The personal connections that emerge with every Elementor meetup are something that we have always cherished and valued.

Which is why, in the fight against COVID-19, the coronavirus, as the local and global health regulations become more critical, we must advise community members to remain cautious and fully comply with local Health Department regulations. 

The health and safety of our users have always been paramount for us. As community leaders, we are just as concerned with helping web creators overcome and persevere this challenging period in history.

During a recent online meetup with Elementor Community leaders from around the world, we discussed practical ways of remotely forming, building and maintaining personal connections and interactions among community members.

The Importance of a Daily Routine

Unanimously, we feel that routine and an attitude of business-as-usual are the cornerstones of the much needed perseverance and resilience that we believe can be achieved among community members.

Community members continue reaching out to one another, no matter how remote, and this continues to be our strength as an enriched global community.

Our community meetups will continue. 

Some online meetups will revolve around the daily Elementor practices of our workflows, learning new skills and brushing up on our capabilities, covering the new features in Elementor Pro v2.9, as well as all of the releases planned for the near future.

Community: Overcoming the Negative Impact on Our Businesses, Together!

With the impact that COVID-19 pandemic will have on our businesses still unknown, we are glad to say that support from within the community is far more prevalent.

To help this further strengthen and continue, we are hosting Zoom breakout rooms, for online meetups where community members can talk to other users, share thoughts and ideas, tips and advice..

The Elementor community is offering online meetups that will allow any user or member of the community to meet up in person, and connect via Livestream meetups. For more information, check out Elementor’s meetup groups and events

Be sure that you are following our official Global Community page on Facebook for updates, as well as Elementor’s local communities in countries like Spain, Germany, France, Israel and the many, many more Elementor users and community members around the world.

We cannot overemphasize how proud we are, and how privileged we feel to be members of this amazing community in these strange and challenging times.