numerous sites. This is big! Thank you!

  24. Great to see this the Hello theme in the WP repository. I used this theme on a new website I built and love it because it’s clean and worked great with Elementor Pro. Obviously, I had to manually install it and don’t receive automatic updates. So I was thinking of installing the Hello theme directly from WP? If I do so, will it negatively affect my website, in terms of styling, settings, etc.? Thanks!

  25. I’m trying to migrate from the Github instance of Hello and a child theme. The new Hello themes seems to ignore the child theme unless I paste the CSS right into the bottom of the parent where the comment says:

    /* Custom style for your theme.
    ========================================================================== */
    To change or override any style, add a new scss file under `custom` directory (current directory),
    and include it here.

    Is there some reason this new parent would disregard normal child theme conventions? I seem to have the template and text domain set correctly in the child.


    1. I figured this out. The child theme basics are here:

      The key for me was the functions file which required:


      function hello_elementor_child_enqueue_scripts() {
      get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/style.css',
      add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'hello_elementor_child_enqueue_scripts' );

      I was able to successfully migrate from the old version of Hello this way.


  26. Is Hello meant to supplant the Layers theme? Will Layers continue to be actively developed? Can you add Layers to your Pingdom table in this blog post so we can see how they stack up?

  27. Would love to try out a different theme – especially one that is really light weight. My concern is about proper markup for headers and footers created with Elementor’s theme builder. Also, does the theme have SEO schema markup for articles (for example)?

    1. Yes, Elementor includes proper markups for headers and footers. Regarding SEO schema markup, many widgets include schema markup (Star Review widget for example).

  28. Mediavine saye that Elementor pagebuilder uses div tags and is difficult to place ads between text blocks. Does the Hello Theme eliminate the use of div tags between blocks, images and other elements?

    1. There is no problem whatsoever adding ads between text blocks. We will soon create a tutorial about how to do it.

  29. So. So. SO happy seeing this in WP-Repo. One less ‘moving part’ to worry about. Which is great, especially when maintaining multiple sites. So thank you E-Team!

  30. Here is a video on Hello speed. They also did videos on the speed of Astra, Generated Press, WP Ocean, Divi, and a couple of others. Unfortunately, there is not a composite yet comparing them all in one video. Hello does very well:

    Based on the above responses, it looks like the main downside (as of now) for Hello is:
    1. lack of Global Settings (fonts & colors).
    2. Inability to disable page title on pages (without using CSS)

    Not sure why Astra was not included in the speed test since it is probably the most used theme for Elementor users.

    Hello will probably only get better with time. Probably worth a try. Would like to see a head to head with Astra.

  31. Hey Ben,

    Great news:) Quick question: what about custom hooks – does hello support an easy way to inject custom code to specific parts of the theme?


    1. I would also like to know that. Up to now, i use Generatepress. They have “Elements” with which you can insert code at many many places in the template, run PHP code (or not), set “Display Rules” for each code-snippet an set “Internal Notes”. Zhis is an absolutely ingenious feature that I don’t want to miss. How can i implement this in elementor?

  32. Thanks for a Well-Needed There!!!

    One thought:
    Would be nice if when you release themes, if you could package it with a child-theme to accompany it.
    Not trying to be lazy; it would just save hundreds of thousands of Elementor Pro users a whole bunch of valuable time in total. Not mention making Elementor Staff our HEROS!!!

  33. I love the idea of this theme for Elementor but one thing that I feel is missing is the ability to declare widgets and lay menu’s into the widgets. That functionality would make this a truly 100% compatible wp theme.

  34. More of a WP question, perhaps.

    I would like to set font size, face and colour for each tag: h1, h2. etc….

    I know that you can use Elementor’s settings but they are limited.

    Wouldn’t it make sense for Hello to offer total control over fonts and other ‘global’ attributes?

  35. Has anyone moved from Astra Pro with their Custom Layouts via hooks? I’m quite loving the ability to easily insert content here and there (particularly on WooCommerce cart and checkout pages), and wondering if it’s as easy to do with Elementor Pro? Or is there a builder for this that I’ve not discovered yet? O.o

  36. I read and scanned most of the comments and globals seem to be a worthwhile investment. Change the game guys, you have done it before!!!

    1. Hi Joanna,
      I just checked your website and found that it is SSL secured; but the images are not optimized – they all are very huge in size, reduce them all for a fast loading experience !!

  37. I’m going to try out this theme. Hopeully things don’t break too much in migration. I’m coming over from the beaver builder theme.

    I just hate having to override things on other themes. I will see how things go.

  38. I would love to use your theme (I currently use Astra) however two issues prevent me from doing this:

    1. The ability to define the fonts for each type of header (H1, H2, H3, etc.).
    2. For some reason when I tried to use the Hello theme the pictures, which appeared in my post were displayed incorrectly (they appeared huge and came out of the blog post boundaries).

