The last six months have been a wild ride. So wild in fact that we’ve reached 4 million users, in a span of 182.5 days! (i.e. 6 months). Six months before the 3 million, we were at 2 million. That means in 1 year alone, our user-base has doubled in size. 

Let’s put these numbers into perspective for a moment, shall we?

Take Dropbox, for example. After being founded in 2007, Dropbox reached their 1 million milestone in April 2009. Five months later, in September 2009, they reached 2 million, and two months later, they reached three. It took Dropbox 5 months to double their user base. That’s fast.

And have you heard of Slack? We’re big fans of theirs. Proud users, in fact. They were founded in 2009 and had 4 million users by 2016. 2018 brought them 8 million, and the beginning of 2019 brought them 10 million. Most recently, they reached 12 million users in Q4 2019

Now back to us. We’re still in shock, the good kind of shock! We are blown away by how loyal our user community is. Yes, that means you!

We also can’t hide the fact that we now have 4,567 5-star reviews on And, our last pat on the back, we’re now the 8th most popular plugin on WordPress. Score. 

But really, it’s you we should be bragging about, and not the other way around. Our active Elementor community is the product’s best of the best feature, more so than we could have ever dreamed of. 

The best part of it all is that Elementors (you, the users) can be found all over the globe. We can’t believe how contagious the love for Elementor has become. 

Elementr Graph Line

As you may know, the features we dished out in 2019 are as hot as ever: 

As a token of our gratitude and love for you, our users, we’re putting the ball in your court with our upcoming features. 

  • Lead Collection — When a user submits a message through an Elementor form, collect emails inside of Elementor and view the entire list of leads.
  • Steps for Forms — A new addition to our form builder: allowing you to build multi-step forms. 
  • Lottie Widget — Lottie is a library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations easily on iOS, Android, Windows, React Native and more.
  • Instagram Widget — Showcase your Instagram feed directly on your site.

In other words, which of these 4 features would you like us to release? We’re conducting a vote so that we can delight our users with the plugin of their choice. 

In all seriousness, we can’t thank you enough. For downloading, for designing, developing, and all that you do. But most of all, for Elementing!