Elementor Talks #4: Why Jupiter Theme is Switching to Elementor

This week we interview the co-founder of the company behind one of the most popular WordPress themes, Jupiter. We talk about design, functionality, the importance of customer feedback, and his company’s upcoming theme rebuild using Elementor.

5 Free & Pro WordPress Form Plugins Compared

Forms are an essential part of your website, but with so many options how can you choose the right form for you? This guide will cover the top forms to use in Elementor.

5 Steps to Improve Your Website Branding

Brand personality is what sets you apart from your competitors, and helps you to build relationships with your target users. In this article we’ll explore a five-step guide on adding personality to your site.​

Elementor Talks #2: Troy Dean of WP Elevation

I had the great pleasure to interview Troy Dean of WP Elevation for the second time. This time, we spoke about succeeding in the competitive world of WordPress.​

Introducing Filter Effects & Blend Modes

Today, I am eager to show you a brand new set of capabilities that will allow you to create a wide range of visual effects, all using Filter Effects and Blend modes.​