Over the past quarter, Elementor continued to grow with you, giving you new tools and improving your frontend and backend performance. Thanks to the newest advancements in the Editor, Elementor AI, Elementor Hosting, and new Plugins, Elementor now powers 10.3% of the internet with over 16.3 million sites running on Elementor, and the Global Elementor Community is nearly 150K people strong. Let’s take a look at our recent achievements and exciting plans for the coming months.

Taxonomy Query Looking Forward To Q2: Professional Design Tools Performance Improvements, And More 1

Professional Design Tools

Elementor has been working hard to continue providing innovative design tools that help you build beautiful websites faster and more efficiently. Recent releases included Display Conditions for Elements that allow you to display content according to rules and parameters of your choice. You can also disable widgets from your website from the Element Manager, and if you’re using Elementor Pro you can remove widgets from clients’ and teammates’ Widget Panel to create a more focused building environment.

We also have three major design tools planned for this quarter including the Loop Taxonomy Query for listings, which was just released. The Taxonomy Query allows you to display your categories and tags in Loop Items so you can better organize your listings and help visitors find the posts or products they are looking for.

The coming releases will also include the new Off Canvas Widget, which empowers you to place a container anywhere on your website and connect it to different types of links. Once the visitor clicks on the link, the content of the container will be displayed. This is great for vertical mega menus, engaging contact forms, and more. Alongside the Off Canvas Widget, we will also introduce the new Search Widget. Utilizing AJAX technology, as your visitors type in their search value, the Search Widget will display suggestions in a dropdown menu according to your website’s content.

Plans For Performance Looking Forward To Q2: Professional Design Tools Performance Improvements, And More 2

Faster Websites and Editor

Performance is another major focus for the coming quarter. Elementor will be focusing on 3 distinct areas to improve your frontend and backend performance. These areas include: frontend loading time through the TTFB metric, cleaner code, and speeding up the Editor. We’ve already started with the release of 3.21, which dramatically reduces your TTFB metric by 20-30%. As for the Editor’s performance, we will be focusing on improving the experience of building with nested elements in widgets like the Accordion, Tabs, Carousel, and Mega Menu.

Ai Looking Forward To Q2: Professional Design Tools Performance Improvements, And More 3

Empowering Creators with Elementor AI

Over the past few months, we introduced a number of new innovative AI features within the Editor to accelerate and improve your workflow. These features include changes to AI Container creation , so it now first offers you a wireframe, and then helps you populate it with content. Another addition to Elementor AI is Context, which helps the AI content generated throughout your website stay on brand by setting your brand’s voice and tone and business information. The newest upcoming addition to Elementor AI will be the Copilot. This feature functions as a personal assistant, learning your individual web building style. It then suggests the next container you might want to create, keeping in mind both your style and best practices.

Hosting Lite Looking Forward To Q2: Professional Design Tools Performance Improvements, And More 4

The Best Hosting Solution for Elementor Websites 

This quarter, Elementor Hosting will continue to unveil new Hosting Plans and bundles, ensuring that no matter what your hosting needs are, you’ll be able to find a perfect solution. First off, we have the new Hosting Lite plans for creators using the free version of Elementor. Our new Static hosting plans allow you to scale your website with peace of mind, as your site will run faster and stay safer than ever. In addition to these great new plans, we are also introducing bundles. As a result, some Elementor Hosted Websites will come supercharged with Elementor AI and the Image Optimizer. Also, look out for new features like Site Sharing to make collaboration easier and migrating your site faster than ever.

Image Optimizer By Elementor Looking Forward To Q2: Professional Design Tools Performance Improvements, And More 5

Plugins Made by Elementor, for Webcreators 

Elementor is proud to see just how many creators from around the world are already using the Image Optimizer plugin to boost their website’s performance. Released recently, the plugin has already been installed over 200,000 times, which makes us all the more excited to give you an exclusive preview of our latest plugin. So, make sure you watch the show’s replay until the end to catch the special sneak peek.

Getting Ready for Q2

With so many amazing new features to celebrate over the past few months, we are extremely excited for what the coming months will bring to web creators around the world. From professional design tools, through AI innovation, to new Hosting plans, Plugins and more special surprises that will make Elementor more powerful than ever.