Elementor’s 5th Birthday campaign is in full swing — and you won’t want to miss a second of the party. To kick off the celebration, we’re publishing three mini party-themed showcases (five winners each) to make sure every party guest enjoys themselves to the fullest. 

Every celebration worth its salt starts with hand-picked selections of party drinks: well-made, classic beers, a wide array of the finest wines, and even some classy, unique cocktails. We’ve sifted through hundreds of Elementor sites and showcase submissions — presenting what are without a doubt, the most exciting drinks to raise our glasses to. There are so many people to mingle with: community leaders, special guests, and industry leaders … you’ll definitely want to celebrate with them in style. 

Before we dance the night away, some of our finest web creators are here to greet our distinguished guests and pour you the drink of your choice: artisan craft beer, sparkling wine sent all the way from Spain, legendary wines from the Swiss Alps, distinctive South African wines from historic vineyards, and even 20 appellations all the way from Burgundy. 

Let’s take a closer look at what our wine and beer experts have to offer. The party starts now.


Vergenoegd Löw: Celebrating With Cheer

Elementor Birthday Showcase Vergenoed

The first option on our wine list comes all the way from Vergenoegd Löw, a South African wine estate whose heritage dates back to the late 1700’s. “Vergenoegd” is the Dutch word for describing something as content and cheerful, which is what birthday celebrations are all about. 

And we mustn’t forget one of the most perfect wine pairings: good music. Upon entering Vergenoegd Löw’s site, visitors are greeted by music and soothing sounds of nature. True, you can expect a different musical vibe at our dance party, but it’s important that you’re in the right frame of mind when sipping your first glass of wine and easing into party mode.

Relax at the bar, get to know the surroundings, and gradually work up your appetite for the next course.

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La Fea: Tales of Sparkling Wine

No birthday celebration is complete without a hearty glass of Spain’s finest sparkling wine: La Fea Cava. We instantly fell in love with the Elementor site built for La Fea wines, made in the small Spanish town of Paniza. 

Who wouldn’t? Their wine labels are one of a kind, and once we laid eyes on them, we were eager to learn more about their enchanting vineyards.

When consulting with our experts to create the drink list for our party, we knew that La Fea wines were a match made in heaven, from one fact alone. Does the name “Montessarat” ring a bell? La Fea Cava is “produced at the Raventós Rosell winery in Masquefa, with the mountain of Montserrat as its main façade.” 

Now we know where the “Montserrat” typeface name comes from — the popular font that so many web creators know and love. 

What better way to celebrate five years of Elementor than by raising your glass to five years of sweet, sparkling web creation? La Fea’s WooCommerce website embraces creative brand storytelling with unique tales of 19th-century legends, telling visitors of the vineyard’s historic roots and origins. Both winemaking and web creation, especially typography, have a lot to thank La Fea wines for, and we couldn’t think of a better way to gradually shift into party mode. 

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Hocklistein Winery: What Celebrations Are Made Of

As web creators, we love seeing how things are made. In fact, the entire process from A to Z. Every detail matters. This is true for design workflows, development processes, and so too, the grape cultivation and winemaking processes at Höcklistein winery on Lake Zurich. 

Once we saw the full-screen background video on their homepage, we knew we wouldn’t regret serving Höcklistein wines to our birthday party guests. The family tradition, the careful selection of grapes, the professional flair — what could be better? Website visitors love seeing behind-the-scenes work of what business owners do to make their customers happy. This is exactly why Höcklistein’s site proved to us that their wine was a must-have for our party menu. And their site even features an online discovery tour of the vineyards. That actually sounds like the perfect way to pregame before you arrive at our party.

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Alarow Brewing: The Craft of Celebration

Are you more of a wine person, a beer-lover, or a mixologist in the making? No need to choose, because we’re serving all of the above at this year’s birthday party. Besides, Elementor and diversity are inseparable, and we’re not leaving anybody with an empty glass. That’s why we chose Sacramento’s Alaro Brewery for our party menu: a craft brewery like no other. After all, web creation is a rich, eclectic craft of its own — so it’s no surprise that a craft brewery dedicated to diverse, top-quality ingredients and beer styles is the perfect fit. 

Fresh beer, refreshingly passionate web creators … that’s what our dance party is all about. Beer on tap always wins over our party guests — which is why we chose a craft brewery that offers 13 flavors! We’ve also ordered a couple of their kegs, because, why not? 

And for those who prefer an exciting cocktail, we’ve got you covered. Are you going to be heading home in the driver’s seat? “Mocktail of the Season” has no alcoholic content, but is “seasonally delicious”, as told by Alaro themselves. 

Alaro Brewery’s site was created by Douglas Neal at Freshmint design, a Sacramento-based WordPress website, and graphic design agency. Freshmint defines its web design style and approach to web creation through the concept of minty freshness — which is just what we like to see at any dance party, and on any website, for that matter. 

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Domaine Philippe COLIN: A Burgundy for Birthdays

Do you know what pink is made of? That’s right, red and white. Who better to serve Burgundy wine at Elementor’s “Think Pink” 5th birthday than Domaine Philippe COLIN, a French vineyard in south Côte de Beaune? With 20 appellations to sample (14 white, and six red, to be exact), every party guest will find their glass of choice. 

Domaine Philippe COLIN farms 28.4 acres of vineyards around the village of Chassagne-Montrachet, producing an average of 90,000 bottles per year. This tip of the top wine provider website was one of our first choices for the 5th Birthday Showcase, thanks to the refined website design choices and the high-caliber wine they’ll be providing us with. No party guest will go home thirsty, and that’s a fact. 

What struck our attention most, by the way, were the “wine list” pages built for each flavor — every page listing the most professional detail for true wine connoisseurs. Quality is our middle name at Elementor, which is why Domaine Philippe COLIN’s website is what we’re serving at our party: nothing but the very best. 

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