    Is there a solution for both of these issues? If there is then I would be more than happy to use your theme.

    Best regards,

  39. Two questions. 1. Will it work with multi-page sites? 2. My website is already built with FREE Elementor. I will be getting pro this week. Will it install and incorporate my existing site using FREE Elementor, OR will with work with my existing site after installing Elementor Pro this week, OR will I have to rebuild my site in it’s entirety including the blog. Thanks.

  40. I used the GitHub Hello theme. It does everything I need except for one glaring problem. The theme’s comment widget is awful. Truly awful. It takes you back to the days of teletype art. I could find no plug-in that gave me a simple comment widget that was attractive and not full of unwanted “features”. So far I see no evidence that this situation has changed.

    But if Hello does now provide a simple but attractive comment widget, I would switch back to Hello in an instant.

  41. Please, how to install Hello, develop a new website on it in a back stage without having to interfering with a Twenty Seventeen theme website already published? Tks.

  42. Whichever host you’re going to choose, keep in mind the 3 most important factors of a WordPress hosting:

    Speed – also known as “load time”
    Uptime – needs to be at least 99.94%
    Customer Support – they should help you with WordPress related questions

  43. “Hello” theme, I made the change last night on my business site. While I had a fantastic one (GeneratePress) my hope is, the in house made theme will give me the most possible compatibility with Elementor (I use Pro version). To make it short – yes, the change was very easy. Some minor adjustments and it works. I use the child theme from GIT to have the opportunity to use my custom post types (I build them manually “by hand” in the functions.php, other functions, too). There are some things, I hope, they will get better soon (for example setting colors, the fonts – global).

    One thing I could not solve so far – the design of the comments section. It does not look that pretty, as it could. I would like to have the possibility, to design this by myself in the easy way, Elementor (Pro) offers it with other widgets. For example, I would like to get rid of the label “Website”. Currently it is just not shown because of using CSS.

    In conclusion I can say, there was no loss (little) compared to GeneratePress. The site is fast enough, to be on the market with it. Will I use the combination for customer sites? Yes, the next two projects are going with it.

  44. What about woo commerce checkout pages? I see that elementor Woocommerce addresses product pages, but what about the all important checkout pages?

  45. Where and how to get appearance > widgets to return?
    With this theme they vanish and have not a widget or sidebar in sight to look at or any tutorial I could find after endless searches online on this.

    I see I can make sidebars or sticky ones and assign to categories or other conditions but how to be able to do so when making a new post and if I want to select from available sidebars the one I want?

    1. Add the following codes to your functions.php

      //add our widget location

      function ourWidgetsInit(){

      register_sidebar( array (
      ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar1’,
      ‘id’ => ‘sidebar1’


      add_action(‘widgets_init’, ‘ourWidgetsInit’);

  46. I currently use OceanWp for my WordPress blog – how easy it is for me to switch to Hello theme?

    I’ve been with OceanWp for a while now and I would honestly like a switch very soon.

    1. Ive been running ocean WP and I switched a few sites over, it was a breeze.

      Ive got my headers and footers built in element or (duh) and all I really had to do was reset my site logo in my header and change the base font size and everything snapped back into place except WAY faster.

  47. In the elementor theme builder it is possible to disable header and title as the astra theme does. with the hello theme I did not find the option in the editor.

  48. I would like to reiterate CG Elves question. appearance > widgets is gone. When I use one of your single-page templates with a sidebar, it’s sidebar contains a sidebar widget. When i try to edit that it wants me to choose a sidebar, but says “no sidebars were found.” How do I make one?

    1. Elementor please provide solution to this becuase I am having no other option than to look for another solution

      First I can’t find sidebars and widgets under the appearance tab

  49. Even before upgrade it was already my go theme for Elementor. Perfect for those who are actually building all from scratch and want to have their own templates.

  50. F***ING AWESOME!!!

    This thing is fast as hell and I LOVE not having to deal with all the crap that comes shoved into other themes.

    Absolutely great stuff.

  51. I wish I could use this for a website I need to show tomorrow, but if it really doesn’t have a my-account-page, then it’s not ready for ecommerce.

  52. Widget are not available on Hello Theme. Before if you went to appearance > widgets you could create a sidebar. Now that is not an option. This is kind of important for blogs. Is there a work around?

  53. Just started to build a site using the Hello theme. Noticed that if I drag a ‘Read More’ widget into a column/text area on a page, I get the message ‘This widget only affects themes that use `the_content` in archive pages’ and just gives a greyed-out icon.

    But if I insert a template from the Elementor library that includes a ‘Read More’ widget on another page, it works perfectly.

