Many businesses — both brick and mortar or online-based — have experienced new challenges in the face of COVID-19. Often confined to their homes, consumers now seek alternative ways to purchase and access services that they usually obtain in person. This reality shift has put the ball in the business owners’ court: if you can offer an online format for accessing your services, now is the time to make it happen. 

Many businesses and professionals have done so by extending their services or merchandise to be available online, whether through delivery, curbside pickup, or online meetings with clients. A key challenge in this change is the need to update your website with the necessary content to inform visitors of your new or enhanced services. 

A go-to method for adding this content to your site is by creating a landing page with the relevant information and user flows. The quicker and simpler it is to add an informative yet concise landing page to your website, the more likely you are to generate leads and satisfy existing customers. 

A large part of our Elementor 3.1 release is the landing page builder. To make this feature even more helpful to your design workflow, we’ve released a large collection of landing page templates. The topics of these templates were chosen by our team of designers based on growing the needs we’ve identified among our users. Finally, now is your chance to create beautiful landing pages — not only from one dedicated interface but also with templates that simplify your design process.

Why Did We Create These Landing Page Templates?

We’ve included the landing page templates inside the Elementor 3.1 release because we’ve seen so many real examples of services people need but have no way to access if not remotely. Students want to continue finding professional enrichment courses, people need to consult with nutritionists, life coaches and parenting consultants. In short, the relationship between client and service provider must be sustainable, no matter what’s happening around the globe. 

We’ve made this possible in a simple, straightforward format of landing page templates. It’s now even easier to create the landing page that your business needs. We have catered the templates’ design and layout to businesses who are adapting their services to the COVID-19 circumstances. Our key goal is to help businesses reassure their customers that “remote living” won’t deprive them from getting what they need and doing what they love.

Table of Contents

12 Elementor Landing Page Templates

The 12 samples we list below are only a taster of what lies ahead. We’re starting with these 12 templates below, each of whom focus on specific business-types and industries that are particularly relevant to society’s needs during COVID-19. Following our personal beliefs at Elementor, we are accounting for the needs of our community members and giving them the tools they need to succeed in web creation.

Online Learning

Online Learning Meet Our New Landing Page Templates For Online Businesses 1

Students of all ages know that formal education doesn’t get put on hold during the pandemic. In fact, some individuals even find themselves with extra time to “kill” since they can’t spend time getting together with friends and family. Suddenly, schedules have freed up and it’s a good opportunity to improve your academic progress, enrich your knowledge, or invest in your career. And so, online courses (whether for work or pleasure) have become a common way to fill your time at home.

Online Personal & Well-Being Services

Personal And Wellbeing Services Meet Our New Landing Page Templates For Online Businesses 2

Beyond our need to avoid catching COVID-19, the current global pandemic has introduced additional challenges to our everyday lifestyles. Being homebound makes it difficult to maintain a nutritious diet, make sure to exercise, maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, and even do things like visiting the elderly. The landing page templates we’ve created address these exact interests, so that business owners can support and connect with their clients, albeit from afar.

Online Business Management

Online Business Management Meet Our New Landing Page Templates For Online Businesses 3

Individuals and professionals from many industries have suffered financial losses due to budget cuts and social distancing. Personal finances have become a common struggle. Many individuals seek financial advice in light of the circumstances, which is why financial advisors have been making themselves more available online. The same is true for business expenses. Companies have reduced business maintenance costs by setting up their teams to work remotely, which includes outsourcing and hiring virtual services.

Your Landing Pages Await

Creating landing pages with Elementor is now unbelievably easier, and the best is yet to come. Be prepared to witness a major influx of landing page templates in our template library, and make sure to submit suggestions for landing pages that would help your web creation goals. We’re excited to see how you use these new landing page templates for your websites, so feel free to share them in the comments.