Introducing Pro Gallery

Forget WordPress Gallery Plugin! Elementor Pro 2.7 introduces the Pro Gallery widget. Pro Gallery has an advantage over regular WordPress gallery plugins, since it lets you enjoy full control over your image layout design, and is packed with many unique design features.

Showcase your images in the best possible way using the new Pro Gallery by Elementor

An image is worth a thousand words. A gallery – one million (* estimated). Elementor has always had a basic WordPress gallery, and now it’s time to advance to the next level.

Introducing the Pro Gallery widget.

Hope you’re sitting down for this, because there are lots of cool features to unpack.

wow that's Fast!

Original JS Engine We Built From Scratch

We took our time rolling out this widget, because we wanted to make sure it lived up to the highest performance metrics. In fact, we built our own original JS library from the bottom up. The result: a super-lightweight and optimized engine which we’ve also released as a separate open-source GitHub project.

Give it the 'Bricks' Look

Regular, Masonry & Justified Gallery Layouts

You now have 3 layout options:

  • Grid, based on an aspect ratio of your choosing.
  • Justified, to set the height for each row, and varying width per image.
  • Masonry, to maintain the same image width and varying heights.

Flexible, Responsive Galleries

Complete Gallery Design Control

Gallery Overlay
Overlay content

Show any combination of content as part of the gallery: incorporate the title, caption, alt, description or keep it clean. You can adjust just about anything with the style and layout of the content, with full control of typography and positioning. Use CSS filters and blend modes to give your gallery a consistent stylish look.

As with any Elementor widget, Pro Gallery offers extensive responsive design controls, letting you adapt each gallery to mobile, tablet and desktop views. There are also many dynamic features, which we will cover in-depth in later tutorials.

Why Settle for One?

Multiple Gallery Filtering

Why settle for one gallery? Build a multiple gallery display that includes a filter bar, so your visitors can easily navigate between different image categories. Worried about setting the same image across several categories? Once the visitor goes back to the full display option, those repeating images will only appear once.

Making Spectacular Responsive Galleries Has Never Been Easier 🤩

You Deserve The Best

Finally, A WordPress Gallery Plugin That Lives Up to Elementor Standards

Responsive gallery editing, CSS filters, blend modes, animations, fast performance… What more could you ask for from a gallery plugin?

Galleries play a key role in web design, especially for business sites driven by images. Photographers, web designers, hotels, restaurants, online shops.

With the new Pro Gallery widget, Elementor Pro users tap into the truly impressive capabilities of the gallery widget and are able showcase their images beautifully.

That’s one more plugin to scratch off of your list. Which widget or feature would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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283 Responses

  1. The only thing missing where your actual baby pictures 🙂 Love this functionality, yet another plugin I won’t need anymore thanks to this.

  2. Wonderful!
    Multiple smart filters for the gallery plug-in (of for omheen Posts) (ranges, sliders etc) would be next on my wishlist.

  3. Excellent!

    New widget please:

    “Register wordpress user” in Elementor Forms

    In order to eliminate Gravity forms and gravity perks (or Ninja Forms, or any other forms plugin than Elementor Forms)

  4. Looks great Ben & El! Can’t wait to test..
    but the big question will be,
    when one clicks an image and it’s set to display in a light box
    will we FINALLY be able to show the title & description
    UNDER the big image? Many have been begging for this for a loooong time.

      1. Yes! I’d like this too, and social sharing buttons on the image light box! Are images searachable? When I searched for a name, it just came up with the whole gallery not one image.

    1. The thumbnails settings are actually great thing, but why this update doesn’t include the imzge title or caption option under the big iumage in Lightbox… It puzzles me.

    2. As you may know, this is a known feature request and our dev team is working on it. We hope to see it in a future release.

      1. Hello Sergei
        Did you finally find a solution to add custom url to each image rather than the entire gallery?
        Thank you.

    3. yes, please i do not want the description to be on top of the artwork!! why can’t we move it like any other caption to below the image? i can’t use this gallery widget if i can’t get the words off the image. thank you.

  5. I was absolutely elated to see this come through in the newsletter. However, I’m almost upset that you just “hid” the fact that you open-sourced the code! One short sentence included in the Fast Performance section? Hype that up! You guys are amazing!

