How do I make my site more accessible?

Accessibility Improvements is a stable experiment and is active by default on new websites.

The Accessibility Improvement experiment aims to improve accessibility of Elementor widgets. 

What is accessibility?

Web accessibility or a11y is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to websites by people with disabilities. 

Tip: The word “accessibility” is often abbreviated as “a11y”, which represents the first letter of “accessibility” (“a”), the last letter of the word(“y”), with 11 letters between the “a” and the “y”. Pronounce a11y as either “a-one-one-y” or “a-eleven-y”, not “ally”, as those are numerical ones and not the letter L.

How will this experiment affect Elementor widgets?

Some Elementor widgets may need improvements to adhere to accessibility guidelines. For example, the Elementor Tabs widget creates empty anchor tags and missing screen reader states per tab which conflicts with accessibility guidelines. In addition, the empty anchor tags may be a negative search engine ranking factor. In the experiment added to version 3.1.0, we improved the Tabs widget accessibility by removing empty <a> tags, adding selected tab state, and improving keyboard navigation. These changes help improve the ranking and accessibility of user’s sites.

Important: This experiment includes some markup changes which may affect any custom code that users have implemented in their websites. Because this is in the Experiments stage only, users should test the new, accessible Tabs widget on test sites only to avoid damaging existing sites.

Note: This experiment is automatically active on all NEW sites with a new install of Elementor only.

How To Use This Experiment

  1. Go to Elementor > Settings > Experiments tab.
  2. Select Active from the Accessibility Improvements dropdown.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

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