Creating landing pages that convert. Sounds simple enough, yet so few businesses manage to get this right.

This is why we have decided to release the biggest landing page templates package ever seen, with 25+ professional landing pages included.

Real Estate Singele Cover

So, what is so special about this landing page release? The entire landing page set includes premium high-end stock images, which you can use freely on your site.

No pesky placeholder images. No faceless or generic images. No having to pay for iStock images. You get 100% top quality images in all landing pages, free to use.

Focus on Elementor marketing tools

In the last couple of weeks, we have added features that make Elementor the top choice for marketers looking for the best landing page solution.

It started with The Blank Canvas template, making it easy to create landing pages with no header and footer with one click.

Next, we released Form Integrations, allowing for an intuitive connection to email marketing services.

Now, comes this landing page package, giving you 25+ templates for a wide variety of landing pages. We are always striving to go the extra mile and provide you with a superior page builder. Browsing through these landing pages, it won’t take you long to see they are different in quality and style.

Let’s go over each landing page and see exactly what you get.

Technology set

These landing pages contain the modern sleek look that you will need to create a winning app landing page. They also include mockups, app reviews, and benefits sections.

Coupon Set

I love these squeeze pages! What’s common about the set is that all of these landing pages reside above the fold, making them super-easy to convert. That’s what coupon landing pages should be about – the visitors walk in, see a great coupon deal and fill out the form.

Ebook Set

Ebook landing pages give you an easy way to sell your intellectual expertise without too much setup. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but most people do, and they do so for ebooks just the same. That is why you need a great looking landing page to showcase your ebook in.

Real estate set

A winning layout, bold copy, property images, happy smiling faces. These are the ingredients for making real estate landing pages that convert. This is a highly competitive market, so you need to create the best-looking pages to get the conversion levels you strive for.

Conference set

If you are planning a conference or an event of some sort, the conference landing page set can come in handy. With a prominent counter, some words about the speakers and testimonials, this will get your visitors RSVPing your event in no time.

Professions set

This is a special set of landing pages that target different professions: Personal trainer, stylist, financial consultant, private chef, law office, coach, and chiropractor. Of course, you can quickly customize these templates to fit other professions as well.

Tourism set

Appeal to your visitors’ sense of adventure with this tourism landing page set, which includes stunning views from around the world.

Where to Find the Landing Page Kit Templates

All the new templates are added automatically for users with Elementor Pro. The templates should show up as part of the template list that pops up when you click on ‘Add Template’.

If you’ve already updated Elementor, and you are still not getting the new templates, go to the Elementor settings page from the WordPress dashboard, and click on: Tools > Sync Library.

For more, visit our Template Library page.

What are you waiting for?

If you still haven’t upgraded to pro, The new landing page templates kit will give you the perfect excuse to do so. With 25+ new landing pages to explore, this will be a sure way to give your campaigns a stylish and trendy fixer upper.

For pro users, I invite you to browse the various pages and test them against your current landing pages. I’d love to hear which are your favorite ones, as well as see examples of your own customized designs in the comments below.