Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Many people realize that no other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. As a result, people are willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for education. The education market in the USA alone is expected to reach approximately USD 2,040 billion by 2026

The growing number of digital devices and better access to the internet has made a substantial impact on various disciplines of human life, including education. Online education is on the rise. According to a survey by the Babson Survey Research Group, about 33 percent of college students are taking at least one course online. If you want to take a fraction of this market, it’s a perfect moment to create a website for your institution. 

Launching a website for your school, university, online courses, or any other learning website might seem like a hard task. A successful educational website has to be aesthetically pleasing, engaging and informative. But don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered. Below, you will find a hand-picked collection of the best education website templates designed for university, college, school, online courses, and other education-related institutions.

1. Study

Template source: Elementor Library
Ideal for: online course for web designers/web developers
Price: Free

Study is a simple one-page template ideal for promoting a particular course. The hero section has everything visitors need to know to make a decision about enrollment: a quick overview of the course paired with embedded video from YouTube and a call to action button for sign up. If visitors want to know more about the course, they can scroll down and check the sections “Who is it for,” testimonials and course details.

The template follows the aesthetics of minimalism — it’s a clean looking template with only essential information and lots of whitespace. The layout adapts very well for different screens — from large desktop to a small mobile. 


2. Studiex

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: online course for front-end developers
Price: $7

Studiex is a single landing page for one particular topic — a course for front-end developers. This template has a well-organized content structure — the information about the course is distributed in a few key sections, which helps visitors process the content with ease. 

From an aesthetic perspective, Studiex offers a few interesting visual design decisions. Instead of using traditional bullet points, this template uses HTML brackets — this element is familiar for all web developers. The theme uses a blue & green color scheme — blue creates a sense of trust, while green creates visual interest. The theme also has nice animated effects such as sliding text sections and dynamically appearing blocks with information. All of that creates a great first impression for visitors.


3. Elizabeth

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: online or offline cooking classes
Price: $34

When it comes to advertising your course online, it’s essential to choose a theme that looks inviting, while offering the functionality necessary to visitors. Elizabeth is one of such themes. Elizabeth is a very colorful one-pager for cooking classes. The template offers a clean and nice-looking layout, which is focussed on delivering essential information.

Imagery acts as a visual communication tool to convey critical messages and plays an essential role in this template. Delicate gradient overlays and parallax effects applied to retina-ready images create visual interest and make visitors scroll for more information.

The theme uses Sanchez font for headings. This slab serif typeface works well with gradients and helps to create a balanced structure.


4. Edumodo

Template source: Elementor Resources
Ideal for: schools, colleges, universities, educational institutes
Price: $59

If you want to create an excellent website dedicated to teaching, this educational WordPress theme can be your greatest ally. This theme supports the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) plugins for WordPress such as LearnPress, Sensei & LearnDash out-of-the-box. 

The theme comes with a large number of unique readymade page layouts. Using this theme, you can offer your visitors various features such as online courses, online classes, user profile, teacher profile, course progress tracking, etc.

This theme also supports WooCommerce which means you can sell your courses, books, and all other educational goods & services easily.


5. Education Pro

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: educational projects and online courses
Price: $72

The design of Education Pro delivers a simple but powerful message —education opens doors to a brighter future. Education Pro is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create learning hubs, training centers, and universities. This theme comes with many ready-made pages, all of them allow easy customization and with the Drag & Drop interface that the Elementor editor offers, creating a new online course is as easy as pie. 

The theme offers exceptional navigation experience — a responsive sticky header with a menu is visible at all times, no matter how deep the user scrolls down. It also fully integrated Contact Form 7.

Education Pro-Template

6. SkIllum

Template source: Template Monster
Ideal for: educational projects and online courses
Price: $75

To convince people to enroll in the courses you offer, you need to have an easy-to-navigate and inviting website, for which you may look to SkIllum. Using SkIllum, you can inform your potential students about your educational programs in a stylish way. The theme has a bright design — the eye-catching yellow color creates a positive mood and retina-ready images that adapt perfectly to different screen sizes. As a result, the theme looks equally great on the large desktop and small mobile screens.