    This one is a huge win for functionality. Thanks again for continually stepping up functionality like this.

  6. I’ve been working with Word Press and Elementor Pro for a month and am so glad I found this software for my latest website makeover. The last time I did a makeover I used Adobe Muse. Elementor is everything I had hoped Muse would be and a LOT more. You all are doing really terrific work.
    My business is a record company so I really need a nice audio player. The SoundCloud element that you have is too much of a promotional tool for SoundCloud. I don’t want people at my website being pestered by SoundCloud to subscribe to their service.
    Right now I’ve employed the plugin titled AudioIgniter Pro for my audio player. It’s nice but I’d really like a bit more design control particularly some typography controls. It’s doesn’t do .m4a files which is a trend in audio these days.

  7. Look great! I am going to start comparing with Envira Gallery.
    Every plugin I need less is a win. 🙂
    But I also use the Albums from Envira.
    Is this already possible with Elementor PRO?
    Or is this something we can expect in the future?

    THX !

    1. I think that’s what the ‘Multiple Filters’ does… though I believe it’s just by key word, would be great to be able to assign an image to each filter name.

  8. Yes! Finally! The big pain called “how the heck I manage galeries” is solved. Long-time avaiting upgrade is even better I imagined. Thumbs up Ele Team, can’t wait to test it out. Also I hope ACF fields as Titles and Descriptions are supported. Yeees! 🙂

  9. Nicely designed..
    – why no album feature that show a cover image when clicked a Lightbox image with thumbnails appear.!!
    Hope added soon.

    1. I happened the same thing. When I stopped the plug-in “Autoptimize”, it was displayed safely. “Autoptimize” is important for my site, so I hope it works well. I would be pleased if it could be a little helpful.

  10. Looks beautiful but I question using CSS background images rather than img’s in the DOM, for accessibility reasons.

    I understand this gives greater design options but galleries are not always decorative; they can be important to the page content, therefore, the images within them should be in the DOM for accessibility.

    Let me know if there’s a fallback solution I’m not seeing.

  11. Hi ben,
    I have been using elementor since last year,
    Mostly my promo i used popup to show my promo
    Everytime my promo ended, I have to manually remove my popup.
    If you can do an extra feature which popup could appear on certain time,
    It would be great. I hope you read my suggestion.


  12. Like it , I would love option to change the drop menu image to custom one and option to give each menu different look in my case I have two that show different links but when they close look the same

  13. I would like to suggest to use caption below the pictures so you can see / read this before you click the picture.

    But i am glad you integrated this Gallery, nice so far.

  14. Hi Ben! Please also make these overlay and layout functions for the Portfolio/Custom Post Type Widget. Is this possible? That would be one thing to love Elementor 100%!


  15. Using elementor pro has been a great turn around for me, no stress, no coding. At times may be complicated to operate but at last you arrive… Long live Elementor!
    Please work on other widgets instead of integrating elementor with other plugins, you know it sucks when the widget bar fails to load… Thanks

    1. YES. Or better yet, a mixed content type gallery. It feels weird to have to keep my motion graphic projects in a separate section of my pages when I’d rather keep them all together.

  16. « What more could you ask for from a gallery plugin? « 
    -> an Ajax load more button? As it is already asked since 3 years for the posts widget…

  17. Very excited about the filtering. If it doesn’t have load more/infinite scroll then that’s the thing I would really love.

    In fact all listing type widgets to offer

    1) Ajax pagination
    2) Ajax load more button
    3) Ajax infinite scroll
    4) none

    The user can then choose one of those 4

    1. Yes…

      I will continue to use third widgets plugins that natively do that since a long time.

      Elementor’s developpers seems to have some “problems” with Ajax loading ?


  18. Thank you, Ben! I would love to request if we can do the same filtering and beautiful editing with blog post cards and products archive that would be awesome. The whole elementor pro makes the site looks so professional and clean until you get to those two things. I am working on mine now and that has been a tricky part to make it look as the rest of my website.

  19. This looks great! I’m not sure if this is actually already in Pro but I was looking for a (blog) posts carousel and couldn’t seem to find that feature! Would love to see that 🙂

      1. Exactly what I try to do with a personalized publication, but it was not possible. In the future, they could append this to be able to create more dynamic and not traditional portfolios by choosing the images.

