Host an Elementor Meetup

Lead and grow your local web design community, with the opportunity to inspire other members and create real value. Don’t see an Elementor Meetup Group near you? Want to host a meetup at your hometown?

What are Elementor Meetups?

Elementor meetups are a space to discuss anything and everything web design. It’s an opportunity to meet other Elementors in person and discuss design, marketing, etc. We trust your knowledge and understanding to plan a relevant and interesting Meetup for your local Elementors.

What do Elementor Meetup Hosts Do?

Meetup organizers and hosts cover anything and everything from A-Z, but there’s no pressure! Organizers and hosts initiate events, create and manage the Meetup page and promote the Meetup for locals to register and attend the event. Don’t worry, Elementor will always provide a helping hand.

Local Elementor communities meet up in person and connect website builders of all skills to share and learn, support one another, inspire and initiate discussions on topics related to web building and design. Meetups occur monthly and are led by volunteer organizers and hosts.

What is the format of Elementor Meetups?

Your Meetup could be a lecture, a networking event, a workshop or anything you can think of! It’s entirely up to you!

Organizer Perks:

  • Preview and get early access to new features
  • Being an Elementor representative and representing your community
  • Events guidance and support from the Elementor team
  • Swag

Interested in helping grow the Elementor web building community in your region?

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  • Elementor can approve/support meetups 30 days in advance.
  • Meetups require early official admission.
  • Following the event’s submission form, Elementor reserves the right to decide how to support the event at our own discretion.