Here at Elementor, we always try to make the job of creating websites and landing pages better. The new version of Elementor 3.1 features performance improvements, a new Landing Page area and workflow to manage your marketing pages, and exploratory experiments.

Elementor Experiments

Get Cutting-Edge Features Before They are Released

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Since the release of Elementor 3.0, we have scaled our efforts of improving the way we test and release features. As part of that effort, we’re introducing a new Experiments capability that will allow you to experience, test, and provide feedback on some of the features before they are released. 

Since some of these features are still being worked on, and to avoid any potential issues, we’ve given you the option of switching them on and off and testing how they impact your site. You’ll be able to try out these features in a safe environment and Influence future releases.

Please note that experiments may change or be removed based on the progress of the feature. We recommend that you use it with caution.

Below are experiments you can expect to find in the upcoming release:

1. Improved Asset Loading

The Asset Loading experiment focuses on optimizing site speed and scoring. The Improved Asset Loading experiment will improve performance for the front-end, saving loading time per each page by loading parts of the infrastructure JS code only when needed on the page, which can result in up to 103 KB of JS files size reduction.

By breaking the loading method to small chunks, users who use HTTP/2 protocol in their sites will benefit from efficient loading, due to Multiplexing which allows a browser to request all the assets in parallel. This results in a significant performance gain depending on the number of widgets you use.

2. Accessibility Improvements

You have provided us with valuable feedback about A11y Accessibility improvements needed in Elementor , so we decided to focus on this area, starting with the Tabs widget which creates empty anchor tags, missing screen reader states per tab, and more. To fix this, we created an experiment designed to improve its accessibility. We removed empty tags, added selected tab state, and improved keyboard navigation. You will be able to test the now accessible Tabs widget without damaging existing sites.

3. DOM Improvements

Elementor v3.0 introduced a new improvement – the removal and reduction of existing DOM elements. In order to release this improvement in a controlled way and avoid any potential issues with 3rd party addons or custom code, we decided to add it as an optional feature. In this version, you will find these DOM Improvements under the Experiments tab, where you can switch it on and off and safely see how your site responds. 


Landing Page Builder

New Workflow, New Stunning Templates

New Landing Page (1)

Elementor is used by thousands of marketers. Being able to quickly and efficiently create landing pages is crucial to their success. In this release, we added a new Landing Page area and workflow that allows you to build and organize your landing pages – all from one place!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Landing Pages

Up until now, if you wanted to create a landing page, you had to select a page and choose the “Elementor Canvas” view. To help streamline your workflow, we added the ability to create and manage your landing pages from a single location. Now, under the “Templates” section, you’ll be able to save time by quickly accessing all your landing pages as fast as two clicks.

The Leading Website Builder Is Also the Leading Landing Page Builder #elementor

Dedicated Landing Page Library

To give you more tools and help you create landing pages faster, we created a dedicated library of over 50 landing page templates. You can access them from the new Landing Pages menu on your WordPress dashboard.

In the near future, we plan on adding many more new templates for you to choose from. We plan on adding many more features that will help save marketers time and improve the way they work.

Compatibility Tag

See What’s Compatible with the Next Version

 There are over 500 addons that extend Elementor’s capabilities using its extensive developers API. When 3rd party developers do not update their extensions to make them compatible with the latest versions of Elementor, Elementor users can experience problems with their sites. We created a Compatibility Tag that notifies you about add-ons that are not compatible with your currently-installed version of Elementor. This will help protect your sites from possible future conflicts.

Ready, Set, Go!

This version is all about improving your performance, speed, and workflow so that you can have faster, more accessible websites and save time building out your marketing landing pages. 

Go ahead and give Elementor 3.1 a try today! If you have any questions about this release, feel free to pose them in the comments below.