  20. Hey, great work & news. I am happy. Short question, is it possible to integrate links or imports from cloud / social platforms? Unfortunately, I have not come to the test yet.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback. Regards Prakx

  21. What is the best ‘share’ plugin to use with this gallery? I can’t believe it – I just updated all my old galleries a bit and now this launched and solves SO MANY ISSUES! Thank you!!!!!! The ‘share’ feature on lightbox mode is my only unresoved issue.. anyone know?

  22. Thank you for this release, Ben: stunning job as usual.
    May I suggest to introduce a “maximum number of items” to display based on the media query?
    A gallery that fits correctely in a desktop would be to massive for a mobile, and a limitation of the pictures displayed could be very useful.
    Thank you anyway for your amazing work!

  23. I have enjoyed building with Elementor for many years and I like that you have have expanded your gallery widget. It just amazes me that it sadly still is lacking a major feature. Are you ever going to include a “Load More” option?

    It’s a very useful feature when you have a large gallery, but don’t want your viewers to have to scroll through all of them if they don’t want to. It helps create a very clean visual gallery. It would be nice to actually use your gallery widget instead of using a third-party plugin that includes the “Load More” option. Guess I’ll have to keep looking elsewhere.

  24. Hey Elementor Team:
    You have outdone yourselves again!! Thank you for making every penny I spent on Pro worth it….and moreoever, for creating an amazing experience for all your newsletter subscribers with content that surprisedsand delights!

    1. I was hoping for this too. I want ALL mode to show a random assortment of images from all the galleries. Right now it looks like it shows the galleries in the order you have them set. 🙁

  25. One thing that would help a lot is ACF slide straight into elementor, without needing the ACF PRO plugin.

    It would also help a lot to be able to explore more header options. rotate and much more ….

  26. Would love to know if it’s possible to have the gallery images “fade”, rather than “slide”, in the detail/larger view when navigating between slides. Sliding large images can sometimes be a bit jarring. Also, is it possible to show the title and the description below the images in the large view too?

  27. I can’t wait to go play around with this after working today because I’ve been relying on a separate gallery plugin. Does this gallery have the option to load items from a custom post type? Can you also have a text overlay by default and not just on hover? There’s definitely cases where I’d want pure photos (like a photography gallery) but for used as a client portfolio I’d want the client name and project listed by default, not just on hover. The other plugin I use is pretty powerful in that it does have lazy loading, post types, etc integrated but it’s pretty cumbersome to setup, has terrible filtering options and I’d like to have one tool to rule them all.

    As for future wants

    I’d like to see a much more powerful menu building tool. I find the NavMenu to not have enough flexibility with the expanded menu in mobile.

    I end up either having to use JetBlocks Hamburger Menu to load a template for the mobile sizes, use popups to fake a menu or develop multiple navigation layouts and hiding and showing them based on device size. This isn’t optimal though for SEO with duplicate content and bloats the code.

    I’d also like to see more options for setting up a sidebar fixed navigation, push navigation, etc.

  28. Can anyone tell me how to display the image title under the big image in lightbox? any plugin or …shall i wait for an update? thanks so much.

  29. Couple of issues so far, when adding multiple galleries it seems to add the first gallery images in before the second gallery images, it would be nicer if they were random in the “All” group. For example, if you’re a photographer and your galleries are Landscapes, portraits, wildlife then in the all category you’d have all the landscapes, all the portraits, then all the wildlife which looks odd, it would be nicer to have them randomly mixed together.

    It also seems to add images to the masonry columns based on the number of items in that column rather than based on the overall height so I have the middle column being way longer as by chance it has a lot more portrait photos than the other columns so it looks odd.

    It would also be nice to be able to have links in the caption overlay or to have the caption (with link) always show below the image so that we can credit the copyright holder of the image right there in the gallery.

  30. Great, I was waiting for that!

    Next, a simple solution for a Social Share Floating Sidebar would be a dream. Currently I have to use another plugin for that. And that unfortunately causes problems.

    Thank you for the great work!

  31. Being a photographer this is super important feature however if I’m wanting to add large galleries is it still better to link to a gallery from smug mug as an example? Will this new feature handle large multiple libraries or will it kill the site performance?

