As part of our support for local communities during COVID-19, we visited 15 cities virtually within eight weeks, hosting guest speakers from Elementor who were more than happy to tag along. We met hundreds of community members, some new to Elementor, as well as Expert users, all of whom were glad to share their knowledge and experience with their communities. 

At the Road Trip meetups, we learned to build contact form Popups, how and why we should use Custom Dashboard and Role Manager, the different capabilities developers can explore with Elementor, emotional design, how to find your first customers, and ways to prepare for the web design industry in the post-pandemic era.

Oi Brasil: Launching the São Paulo Meetup

Our first-ever meetup in Brazil was a collaboration between local web creators and our team members, all in Portoghese of course! We met a very passionate and active community that was ready to dive in. During the meetup, Andre Gulemann, our SEO Senior Manager shared tips about SEO and Elementor, and Luiz Eduardo Oliveira Fonseca presented Marketing Automation in Elementor. 

Clearly, for the Brazilian community, it was the first of many more meetups.

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Popup Madness: Road Tripping in Los Angeles

The first stop on our Road Trip in the US was in Los Angeles, California. We were very excited to host more than 70 attendees, who joined via Zoom to meet local web creators and learn more about Popups with Ziv Geurts, a lead educator at Elementor. Ziv explained how to build a contact form Popup and integrate it with a marketing platform.

We also had breakout rooms sessions which allowed the community members to network and help each other. We are already looking forward to the next meetup! Want to be a part of the local meetup team? See more details 

Elementor Meeetup Los Angeles June 2020

NYC: The Web Design Industry After COVID-19 Pandemic

On our last stop of the Road Trip, with 80 members from the New York City local community, as well as Ben Pines, Head of Content at Elementor, and Verdi Heintz our Global Community Lead, we discussed ways to adjust to the current situation and how web creators can build a post-pandemic strategy. The participants shared their goals and challenges, followed by tips and encouragement from the attendees. 

Nyc Meetup June 2020

Elementor Las Vegas Third Meetup

Michael Cremean, the local meetup leader, speaks about the last meetup: 

“Our group was very fun, with interaction and Q&A from almost all participants! Michael did a review of New Features in Elementor and some Free and Premium Elementor Plugins. The Highlight was Photographer/Videographer Richard Anderson demonstrating the newly-released Lottie features of Elementor Pro. It was a great introduction to very low file size Lottie animations.”

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Zaragoza, Spain: All About Web Performance Optimization

The Zaragoza meetup hosted an online meetup about the very important topic of Web Performance Optimization. 

Chabi Angulo, the local leader: “I presented ways to improve WPO from the hosting, with CPanel, then WordPress with some details and with Elementor with practical tips. In the first Meetup we did, I saw the problem that some members had with the WPO and decided to investigate this issue. Not only on a general level but also with Elementor.

It is not only something I am passionate about the WPO, as well as Elementor, is that it is necessary. I believe that “WPO is not an expense, it’s an investment.”

Zaragoza June 2020 Meetup 3

Düsseldorf Meetup Goes Online!

The Düsseldorf meetup had their first online meetup with great success. 

Anne-Mieke Bovelett, the local meetup leader: 

“Our Düsseldorf Community proved to be as solid as ever, even after so many months of not seeing each other. Humberto (the meetup co-organizer) a.k.a. “Lottieman” enchanted us with the magic of Lottie in Elementor. I showed the Multi-step form. Then it was time for attendees to show their projects and to exchange tips and tricks, and lots of laughs and small talk. We started at 19:00 and ended around 22:30!” 

Dusseldorf Meetup 2020

First Elementor Boulder Meetup

Another new meetup group joined the official Elementor meetups. Angela Bowmen, our local leader, shares about the online event held on June 2nd:

“For our first Meetup, we did a deep dive into working with images in Elementor, including as backgrounds on sections and columns and how to prevent columns with background images from collapsing on mobile. We had 28 attendees with a few from out of state. 

The feedback we are getting is that Elementor is helping people build sites at least twice as quickly as they used to and that it really helps with mobile responsive design. People are so excited and absolutely enthusiastic to learn all that Elementor has to offer.”

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