    Am I missing a setting or something – if not how is it that library templates work okay?

  54. Great news! I have a question – I use Hello theme from GitHub (version 1.2.0). Is there a difference between that and the newest Hello theme from WP repo (version 2.0.6)? Should I switch to the official one from WP repo? thanks

  55. This arrived just in time for me to rebuild one of my sites, and I’m very happy with the results.

    I used the ‘Hello’ theme with Ultimate Addons for Elementor – as this had the masonry gallery I wanted.

    The site is image heavy and still load times are very good.

    This is great progress!

  56. Super fast theme! Well done Elementor team. I switched from Astra Pro to Hello theme without hesitance, because anything that Elementor develops is of high quality.

    The page title can simply be hidden with CSS (go to customize theme, additional CSS in the left menu);

    .entry-title {
    display: none;

  57. YES! Especially excited that I can easily find it in the WordPress repo and that there is a Child Theme too.

    Great job team!

  58. Hi, I try do download Hello Theme both clicking on the download button on this page and searching the download page on Google but the theme page is empty. Could you help me to find it?
    Thank you

  59. Question – do you have a list of recommended plug-ins to download to get the most out of this theme? Or just choose your favourite Elementor plug-ins and go? Loving it so far – who doesn’t love a blank canvas that you know will build the way you want it to!!

  60. Great theme, but I can’t find a way to alter the colour of links globally from the pink colour to something different. Seems I can only do it by creating a new css class for each section where I want to change them. Not ideal really.

  61. hi there ,where to set up the default colors of text link and hoover of entire site ( globe setting? ) ?

    by the way this theme is awsome , my site faster then ever . quite enjoy it. thank you .

  62. Hi
    Using Hello theme (and Elementor Pro) I had issues with a horizontal scrollbar showing up at the bottom of all full-width pages when resizing browser window. It seemed to appear randomly at certain browser window sizes (in Chrome, Firefox and Edge).

    Found these lines of code, that finally solved the problem! Copy the lines into the CSS section of the Hello themes customizer:

    html, body {
    max-width: 100% !important;
    overflow-x: hidden !important;

    Hope this will be of help to someone 🙂

    Maybe this should be included in the theme itself…?

    1. We have the same issue. Links are overflowing the container. Your solution stops the horizontal scroll bit it does just cut off long links. Meaning although you can click the link you can’t see the while link as it will not wrap. Getting support for the theme sadly seems null impossible as well. My comments for removed from here the other week and yet to have any replies on the WordPress support forum.

  63. I am testing out this template but, for the life of me I cannot find out where the word “ARCHIVES” is coming from. I have page titles turned off. 🙁

  64. I used the elementor hello theme, and I discovered it has no sidebar in the appearance sub menu, meaning as a blogger, I don’t have a sidebar for my website. So can I create a sidebar or just delete elementor hello theme

    1. We kept Hello Elementor theme as minimal as possible, therefore there is no widget location such as a sidebar. When you are using Elementor alongside a theme it is not a must to have sidebar location.
      You can simply add a column to your section and use it as a sidebar

      1. What workflow would you suggest if I would like my side bar to be a template applied to most of the pages of the site (but not all)? The idea is, that I’ll be able to make changes to the template, and all instances will be updated automatically. I am using Hello theme with Elementor Pro. Thank you

      2. Hi Mathan,

        sorry but , while i’m an elementor pro addict, this is not a good anwser to me and not in the WP way of thinking.

        Even if a column is created you CAN’T display widgets.
        So it means that Hello theme cannot be used with WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress and a lot of major 3rd party plugins.

        Unfortunately this ‘feature’ is not mentioned anywhere and I discover it while my project is already well advanced. So I have to use additional plugins to fill this gap and lose interest in using the Hello theme. Pity

        1. Hi, I have waste lot of time to understand why the bbPress root didn’t display correctly although its work with the twenty twenty theme.
          Did you find a solution for using hello theme with bbPress ?

          1. i have found a way to do it. it requires making the bbpress post types to appear to be available on front-end using the appropriate elementor filter. eg:

            function($post_types) {
            $post_types[‘forum’] = ‘Forum’;
            $post_types[‘topic’] = ‘Topic’;
            $post_types[‘reply’] = ‘Reply’;

            return $post_types;

            but you will find this still leaves you quite lacking. The hello theme has a condition in index.php which defaults to the 404 template if it cannot find any theme builder condition that matches the page you’re viewing. This is especially noticeable when attempting to view a user profile. You will get a 404 because bbpress uses a heavily customised query to know what information it is displaying. in this case, it is not a post type as the elementor display conditions allow but something else that would require a custom implementation to add the types of conditions. Otherwise, you would want to extend a child theme of hello elementor and override the default behaviour of using the 404 page as default. .

