As our birthday celebrations come to a close, we’ve shown you what an Elementor party is all about — in style and in substance. So, as you get ready for your next party, here’s your opportunity to add some Elementor flavor to a future get together you’ll be hosting

It’s your opportunity to download a special birthday page template and use it as an invitation webpage to send to your guests in a simple, easy way. You can think of it as our thank you gift to you — for celebrating with us and making our party even better.

Trendy Design Features & Techniques We Used

So, now that you have the birthday page template in the palm of your hand, let’s take a deeper look at what’s inside the template. In no time, you’ll understand how to add your own design elements and leverage the features used in the template.

Black and White Outlined Shapes

The doodles and 3D-like icon shapes add personality and fun to the invitation. Not to mention trendiness, as these shapes are one of the first trends we write about in our web design trends of 2021 post. When you’re letting invitees know what you have in store, you’ll want to start setting the vibe of what the party will be like from the get-go.

Playful Text Elements

Another web design trend before our very eyes, the rotating “BIRTHDAY PARTY” text that moves as you scroll down is built in a super out-of-the-box way and can introduce you to a counter-intuitive (yet amazing) way to use the Icon List Widget. The word “birthday party” is used as a list item and therefore moves as one concise element in a natural, smooth way.

How We Approached the Invitation Content

Inner 2

We’re all busy people nowadays. Happy guests want party invitations to be brief, informative, and easy to refer back to when putting the address into their transport app. We made sure to cut to the chase, and only include the bare minimum of what there is to know about the party. 

Of course, we didn’t want to just send a bullet list of information, so we added small details to spice things up, like a hashtag, some interactive text, and upbeat design motifs. 

Keep in mind that these icons can be replaced with your SVG of choice, so if you have different imagery in your mind that’s a better fit for your party style, don’t hold back — swap as you see fit.

You Could Not, Would Not, Want to Wait

We strongly encourage you not to wait to start using this party page template. Even if you don’t have a party planned in your near future, it could even be a great excuse to throw a party, since you already have a beautiful invitation handy. 

And so, the birthday fun we’ve had together doesn’t need to stop here. We may have already had dessert with our web creators, but why not consider this template your party favor, to always remind you why web creation is indeed worth celebrating?

To see the complete Birthday Party Invitation Template, check out this demo.