Here’s a bonus, Jet Elements plugin is included, which means that you will be able to enrich your content with attractive elements and customize their appearance. For example, using JetMenu plugin, you will be able to build an extraordinary mega menu with drop-down sections and style them according to your taste.


7. Education

Template source: Mojo Marketplace
Ideal for: online courses, education institute, events
Price: $59

If you need a theme that will help you handle the massive amounts of information that you need to publish regularly, consider Education. Education comes with lots of features that a modern education website needs such as course management, event management, built-in event Calendar, Facebook & Disqus comments integration.

The hero section features a slider created with the Slider Revolution plugin (the plugin is included with your purchase of the theme). Using this plugin, you can create and manage unique slideshows with captivating transitions and animations.

When it comes to organizing visual hierarchy, the theme gives you a lot of freedom. It allows you to choose between boxed or full-width layouts as well customize the number of columns (choose between 1, 2, 3, 4 and six columns with offset or 1/3 + 2/3.)

This theme also offers amazing shortcodes such as accordion, alert box, audio embed, blockquote, testimonial, and much more. Last but not least, this theme includes demo pages that you can import into your website with 1-click. 


8. Burg

Template source: AnalogWP (You need to install and activate AnalogWP plugin for WordPress)
Ideal for: online and offline courses
Price: Free

Finding the right balance between aesthetics and content can consume a lot of time and energy. If you plan to build a website for your online or offline course, stop searching! The Burg theme is the solution you are looking for.

This pleasant and welcoming theme is designed to highlight valuable content. An easy-to-scan layout contains only essential information such as program details, testimonials, and a brief agenda. The color in this theme is used intentionally – it’s used as an accent to direct user attention to essential elements such as a call to action button. Abril Fatface font, which is used for headings, create a sense of fine craftsmanship.


9. Online Tutorials

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: online courses
Price: Free

Design plays a crucial role in how we think about products. Attractive things work better. This rule works for any products we use, including websites. Having a beautiful website increases your chances of success. And that’s why you should consider the Online Tutorials theme.

As soon as you land on the homepage, it grabs your attention with bright colors. But bright colors are just one aspect of this theme. The template does not have sharp angles, only rounded corners, which makes it easy on the eyes. This theme is full of nice visual design elements such as friendly icons and beautiful scrolling effects that add plenty of dynamics and energy to the interaction.

Excellent aesthetics is paired with a good content organization in Online Tutorials. The theme has dedicated pages for course programs, success stories, help & support. In fact, this theme has 21 pre-designed layouts right out-of-the-box. All this helps you organize your content in a way that helps your visitors find what they’re looking for.v

Online Tutorials-Template

10. School

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: schools, universities
Price: Free

Regardless of the size of your educational institution, you likely have a myriad of activities, events, and courses running at any one time. And you probably want to communicate all this information to your visitors without overwhelming them with too many details.

School is designed to bridge the gap between simplicity and complexity. It makes it perfect for information-heavy websites. The theme comes with 21 pages, including a page for vision & ethos, information about staff, school life, admission, and tuition. 

When it comes to visual design, School has a lot of details that can impress your visitors. Sophisticated scrolling and loading effects and plenty of customizable visual options will help you create a sleek and professional appearance.


11. Education

Template source: Envato Elements (you need to install the Envato Plugin to access this template)
Ideal for: schools, universities
Price: Free

Education is a modern full-scale solution for building functional educational websites. Twenty-one unique niche pages can help you display crucial information about your educational institute. Many pages include subtle animated elements that not only demonstrate the school’s achievements but also make their pages more dynamic.

The theme creates an easy to scan layout by using a technique of progressive disclosure. Sections like Curriculum provide a list of courses. The detailed information is hidden and becomes available on demand. The visitor can click on the chevron icon to see more details about the course. 



Technology is rapidly changing the world around us, and education is one of the industries that is evolving drastically because of it. Today’s students expect personalized learning with more freedom of choice and better mentorship. A majority of the students first visit the college website before visiting the college in person. The impression they get during the visit will influence their decisions about enrollment.

That’s why it so important to create well-structured and beautiful websites. All themes that you saw above have one thing in common — they will save you time. No matter what type of education service you provide, all you need to create a well-crafted educational website is to select the right template from the list and fill it with your content using Elementor.