  32. Must needed feature to display portfolios and image gallery. Thanks.

    But 30sec of the video, you mentioned different width for different image using justified gallery. Which i didn’t find.

    It would be great if possible to set link for each gallery images. Now i can set only 1 link for single or multiple gallery. For portfolios each image need to have different links.

    On Justified gallery, its not possible set how many images show per row, only height of the row can be changed which is also limit to 500.

    These are the issues i found while testing new pro gallery. If its possible to achieve by following different process, please let me know.

  33. Ben, what about the mobile and tablet visualization of the gallery? I like the overlay title/caption option, but this overlay is not usable with mobile devices. I think you need to add the possibility to see title and caption under the image and not only “hover” it.
    Is it possible to add?

  34. Great Work Ben. Something like this for the post widget would be great! There is such no good post widget out there that you can use for all.
    And even better would be a post list editor. Like designing a template for one post element with all variable datas (even custom fields) and then it automaticly makes a loop to show all posts in the same style in an masonry or something like that.

    1. Very good work. I installed it. Please make it perfect and add typography options for the content.

      My pictures have categories. Will it be possible to show the images by category in the future?

  35. Will try it, but still missing the option to show only x number of item with option to “show more” .
    Lets say i have gallery with 30 pics and i want To show only 6 first images so the client can choose to show all

  36. This is fantastic! Thanks for your hard work on this. Any word of integrating the option for people to be able to click on the images in the gallery and have them pop up, larger, and perhaps with a dimmed background?

    1. You can filter this by name. You need to change the Type to Multiple and you’ll be able to filter it.
      I am afraid that you can’t put a link for downloading. And no, there doesn’t exist a demo.

  37. wanna hear complaints? surely not, but here it is:
    this comes far too late!! and now youre forcing me into an exhausting amount of work to adapt a page with literally hundreds of images and dozens of galleries into this because its just that great …

    not fair at all – but amazing work! 🙂

  38. Hi Ben, Thanks for the great update!

    I created different three galleries with some pictures that are in two of them (“Wild life” and “Macro” and unfortunately they seem to show twice when selecting “All” although it should not from what you say in the video. Did I miss something?
    Thanks for your help!


  39. This is great stuff, I especially like the fact that it was written from the ground up as a stand-alone js library (w/ jQuery of course) giving us the complete recipe to customize as needed in WordPress or outside in other projects too! Thanks team Elementor!

  40. Odd, when I load this url without any query strings, it does’t load at all, blank white page w/ no content in the DOM. Tried Chrome and Firefox. But as soon as I add any query after the url, even just adding a ? and it loads. So strange.

    Even more strange, I load the url without the query string using a proxy and it loads so it must be some false positive on my IP and some security mechanism that acting boof. FYI

    1. Hi ! I would like to know how to solve the problem by putting the URL on each image. Because on my side, by clicking on the image, the page is refreshing but does not go to the desired URL. And I see that you say that adding ? can do work ?Thank you for your help.

  41. It will be nice for the gallery to have protection for images so they can be seen and cant be downloaded… it is a must for photographers… who want to show their work but want it to be protected…

  42. Hi! Thanks for the plugin. Better too late than never 🙂
    But am I too dumb to find it: where are the arrows in the lightbox, to slide from one picture to the next?

        1. Currently, we do not have an ETA. If you are subscribed to our newsletter we will notify you as soon as the version is released.

  43. One thing that is missing in this gallery, is the ability to scroll through photos, or have navigational arrows when viewing the images in a light box. Would love to see this incorporated. As is right now, you have to click an image, then close the light box before viewing the next image in a gallery.

  44. Gallery is awesome, would be even better if we could Hyperlink off each image. That’s the only thing holding me back from this gallery right now.

    Great work thus far however!

  45. Another great value addition to the pro plugin of Elementor as an Elementor pro user I am very very happy to have such an awesome feature . I would like to see some CRM widget. regarding templates – like to see digital template set more such template sets with varying features as well.

  46. As I’m still reworking my site designs, this is pretty awesome. I’m an architectural photographer and can maybe streamline the portfolio of mine onto the one page. Looking forward to checking it out.

  47. Creating the gallery was easy. But please tell me, are there supposed to be arrows in the lightbox? And should I be seeing landscape images center cropped in the lightbox on mobile? Because I have both those problems which, unless I have a plugin conflict causing this, would make the lightbox next to useless.

