Build an Entire WordPress Website With Our Monthly Template Kits

Don’t you just LOOOVE Elementor templates?
I do too! Being able to jump right into the template and customize elements within it with the power of Elementor makes them much more powerful than regular WordPress templates.

Let’s face it, they work great for landing pages, but it’s hard to create a consistent and complete website using a single template.

Which is why I am happy to present: Elementor’s Monthly Template Kit, a monthly release of a set of templates that make up a complete website, including: a Header, a Footer, a 404 page, a Blog Archive & Single blog, a Popup and many more inspiring templates.

Update! Here are the template kits released so far:

These Are NOT Your Average Templates!

Head Image Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 5

There are thousands of beautiful Elementor templates on the market,

but THIS template kit is different.

The difference starts with the kit’s flexibility. Our team of designers have worked hard to produce a top-notch design that offers unique flexibility to Elementor users.

The templates are clean and lightweight, with no extra code added. This is important both in terms of improving their compatibility and extendability, and to ensure the pages built with these templates load fast and show high performance in terms of page speed.

Why Use This Kit

Icons Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 6

The Template Library was first introduced soon after we launched Elementor, and has been a great tool for educating our users regarding the proper use of Elementor.

Here’s a partial list of reasons why we feel these full website kits will help Elementor users of all levels, regardless of their level and proficiency:

Understand the best practices for using Elementor and get inspired. Even if you are not the template-using type, you can still use templates as a source of inspiration for your own design.

Build an entire website. Use this kit to build an entire site where all the elements and pages fit perfectly together.

Discover our latest features. We did our best to create versatile templates that take full advantage of Elementor and its widgets and features. Inside the kit. you will find clever uses for popups, motion effects, blend modes, and other key features.

Enjoy templates built by Elementor’s own designers. Delivering this template kit allows us to showcase our own understanding of the very tool we built.

Professional designers, get a jumpstart with your design. Template kits provide a great shortcut for all the grunt work that accompanies the design process.

Less skilled designers, this will get you sorted! If you are starting out with Elementor, or lack the experience to create high-end designs, this template set will certainly come in handy.

Built for Flexibility

It’s the attention to the small details that really sets this kit apart.

For example:

Flexible images. Go to any of the shaped images, and you will discover the actual photos we used are square, and the shape is made by using border radius. Another approach would involve making the final shape in Sketch, but we wanted to offer you the ability to edit the section and have the choice to change it to a circle, square or any other shape.

Rather than uploading heavy pictures with effects and masks, this method is healthier for the page load speed.

Navigator naming. We named each and every layer in the Navigator, so you can easily pinpoint and pick out every element on the page, and know what does what.

Navigator Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 7

Hand-made icons. All the icons and logos you see in the kit were made by our designers, and are completely free to use.

Mobile Responsive Templates

Mobile Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 8

A template that has not been pre-designed for mobile is about as useful as an expired bus ticket.

Don’t worry, we made sure the entire template set works perfectly on any device. But, don’t just take my word for it! Pick up your hand-held anti-social machine, and bring up one of our kit pages. It will all scroll exactly right.

Motion Effects Come Included

As you scroll through the different pages and areas, you’ll notice the clean and subtle use of Elementor’s motion effects. Motion effects are like salad dressing. It’s great to just pour down the barbecue sauce, but having too much of it will ruin your dish. Sprinkle it moderately for the best results.

Free Photos Without Restrictions

All the images used in the templates are from free CC0 sources like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay. All images have been optimized and minified to improve loading time.

It was important for us to include images you could freely use in your projects (even though, and I’m sure you know this, you should replace them with your own business’s images).

The Digital Agency Website Template Kit

End Static Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 9

For our first kit, we decided to focus on a digital agency site kit, since we feel this is most useful to our users, who have the most urgent need to promote their own digital services.

The kit is minimalistic and simple, which makes it a good fit for the tech and digital industry.

It’s important to note that with a bit of imagination and small tweaks to the design, you can create a new custom-made website for other purposes. All you need to do is change the images and texts and maybe make some other small changes to the look & feel of the site.

Since digital services like SEO and PPC are mostly not visual and do not always relate to each other, fluid shapes were used to tie all the services together and give the whole design an overall aesthetic look and feel. This is also aided by the use of smooth gradients and the techy blue color.

Let’s go over the assets and see what you get.

The Digital Agency Homepage Template

Home Page Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 10

We started the design of the whole kit with the homepage, which provides a good starting point for first-time visitors looking to learn more about our agency. The hero section presents a clear USP, and then the page continues with further elaboration on the services, team, testimonials, clients, and CTA.

Header & Footer Template

Header Footer Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 11

The header can be used with Elementor’s Theme Builder, and published throughout the site. It’s simple and straightforward and includes the original logo we created for the ‘Beyond’ agency, a menu, and a telephone number.

Since most agencies have a blog or news area, we included a subscription form to the agency’s newsletter in the footer.

About Page Template

About Contact Us Clients Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 12

The About page features the boxed set of company values, showcasing a different layout for displaying content. Since many digital agencies offer a wide array of services, we wanted to present less common layouts for that content. It also includes the company’s team members to make the business more approachable.

Clients Page & Contact Us Page Template

This Clients page has everything you need of a clients page: an impressive presentation of client logos as well as a testimonial slider. The Contact Us page makes it easy for clients to contact you and includes a contact form, opening hours, an address and other contact details.

Services & Single Service Page Templates

Services Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 13

The services page includes original icons that we created per service, and again presents two alternatives for displaying content. The page also includes a FAQ area that is common on many sites that have a technical element.

In the service page, we created 5 different sections that describe one of the services of our digital agency. Feel free to play around with the different sections and pick the ones you’ll use for your service page.

404 Page Template

404 Page Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 14

Elementor makes it easy to set up 404 pages with a simple click.  We created a 404 template that follows the same shape design as the rest of the website.

Main Blog Page (Archive Template) & Blog Post (Single Template)

News Blog Introducing Elementor'S Monthly Template Kits 15

Since it is a digital agency that offers SEO services, it only makes sense the company will have a blog. We used Elemenotr’s Posts widget to create a modern blog page design.

The blog post template is fully customizable and includes all the important ‘stuff’ a blog post should have, including a featured image, date, an excerpt, share buttons, a newsletter subscribe form, navigation arrows, and related posts.

Popup Template

I hope you noticed the bottom left contact button that resembles a chat icon. This runs throughout our templates and opens the agency popup.

Want to learn how to use Elementor? The BEST way is to dive right into our new Template Kit!

Grab This Kit Now!

If you have Elementor Pro, all you have to do to enjoy this cutting-edge kit is to go into Elementor, open the template library, and search for ‘Digital Agency’.

Here’s how it’s done:

What templates would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.