Monthly Template Kit #2: Build a Beautiful Fitness Website

The second round of Elementor's monthly Template Kits is here. Grab your protein shake, flex those biceps and pump that iron — It's time for the kit that helps you feel the burn!​

Last month, we released the first in our monthly series of Elementor template kits. The response from our community has been amazing. Many users got super-amped up with the release and wanted more:

This month, we decided to get in shape and release an entire website kit dedicated to a professional gym. Grab your protein shake, flex those biceps and pump that iron! This kit is sure to get you buffed.

This kit is 100% FREE to all Elementor Pro users and includes:

  • 7 Content pages
  • Header & Footer templates
  • A Popup template
  • A 404 template
  • Single and Archive templates
  • ~60 free to use CC0 images
  • 9 Original icons
  • 2 well-designed contact forms
  • A wide range of animation and motion effects

Why Use This Kit

As with our previous kit, we’ve cut no corners in the process of perfecting this template kit. It’s built for a lot more than just being an eye-candy. Here are the benefits that make Elementor’s kits stand out in the sea of templates:

  • Professional design – Every page, section, and widget have been used and edited with the best practices in mind.
  • A rich array of elements – The kit comes included with a wide range of Elementor features. These include popups, blend modes, parallax scrolling, navigator, and more.
  • Image optimization – All image sizes have been optimized.
  • Named sections – We named each layer in the Navigator, so you can easily pinpoint and pick out every element on the page, and know what does what.
  • 100% mobile responsive – All assets have been built with mobile responsiveness in mind.

The Gym Template Kit: A Bold & Vibrant Design

With our monthly template kits, we want to make sure that we offer our users a broad spectrum of designs. This is why we decided on releasing a Gym template kit, which is quite different from the previous Digital Agency kit.

The previous kit was minimalistic and simple, whereas this one is bold and includes vibrant colors and striking elements. Since we are talking about exercising and sports, we’ve incorporated movement into many of the elements in the templates. We’ve also included many images since sports and recreation fall under the visual category.

The bright blue and yellow neon colors contribute to the bold design. They also correspond to the colors that athletes are often seen wearing in gyms across the world.
The typography is also appropriate to our design, and features ‘Racing Sans One’.
The bold, vivid design of the kit might make it hard to customize it for other fields. However, it may be an excellent fit for topics like coaching, yoga, and other activity-related areas.

Let’s go over the assets and see what it includes.

The Gym Homepage Template: Cool Parallax Effect

You have to love the first hero section you see on the homepage. The image of the shirtless and buffed exercise enthusiast cannot be ignored, and it grabs the attention of the visitor right away. The messaging fits the same idea, with motivational power sentences like ‘Be the best you can be.’

When you scroll, the image moves in a way that simulates the actual movement of the exercise machine.

There are many notable elements all through the rest of the page like the use of subtle animations that continues the movement theme; the card-like images positioned one in front of the other and the dividing lines that break up the different areas on the page.

About & Trainers Pages: Spotlight on the Gym Crew

You can get much more visual in the Gym’s about page. The page tells the story of our gym using few words and a whole lot of images, spread across widgets and backgrounds.

Every proper gym should highlight its most valuable possession — the trainer. In this template, we highlighted Maria Morales, our TRX trainer. The page depicts Maria’s skills using a progress bar and includes another call to action alternative at the bottom.

Classes & Fitness Pages: Creative Ways to Show Info

Are you a bodybuilder or more of a CrossFit person? On this page, you will find a nice layout that could be used for classes, lists, or even posts. The testimonial carousel at the bottom serves as social proof for the effectiveness of our gym.

Even though this page is for a fitness class, it can serve as a great example of how to build a content-rich page in a way that is easily digestible and readable for the visitor. The clear separation of each section, using a different background color, as well as the clever uses of icon lists, progress bars, accordions, and columned content help make this page look great. The page also includes a sticky sidebar that follows the visitors as they scroll and entices them to sign up.

Pricing, News & Contact Pages: Completing the Kit Pages

In this page, we repeated the match between the exercise and the scrolling effect. This helps create the weight lifting effect. For the sports fanatics who have to get a daily dose of gym updates, we created a news page that visually displays recent articles about all things fitness.

No gym can survive without a constant flow of new subscribers. This is why our contact page includes opening hours, a contact form, the address, and other contact details.

Before you take care of your body, take care of what’s inside (sorry for the bad pun).

404 page: The Images Serve As the '0'

This page features a creative use of our image carousel, which has been placed creatively between the ‘4’ and ‘4’ that make up the 404 page.

Header & Footer: You Can't Miss Those Neon Colors

The Gym’s header is a sticky one and follows the same design of the entire kit. For the footer, we went for a prolonged design, which includes a USP, contact details, a contact form, and social media links.

Popup: Cool Animated Boxes

If you click the Join Us link in the header, the popup will appear. For this kit, we stepped out of the usually boxed popup and created a more interesting layout for the Gym’s special summer sale.

How to Get the Kit

A well-designed site inspires a well-designed body!If you have Elementor Pro, all you have to do to enjoy this cutting-edge kit is to go into Elementor, open the template library, and search for ‘Gym’.

What templates would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Ben has been in the online marketing industry for over 10 years, specializing in content marketing. WordPress has been Ben's platform of choice since the time it was used solely for blogging.

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69 Responses

  1. I love what you can learn from these. Even if you never end up actually using the kit, simply going through them to see how it’s done, feels like a fun and free course.

    1. I agree. We are an educational training/coaching company and would love a template for our type of business. We also hold a conference and would love an event/conference template.

