The last month of 2019 was full of meetups. Some celebrated the new year, some dived into learning key features of Elementor and web design. 

This past December there were meetups in Bern, Sydney, London, Zurich, Penang, Kolkata, Islamabad, Jakarta, Barcelona, Utrecht, Gold Coast, Aba, Lagos, Dusseldorf, Raleigh, Surat, and Ho Chi Minh city.

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The First Dutch Meetup!

Regio Utrecht, The Netherlands  

It took some time, but it finally happened. More than 70 members of the local Elementor community in the Netherlands gathered in the Utrecht area to launch their very first meetup. Among the attendees was the well-known Ferdy Korpershoek, an online instructor and YouTuber.

The meetup was supported by Cornelis Scheltinga from the “Contentleaders” agency, and organized by Myra Doodemen, Jethro Scholten and Patrick Rossèl. 

Netherland native, and custodian of the global Elementor community, Verdi Heintz, had nothing but praise for the meetup. “Thank you so much for yesterday! Both the organization and location were absolutely great. Attendees were there in full. More importantly, everybody seemed to have learned AND had a great time. Another special thanks to Ferdy who had an awesome debut as a speaker. I knew you’d do great, never expected to laugh so much though. Again, really well done you all. I’m already looking forward to the next one!” said Verdi.

How to Customize WooCommerce with Elementor | Surat’s 5th Meetup

Surat, India

Announced by Local leader Alkesh Miyani as the best meetup so far, the Elementors of Surat hosted guest speaker, Mr. Dhruv Pandya, from the local WP community. The meetup focused on learning and implementing design for WooCommerce stores with Elementor. 

Surat #5 Meetup Dec 2019 2

From Newbie to Expert | 3rd Meetup

Aba, Nigeria

Jethro Theo Paul, Aba’s meetup leader, says it all:

“Elementor has really come to stay and the love for it is exceptional. A lot of people here want to make money and they’ve learned from various seminars or events that they should learn at least one digital skill. While a lot of people usually opt for graphic design, not a good number usually turn up for strong digital skills like programming.

But for web design, it’s the dream of everyone because of the way businesses are always requesting to put their business online.

When people here saw how Elementor makes the entire web design thing to look like a child’s play, it boosted the number of people interested in our meetups. This played out in our last meetup where we had over 50 in attendance. That’s remarkable for us in our community.

As soon as we started, there was lots of excitement and enthusiasm. We had various interactions and everyone participated in doing a task. Someone said, “If Elementor is this easy and fast, why are people taking months to code ugly websites?” Everyone burst out in laughter. Truly, it was an amazing experience.”

Elementor Pro From a Coder View | 3rd Meetup

Penang, Malaysia

This local community had a joint meetup with the local WP meetup group, hosted at Exabytes (MY) offices. They learned how to speed-up WP websites with Elementor’s meetup leader, Julian Song, and heard from guest speaker Suresh Ramasamy, on Elementor pro tips from a coder.


Custom Post Types Best Practice | 3rd Meetup

Bern, Switzerland

Local meetup leaders Joschua Merki and Corinne Ulrich hosted Simea Merki from the local community. Simea shared her knowledge of advanced features, CPT and custom fields in Elementor Pro. 

Bern Meetup Dec 2019 1

Elementor as an All-In-One Marketing Solution | 1st Meetup in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Led by Huyen Bui and Thu Huynh, the first meetup was an introduction to Elementor and its marketing features. 

Huyen Bui: “Our first meetup was great. It surprised me that we had more foreigners than Vietnamese. The meetup members originated from France, Japan, Ireland, and Vietnam. 

They’re using Elementor and like it a lot. The attendees asked to have more workshops to go deeper into Elementor and help their business grow. They will recommend their (web professional) friends to try Elementor.“

Hcmc #1 Meetup Dec 2019

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