As you saw in our birthday drinks showcase, engaging, thought-provoking websites that tell your culinary brand’s story make it easier for visitors to realize how delicious your professional food creations really are. The more exciting and enticing your website, the more inclined they are to learn more.

This was our exact mindset when choosing Elementor sites for a perfect dessert spread for our milestone celebration. We live to cater to our party guests’ refined palettes: whether your sweet tooth is larger than life, or you’ve skipped every entree and are heading straight for the dessert table, you won’t go home hungry. 

Introducing our birthday dessert menu: handmade chocolates, comforting cookies, ethnic desserts, the flakiest buttery pastries, or confectionary delights — we promise you’ll be raving about them for days to come.


Afrii: Why Not Have a Ball?

Afrii Elementor Showcase

Can we interest you in an Afribol? In other words, deep-fried balls of dough? If you consider yourself a passionate dessert junkie, things are about to get interesting. Introducing Afribol and Koffiebol, traditional African dessert pastries that pair perfectly with tea, coffee, or ice cream (or all of the above). 

We learned about these unique party foods from Bengyella Gwanmesia, founder of The Afribol Company based in Rotterdam. The Afribol Company’s motto is “great food, great cause” — taking an entrepreneurial approach to selling African desserts to raise funds for safe pregnancy and birth care for women in Cameroon, Africa. 

Bengyella used Elementor to create a website to tell her brand’s story and sell its product. With no background in web creation until she used Elementor, Bengyella found it remarkably simple to have “serious freedom in experimenting and creating” the story she wanted to tell. 

Using Elementor Pro’s Animated Headline Widget, paired with boldly designed Call to Action buttons, Afrii’s website integrates its unique brand patterns, full of joie de vivre and excitement. Within seconds, the site’s visual character made us realize how exciting and unique these African delicacies would make our dessert bar. If you thought until now that you’ve tasted it all, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. 

Theme: Astra 

Plugins: Tidio Chat, PayPro Gateways, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Discount Rules, Sticky Header Effects for Elementor, Really Simple SSL

Design & Development: Bengyella Gwanmesia


Bar Ezra: The Taste of Over the Top

Birthday parties come in all shapes and sizes. Some are massive, while some are intimate, small get-togethers. Elementor’s 5th birthday dance party is all about going over the top. Amazing alcohol, special offers that are larger than life — so why shouldn’t our dessert choices be just as tremendous? Personalized pavlovas? Amsterdam cookies? Creme brulee tart? No matter what you’re going for, you’ll have chosen well. 

The moment we laid eyes on Bar Ezra’s confectionery website, we knew he’d cater to the Elementor dessert bar of our dreams. Bar Ezra accommodates all palettes and preferences, just as we strive to do for our web creator community. And his website goes one step further, providing an elaborate dessert recipes blog. 

This is precisely where our Desserts Showcase gets its variety and uniqueness. Bar’s resourceful blog teaches you how to bake high-caliber treats at home. When it comes down to it, the party never stops. Can’t stop thinking about the Lotus cheesecake you tasted at the party? Did the last slice of the lemon pie get finished before you made it to the buffet? Have no fear, every recipe is here.

Theme: Hello

Plugins: PowerPack Elements

Design & Development: Eden Marcus Levi (Line Studio)


CLAUDIA RÖCK: Chocolate With Flying Colors

Birthday surprises are, as we know, one of the most classic ways to celebrate. But aside from surprise parties and unwrapping presents, what are some other ways to surprise your guests? Here’s how: one box (or more) of truly unusual handmade chocolates. 

Web creators are unusual creatures — in the good sense, that is. Our wide range of skill sets vary from designer to developer, to marketer, to agency, to freelance … we’re a colorful bunch, and that’s how we like it. When we saw the boxes of chocolates that you can order from Claudia Röck’s site, we knew they’d be the key to the web creator’s heart. 

Just as websites come in all shapes and sizes, some with bold, lavishing colors, some with conservative, neutral tones, the same exact descriptions apply to Claudia Röck chocolates. From inside and out, each truffle flavor radiates layers of beauty. Every web professional knows a good color scheme when he sees one, and these handmade chocolates are truly bold and beautiful — just as a birthday should be. 

Theme: Hello

Plugins: WooCommerce, Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce, GDPR Cookie Compliance, German Market, Jetpack, Wordfence Security

Design & Development: Thomas Pichler


Chip City Cookies: Indulge Like There's No Tomorrow

Who can say no to a gooey, perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie? Birthdays are all about indulgence; the time to forget your diet and live entirely in the moment. The same can be said about our dance party — dance like nobody’s watching, and eat cookies like nobody’s counting. Creating websites is all about providing an enjoyable, delightful experience for your visitors and customers. This is exactly what we want our Elementor party guests to feel at our birthday — and cookies are the answer. 

With a trendy, chunky logo, cookie-themed entrance animations, bold serif fonts, this website knows how to look and feel good. Event catering that’s devoted exclusively to melt-in-your-mouth cookies, with a “Chip City Mobile” truck to park right outside the party entrance. Who needs a welcoming committee, when all you need is a food truck to attract guests who know good food when they see it? 

Theme: Hello

Plugins: Yoast, WP Rocket, Kinsta


Aloma: Pastries That Know How to Party

When we sat down to reflect on what we’re celebrating this year — the answer went beyond “5 years of Elementor”. Our celebration is also about flagships: our community has helped us become the flagship of web creators around the world. Elementor’s passion for excellence, prosperity, creativity, and all-around fun, is what brought us to where we are now. 

With that, we wanted our party food (especially the dessert spread) to reflect every component that we’re celebrating. It’s not just about quality desserts, it’s about character, legacy, talent, and positivity. The best way to represent this? Meet Pasteleria Aloma, whose trademark pastry “Pastéis de Nata Aloma” has been repeatedly named as “The Best Pastel de Nata” in the world. 

Pastel de Nata, the famous and emblematic Portuguese specialty, is an egg custard tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. Portuguese natives and visiting tourists alike find themselves indulging in Pastéis de Nata on a regular basis. And when it comes to “who bakes it best”, Pastelaria Aloma is the chosen one. 

Full of personality, individuality, and a one-of-a-kind presence, Pastelaria Aloma couldn’t be a better culinary symbol of Elementor culture. Feel like adding a variety of pastries to your plate, once you’ve scarfed down a couple custard tarts? Reach for a Bola de Berlim, a Parisiense, or the classic Palmier. Just like you spend time browsing through new Elementor features, navigation schemes, background types, and so on, you can expect to spend a while at our Portuguese dessert table, where the options of what to indulge in will definitely keep you busy. 

Theme: OceanWP

Plugins: Custom Fields

Design & Development: Blue Serenity

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