  2. Hi and congrats! Two kind requests plz:

    1. Give us an option to import all template pages in 1-click for any template kit/set as zip/json (like themeforest themes demo imports)

    2. Build demo micro-sites to pre-view template kits

    Thx again,

        1. Great work! Keep em coming!!
          Can you add kits for medical sites like a dentist template kit, doctor template kit, physio template kit.

    1. Yannick has a VERY good question. The instructions say to go to Elementor and then click on the Templates Library. That doesn’t exist!

  3. Wow!

    If you run a gym you can’t fail to be impressed by this template kit. I’d like to see a kit around outdoor activities or camping.

  4. Hello! Do you can change the colors from templates, adding boxes, elements, etc? This template is great but for my project I need to keep it but change colors, text, etc. Thank you!

  5. Please can we get some decent blog templates, creative, portfolio themes. I feel Elementor’s blog styling really lets it down. Sure you can use custom CSS to style it, but it needs a lot of work to make it look nice. I am a big fan of Elementor, I just think the blog template and styling can be much better.

  6. Corporate website pages sets of Home designs |About us page layouts| Product services page| Career| Certificate pages|Contact Us etc. looks for some few varieties in these with complete set which should be theme based grouping

  7. Awesome design, damn shame there are no woocommerce pages included. This is perfect for a redesign of an old clients site but Woo is definitely a part of it.

  8. Hi Ben.

    These monthly template kits are fantastic. I love what you are doing Ben and I appreciate what the team at Elementor are doing. Keep it up because there is stiff competition coming up from Thrive Themes.

    These templates are fantastic but they appear to appeal more to a business owner or a web developer. This is also great but you are currently missing out on the larger audience of the ordinary non-techie ‘general public’ customer who is just starting out.
    I therefore have a few suggestions for much needed personal type templates that would appeal to those people.

    What about templates for those who are just starting out and looking for a personal ‘lifestyle’ type of template for a website with a blog?

    Such as:-

    1. Personal Faith type Website/Blog templates – Christianity/Judaism/Buddhism etc

    2. Personal Sports type Website/Blog templates – Surfing/Scuba Diving/Skydiving/Sailing/Parkour/Skateboarding/Kite Flying/Tennis/Golf/Baseball

    3. Personal Travel type Website/Blog templates – Solo Travel/World Travel/City Breaks/Family Travel/Luxury Travel/RV Travel

    4. Personal Hobby type Website/Blog templates – Guitar/Piano/Crafts/Knitting/Reading/Sowing/Art/Calligraphy

    5. Personal Mom/Dad type Website/Blog templates – Pregnancy/Parenting/Family Life/Finances

    6. Personal Children or Kids Activities type Website/Blog templates – For children/kids/young teens to learn how to create and showcase their lives/hobbies etc with parental assistance

    7. Personal Fashion or Beauty type Website/Blog templates –

    8. Personal Retirement type Website/Blog templates – Allows those who are retired to share their experiences/knowledge/skills

    9. Tradesman and Self-Employed type Website/Blog templates – Hairdresser/Barbers/Electricians/Plumbers/Builders/Painters and Decorators/Gardeners/Handyman

    I think Elementor would benefit if more of these personal type templates were also being made available in the free Elementor plugin too, with possibly an ‘upgraded’ version in the paid Pro plugin. (I have the Pro).

    I could go on with many more examples of what real people are actually interested in and looking for. I see so many people asking for these personal types of templates but most page builders are focussed on creating templates that cater for developers and not users.

    I appreciate that there are many templates that already exist that could be installed, redesigned or repurposed and tweaked but for a beginner without any design concept or skills this can be extremely difficult to achieve and they simply give up.

    Elementor needs to appeal more to beginners too and therefore cater for their inexperience and lack of design knowledge. Drag and drop is great but the less of that required the better. They want simple changes that can be achieved quickly.

  9. Will you be developing a consulting toolkit? I have a governmental & community affairs firm and could really use it in redesigning my website. Thanks!

  10. Really cool and fresh design!!

    I would like to see template kits for local businesses like Craft businesses and Service companies 🙂

    Thanks guys!

  11. Even though I may never use it (although could’ve used it about 6 months ago) you learn a lot going through the template.

    Would love to see a not-for-profit/charity template and a school template.

  12. Hi! Really nice design. But Ben I want to ask you about the pictures. I changed to adapt them to my website and they aren’t responsive. Why? Thanks for your help and the good job.

  13. I would like to see a template/widget with a nice effective way to introduce multiple employee including the following info:
    – Picture
    – Name
    – Title
    – Description/short story about the person
    – contact phone
    – contact email
    – social links LinkedIn, Twitter

  14. I read some excellent suggestions here.
    What about something useful for NGO and associations ?
    It could be an environmental related template, suitable for different kind of topics (education, ext …)

  15. I really like this template! When I tried to implement it I found that the header is set up to be sticky over the page and is not full width stretched. I’m wondering why the demo in the link provided earlier is not showing the design with a header. Am I right to use elementor canvas page settings?

  16. Great product. I would like to see grocery/deli added to the templates.
    Thanks for all of the effort you and staff put into making elementor the success it is!

  17. Wonderful! Please continue publishing such template kits. The best way to promote n sell Elementor.

    Looking forward to a Pizzeria/Restaurant template as well as one or two wedding website templates.

    Have fun 😆

  18. As usual Great job from team Elementor. Your after sales support and provisions of such visually appealing templates is one of the key why I recommend the product to the ones in my circle.
    Keep up the great work and looking forward for more such templates

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