Improve Your Marketing Funnels & Connect Elementor to Slack, Discord or MailerLite.

When it comes to leads, getting back to them as quickly as possible can sometimes make or break the sale.

But emails are hard to keep up with, and inboxes tend to clog-up. This is why we are introducing new form integrations to the top two conversation tools: Slack and Discord.

This release continues our previous form integrations to MailChimp, MailPoet, Zapier, ConvertKit, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Drip and GetResponse. Besides Slack and Discord, we are also adding an integration to an email marketing service users have been begging we add: MailerLite.

Integrate With Slack


Slack is a team collaboration and conversation tool, founded by Stewart Butterfield. The name is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge”.

Slack has become a ‘must-have’ app for many startups and companies. Our own team uses it to communicate with each other. (It’s the only way to grab the attention of the person next to you, who’s wearing noise-canceling headphones.)

The Slack integration enables the site owner to be notified immediately through Slack, whenever a user submits a form. This way, all submissions can be gathered in one place, and are never lost.

How it works

Like all integration, connecting Slack to Elementor forms is super-easy and intuitive.

  • First, get the API webhook from your slack account.
  • Add Slack under the  ‘Actions After Submit’ field, and paste the webhook URL
  • Add the relevant info:
    • Channel – Choose which channel on slack to send it to
    • Username – Set the username that will be shown as the sender
    • Pre Text – Customize the text before the message
    • Title & Description – Set the title and description of each message

You also have the option to send the form Data, Timestamp, and finally, pick the color that appears as the border to the right of the message

Integrate With Discord


Discord is an alternate service to Slack. It started as a open source gaming communication platform but quickly spread to other industries. Discords’ primary feature is it’s Voice communication and Integrations with games.

Discord offers free plan with almost no limitations, unlike Slack Free plan, you will always keep your message history search ability. Those features lets you enjoy form submit archive and notifications simply integrated with your Elementor website.


How it works

I have to admit Slack and Discord look eerily similar. Accordingly, the integration is pretty similar as well.

  • Add the webhook you get from Discord
  • Choose your Username and Avatar URL
    Add a title and description
  • Like Slack, you can choose to add the Form Data, Timestamp and customize the color.

Discord’s main use case is the same as with Slack, and gives you the option to collect all submissions in one place.

Integrate With Milerlite


MailerLite is an email marketing solution that now integrates with Elementor.

The platform is quite similar to MailChimp, with several advantages in terms of pricing. Check out their MailChimp comparison page, it’s pretty convincing for marketers just starting out.

This platform seems to be quite popular among Elementor users since we received quite a lot of requests to integrate our forms with it.


How it works

  • Under your MailerLite account go to Integration > Developer API (Use) > Get API Key
  • Paste the key in Elementor’s MailerLite integration setting
  • Choose the group
  • Start matching fields through the field mapping option

That’s it!

It's a hassle to keep up with emails. Make sure you never miss a single lead by getting them on Slack or Discord!


As you’ve seen with these last 3 feature releases, we keep expanding Elementor’s marketing features, offering the perfect all-in-one solution for professional marketers of all levels.

Be sure to check out our upcoming ‘Year In Review’ where we will cover what we managed to achieve this calendar year.

We have even greater plans for marketers for 2019. Keep updated with the next release, which will be a true game-changer for marketers and designers alike.