  65. I’m using Hello theme and I feel great, the only thing I can’t insert is the button back to top in all the pages. I tried to insert a css but probably I was wrong something. Suggestions on how to do it. Thanks

  66. Hi, I have a question. Can I use free themes like HELLO THEME and make a TEMPLATE using ELEMENTOR PRO. So through that can I Sell this Template on themeforest or another online selling platform.

  67. im also struggling with the appearance>widgets after just watching a recent elementor video that instructed me to use that function for creating sticky headers.. please help!

  68. Sooo, no global settings still? If I am creating say a “Blog Post” template would all of the settings (font, color palette, etc.) be saved and I could have piecemeal global settings of a sort? And I could rinse and repeat with all my future posts?

  69. This is clean and clear theme, so we need elementor to do almost part of page, good idea. Some other theme give you complete part, hello just clean theme, the other part is elementor job.

  70. It is so frustrating to see that this theme does not have “appearance-widget”.
    Please elementor, is there any solution for the reappearance of the “widgets”?


  71. Why doesn’t my Hello have widgets on the Appearance tab? Add the following codes to your functions.php

    //add our widget location

    function ourWidgetsInit(){

    register_sidebar( array (
    ‘name’ => ‘Sidebar1’,
    ‘id’ => ‘sidebar1’


    add_action(‘widgets_init’, ‘ourWidgetsInit’);

  72. I must say this is the best them so far in terms of speed I got 97 score on Google speed insight on desktop and 89 on mobile. Mind you I have lots of contents.

    Thanks elementor as I don’t have to cough out $ for theme

  73. Would love to use the Hello theme, and have tried many times, but every time i struggle to have the Gallery images showing correctly on mobile, there is no way (besides code, but that’s not the point in using Elementor) to control the sizes of the gallery images, they tend to show only one row fully, same size as if you click them for lightbox. If i use StoreFront as Theme i get perfectly scalable images. I wish Elementor made this possible with Hello then everything would be perfect, thanks.
    Here is example from my webpage, now using StoreFront and showing scalable images in the gallery:

    1. Well, same day I wrote above problem with gallery control in Mobile, Awesome Elementor releases Pro Gallery who gives me all the control I was asking for, and it works beautifully with the Elementor theme – thanks <3

  74. This elementor works well I have been using on my all websites and now i can customized in whatever way i want this elementor to make my website to load fast aswell 🙂 🙂 i recommends you to install it.

  75. Hello guys,

    When are you going to put in a fix to let us override the default pink colour for links in the global settings? This is really letting a great theme down.

    1. Oh – and the ability to set default font sizes in the global settings. According to github this should have been included in 2.7 I’m a pro user and this is pretty basic functionality.

  76. i m poor developer, n want to do something make nice but cant, I so much like Elementor n want easy theme for make my dream- website, now its easy for all unprofessional who have no idea about make website with code or anything- so i want to say just HELLO is a great- greatest theme for all … …

    Thanks -Sir

  77. Strange thing, after deploying Hallo theme I can not use access to widgets, all plufins are off, only Elementor works. Widgets not available.

  78. Hi, how can I disable the tags on the bottom of the posts. It wasn’t there on my previous theme, switched to hello (which is great) but can’t find the option to hide tags off the page on blog posts

  79. Stuck when selecting own logo:
    I changed my theme fom Astra to Hello(WP). The header appeared as almost the same. I need to replace the default site logo. No success. After selecting the image from my library(.png or .jpg or .gif) a “Crop Image” page appears. On the bottom-right corner a “Select” button appears but the content is blankand no media is shown which I could choose(although I already had chosen the logo on the previous page). I am stuck at this pont and can not proceed. I tried it on both, Chrome and Firefox browsers.
    I have Elementor V.2.7.5 +pro V.2.7.3 installed and use the latest WP version.
    I checked the comments but didn’t see any menion on this problem. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

  80. I just wish the default header & footer were more customisable. Didn’t want to write a custom header file, so I added code to functions.php for the meta codes to launch with the header.

    But still one of the best & fastest themes I’ve ever had. Keep up the great work.

  81. Hi, how can i set my hello theme to full width (covering the desktop screen)
    tho i already set my settings to elementor fullwidth.

    i need help please

    1. You can install Elementor on your site alongside another page builder as long as you just don’t edit each other’s content. Using Elementor along with other page builders might result in a plugin conflict, or it might create some unwanted changes to the page content.
      Please note that with Elementor you’ll be able to create and edit new pages, but it will not allow you to edit already existing ones that were built with WP Bakery.
      What we advise our users is to recreate their pages from scratch to avoid conflicts.
      So, you can’t edit a WP Bakery Builder template with Elementor.

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