WordFest 2021 is officially on and we’re excited to be a part of it! Mark your calendars: January 22nd 2021 is your opportunity to experience a virtual, 24-hour event launching a global festival for the WordPress community — WordFest 2021

As freelancers and web creators, we’ve all been stuck at home for months on end, riding the waves of COVID-19 from near and far. We can all relate that these circumstances are trying on our day to day state of mind and mental health. Web creators around the world are experiencing the challenge of isolation. Now is the chance to come together with web professionals that are in the same boat — the opportunity to network and draw support from our community is what WordFest is all about. 

We are excited to participate and support this good cause. You’ll meet us, you’ll meet fellow web creators, you’ll win prizes and swag — there’s a lot in store.

Be Sure To Come and Meet Us!

We’re one of the sponsors of WordFest 2021, run by Big Orange Heart, who are taking the event to the virtual sphere in light of the pandemic. True, we may not be meeting face-to-face this year, but we’re nipping the lockdown life in the bud: joining together for support and web creation growth, albeit from a distance. COVID-19 has shown the world the necessity of endorsing remote work, and we want to contribute to this communal effort of making WFH more established, sustainable and interesting. 

Make your way to the Community tent, ‘cause we’ll have an Elementor table there — where we’ll be waiting to see our web creators. You’ll get the chance to join us for video conferencing, some talks, and of course, to hang out with us.

Our table is operating on January 22nd from 10:30 PM IST – 3:30 PM IST and 11:00 AM UTC – 4:00 PM UTC.

Here’s some of what we have in store for the Community tent:

“Elementor Secrets: Share Your Best Tips & Tricks”

Our very own Elementor Expert will share his best kept secrets for creating an Elementor website. Come and share your own hacks that  make your workflow and website truly stand out.

Speaker: Roy Eyal, Elementorist

Time: Asia at 11:30 AM IST

“Business Success for Web Creators”

Members come together to share their biggest business challenges and discuss creative solutions.

Speaker: Ben Pines, Head of Web Creator Program

Time: Asia at 2:30 PM IST

“Q&A Session: All you need to know about v3.1”

Join a live session where we’ll talk about the upcoming Elementor v3.1.0. 

Get an inside look of the release process and of what you should expect to come in the near future.

Speaker: Shilo Eish Yemini, Editor Product Lead

Time: Asia at 3:30 PM IST

“Elementor Experts network — Find your match and collaborate with other Elementor web creators”

Last year we launched Elementor’s Experts network to support Elementor web creators during the pandemic. Now more than ever, Elementor Experts network is where you can showcase your work, get hired, and collaborate with fellow web creators. In this interactive session, each community member will present where their strengths and contributions lie, and one area of weakness that would benefit from guidance. Verdi Heinz, Elementor Community Evangelist, will help you find your match within the Experts network.

Speaker: Verdi Heinz, Community Evangelist

Time: EMEA at 2PM UTC

“Leadership and Accessibility”

Accessibility is not just a “good to have” feature in today’s world. As builders of the internet, we are obligated to create a better and equal place. In this session, Joe A. Simpson, web creator, speaker and Elementor Community Leader will lead a discussion together with Community Evangelist, Verdi Heinz, about what we can do to push the envelope. 

Speaker: Joe A. Simpson, Elementor Community Leader and Verdi Heinz, Community Evangelist 

Time: EMEA at 4 PM UTC (6 PM – 7 PM GMT +2)

These sessions are not to be missed. This is an enormous opportunity to soak up … learning and growing through all sorts of discussions and meeting interesting people and professionals. We’re waiting to answer your questions about Elementor and web creation, to hear about your recent experiences, to share insights and ideas for the future … and everything possible.

What Is WordFest?

WordFest 2021 is a virtual conference for WordPress users, run by WordCamp organizers. We’re proud sponsors! During these crazy times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is happening in an online format — catering to the WordPress community across the globe. WordFest will include talks about topics that are super relevant to web creators: WordPress, remote working, as well as mental health. There will also be virtual stages, Q&A sessions, tents, and groups for networking and fun conversation. 

WordFest is all about fostering a safe environment and ecosystem of acceptance for the WordPress community. Part of the mission behind WordFest 2021 is to raise awareness and funds for Big Orange Heart (BOH). BOH is a registered charity that supports and promotes positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities.

We’re Excited To See You There!

How To Attend WordFest 2021:

By the way, registration is completely free. There is an option to donate 10$ to BOH when you register — but it’s entirely up to you. 

Click this link for quick and free registration. 

See you soon!