    1. The arrows should be available in the next version — 2.7.3 pro.
      As for the landscape, it shouldn’t be cropped. Please contact support.

  48. No arrows for left or right, once an image is opened? It would make for easier and faster scanning of images. In my case, as an artist (, it would be nice if the gallery had directional arrows once in lightbox mode.

  49. Good stuff! However, I cannot use this one since it’s preloading all images upon viewing the first image. Meaning. If I have an album of 200 images, it will load all of them at the same time when opening the first image. Please have a look at the Gallery Widget in Livemesh Addons. They did it smart, as in only preloading the next image.

  50. Thanks for this great widget !!!

    Still a question:
    is there a way to give each picture a hover effect? Not the “inner frame picture” but the whole picture frame itself, so that it stands out from the others – as it is possible with so many other galleries.

    Beautiful would also be the ability to insert a separator between title and description, or to let the hover appear a frame around it 😉

    Thanks again for this great widget !!!

  51. Fantastic feature, but one very important thing was missing: Clicking on the image gives you no chance to see the next image (right and left arrow), as in the old gallery. As it stands, you have to go back and click on the next image and sign on.

    1. That’s a bug which appeared after Elementor updated their Pro Version from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1
      Hope they will fix it with the next update.

  52. Are there no left/right nav functions when viewing a lightbox image in this new gallery? Can’t seem to find that option.

  53. The Image Gallery lightbox used to have a slider to navigate through the gallery images. With the PRO Gallery, the user have to close the lightbox and click in the next.
    The basic galley still have the slider.
    How do I enable the slider in the PRO gallery lightbox?

  54. Dear Elementor Team,

    while it is indisputable that Elementor (Pro) is a good Page Builder, it is – as any other – not perfect! And you continuous add new features, which is also indisputable nice, why the hell do you always have to overblow and say things like “Showcase your images in the best possible way”?? Whatever you do, it always “the best”, “the greatest” or “outstanding”. While the Photogallery is good, there are other Plugin around which do a better job with more options. The current Pro Gallery has a bug (missing navigation arrows in Lightbox mode) which you still haven’t fixed!
    To sum it up: keep up the good work, but with a little more modesty, cause not everything you do is the best and greatest and you can’t do everything with Elementor (Pro).

  55. Hi,

    It seems that you forgot about navigation between slides when in lightbox mode. When do you plan to fix this issue ? Please provide ETA.


  56. Hello elementor team, is there a function to display the description or title of the image in the opened lightbox? Not only before I click on the image? best regards

    1. Displaying captions/titles/descriptions on the lightbox is currently not available. But this is a feature that our other users have also suggested and our developers are working on it.
      You can follow the developments of this request on GitHub using the link below. You can also find some possible workarounds which have been proposed by our users there too:

  57. Is it normal when image is clicked and opened that we can’t browse previous/next image ??
    Only 1 image per click ??

  58. Cool function. I would have another request: The overlay gives the opportunity to add title, alt text or description. It would be great if icons could be added as well.

  59. It’s looks ok in Elemontor editor but on website it shows code, not the galley, what could be the issue?

    Shows like this:

    gallery” data-id=”fd0425e” data-element_type=”widget” data-settings=”{“gallery_layout”:”justified”,”ideal_row_height_mobile”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:100,”sizes”:[]},”ideal_row_height”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:200,”sizes”:[]},”ideal_row_height_tablet”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:150,”sizes”:[]},”gap”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:10,”sizes”:[]},”gap_tablet”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:10,”sizes”:[]},”gap_mobile”:{“unit”:”px”,”size”:10,”sizes”:[]},”link_to”:”file”,”overlay_background”:”yes”,”content_hover_animation”:”fade-in”}” data-widget_type=”gallery.default”>

  60. Another request, it would be nice to have the option to Justify the last row in the even the height of the images does not naturally cause the last row to be filled out. Example, only one photo disiplays in the last row, could this photo span the full width of the gallery?

  61. I would like to know why a widget with the “Pro” name isn’t compatible even with IE11 and also why this isn’t pointed out in huge bold font in this page.
    This is ridiculous. I use Elementor to make my job easier, not harder.

  62. Hi Ben, I am using the Gallery and the Portfolio from Elementor Pro. Can I make more portfolio’s and gallery’s? Now I work with one portfolio and one gallery with a lot of categories.

        1. Hi Rich P, did you have your answer ?
          I’m interested too with this last row function. I would like have it in Elementor PRO like it exist in “Element Gallery Plus ! ” but only in justify layout.
          It would be the top to have this last row layout function in masonry layout.

  63. Option to add automatic watermark & option to show the list of gallery’s as drop list menu will be wonderful and last thing click on image open new gallery so each image is like a folder

  64. Is the navigation function gone, when you have a medialink and it enlarge the photo, the arrows on the side are gone and you can’t click to go to the next one?

  65. I truly love the pro gallery but I am having an issue that I can not figure out how to get around. Dynamic content seems to be available. Every way I try it, it does not produce. Any suggestions?

    I really just need users to be able to click a pic and go to a single product page.

    Thank you

  66. I am doing galleries for few hours, just to find out that navigation in lightbox DOESNT WORK… can you already fix this issue??

  67. Once you set up a gallery with multiple filters, is there a way to create a link to a specific filter? In other words, create a menu item or url that scrolls down to the gallery and selects a specific gallery filter?

    1. Currently, there is no built-in way to apply a certain link/anchor to a gallery in the Gallery widget. You can submit it as a feature request.

    1. At the moment, it’s only possible to add 1 custom URL to the whole Gallery. Unfortunately, it’s not working as it should. It has already been reported to our devs and they are working on it.
      We don’t have an ETA for this, but hopefully, it will be fixed in the upcoming update.
      The possibility of adding an individual URL for each image has already been requested here:
      I’ll mark this ticket as Feature Request as well.

    1. Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to make the images/elements in a page, private.
      you can try to make a certain post or page private via WP options. You can also submit a feature request.

  68. 100% need the ability to add links to each individual image. What if we just want the user to be able to click the image and be directed somewhere? No point just having one link for an entire gallery.

    Other than that nice addition.

  69. Another vote for the need to randomize the photo gallery. I have various albums that look silly on the site because they are all grouped together, and not randomized.

  70. How to control the size of image, when you open it in the lightbox?
    With basic gallery widget, my images is in right proportion – 1280×850, but with pro widget, images are smaller 1024×850. Hot to fix that? Thanks!

  71. I’d like the gallery to show a limited number of images initially, until people click on it to see the whole gallery.
    In the free version of Elementor, it seems that if you want a gallery to include say 30 images, ALL of them appear as thumbnails on the page.
    This takes up lots of space on the page, and people have to scroll down to get to the next content.
    What I am looking for is more like a preview of the gallery that offers a sample of the images.
    Can the pro version do this?

  72. Hi, great plugin and fonction but can we add custom links to each picture? Like a mix of Posts x Gallery. It would be great to be able to filter and then click on the image to see the full post.

  73. It lacks personalized links and a Paginator for pages with more than a thousand images.
    if they add that it would be perfect, I currently use 2 plugins for that.

  74. I found an essential missing feature in the gallery widget: SEO! –> images in sitemap.xml don’t show. Because i’m a photographer this is a MUST HAVE function…

  75. Hi
    This element gallery is great.

    Only it doesn’t work on my 4k TV screen!
    Page won’t show any pictures in it. Labels and so are displayed correct.
    Is there a fix to let this work as well?


  76. Very helpful plugin. Thank you.

    Two suggestions. (I haven’t read all comments. Please excuse me if someone else already said so.)

    – Anchor for filter. So we can let viewers to click on one page to see a special group of filtered pictures on the album page.

    – Tag the pictures. How about we tag each uploaded pictures instead of putting them in predefined album? That way, pictures can be moved between albums easier. Some can be showed up in multiple albums without repeating in “all”. Some can also be hidden temporarily if remove their tags.

    Thank you.

  77. In addition to the captions being on top of the image, which makes no sense whatsoever, it looks terrible and is impossible to read, but also i can’t stop the animation. i have it turned off everywhere to None, but it’s still doing it. I hate animations. The art is all blorbing in and it looks really unprofessional. Please fix that so if I select None on motion effects there are NO motion effects. In the meantime, because of these two issues, this gallery widget is a fail and unusable for a professional art site. Thank you.

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