We’re excited to show you our “Year in Review” video that we’ve created as we wrap up 2020. Web creators have experienced this year’s pandemic in a unique way, both as individuals and as a collective community. As we rode the waves of COVID-19, Elementor’s North Star of 2020 has been to accommodate scenarios which challenged our mission to support web creators. 

Major pain points came up along the way: trouble finding work and clients, the limitations of working from home, losing opportunities to network and mingle professionally, and many more. There were fast-paced, unexpected changes that kept happening, and all of us had to think on our feet of how to improvise. 

We’ve channeled our efforts into improving the Elementor platform and providing features that answer our users’ needs. Many of those needs were specific to this year’s  culture of remote learning and remote working. We also made sure to listen to the wishes and feedback of our users, and enhance their web creation experience. 

Join us as we reflect on the crazy times we’ve weathered together — as the light at the end of this tunnel is approaching before our very eyes. One thing is for sure: 2021 is, no doubt, going to be way better than 2020.

We Made Elementor Even Better

Users Voted for Multi-Step Forms

You asked, we answered. Way back when when we celebrated four million Elementor websites, we held a ‘feature vote’ — and the community chose Multi-Step Form. The multi-step form not only looks better, it also delivers high success rates when collecting information from visitors.

Design Systems Happened

We as passionate web creators love efficient design workflows and cohesive websites. That’s why we made sure that Elementor 3.0 includes Design System features. This entails a new site settings panel, Global colors, Global fonts, and a trajectory to professional excellence. Our community feedback that followed the 3.0 release taught us valuable lessons about how we can improve future releases.

Our New Theme Builder Took the Lead

Our new Design System shared its spotlight with Theme Builder, which offers you one single place to manage your entire site in a visual and intuitive way. This simplifies the task of designing a complete website, as all site parts are now accessible within one interface.

We Unleashed Elementor Experts

Can’t meet clients for web creation over coffee and a danish? Witnessing painful blows to your freelance business because of COVID-19? Say no more. March 2020 introduced Elementor Experts — a platform where you can hire and get hired for web creation gigs. The global pandemic doesn’t stand a chance with weakening the Elementor community, and certainly not their job prospects.

We Extended Elementor With Integrations and Partnerships


COVID-19 transformed online and distance learning into a world of their own. Students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds are now seasoned online learners. We wanted to accommodate web creators by providing options for using websites as their online course hub — and an integration with LearnDash was the answer.


Email marketing is a must-have for any web creator. Can you imagine life without an email marketing solution that integrates with your website? We certainly can’t. Elementor’s integration with AWeber lets you integrate your email marketing with your website. We’re talking designing custom email templates and landing pages — without any code.


Web creators of all backgrounds know that every website thrives on the Yoast SEO plugin. At the end of a rocky year, we decided to give you the best of both worlds: The entire scope of Yoast SEO is now fully accessible right from within the live Elementor editor. The new year is here and the living’s easy.


Flywheel is known for its speciality in workflow and development tools, loved by designers and creative agencies alike. Everybody loves a good hosting partner, which is why we chose Flywheel. The partnership offers users top-notch support and minimizes time spent dealing with workflows and site hassles.

We Polished Our Trophies

What could be better than getting the G2 Summer 2020 Leader Badge, followed by the G2 Fall 2020 Leader Award? Finally some silver lining from 2020, and something to aspire for in 2021. 

And we must not forget about our pride and joy, Hello Theme, which saw 500,000 downloads this past year. How many do you think there will be next year?

We Went Webinar Wild

These weren’t just any webinars. These were webinars with inspirational industry giants. Chris Do gave us genius tips for building yourself as a creative, Paul Jarvis taught us about streamlining freelance business processes, to name a few. These insights are spot-on for a time where marketing yourself as an independent creative professional is fundamental for success.

We Empathized With COVID-19 Cabin Fever

We’d never let a global pandemic get in the way of our Elementor meetups. We were determined to make sure our meetups happened in 2020 in full force. We did this in the form of a “virtual road trip”. Our road trip covered 15 cities within eight weeks, all from the comfort of our community members’ couches. Guest speakers, Expert users, hundreds of community members…fun was had by all.

We Did It!

We’ll always remember 2020 for its ups and downs. Through thick and thin, our web creators created awesome websites and rose to every challenge along the way. Our New Year’s Resolution is to transform 2021 into a year of COVID-free health and freedom. 

Stay tuned for our upcoming “End-of-Year Showcase 2020: Website Transformations” showcase of five winning web creators that used Elementor to transform a previous website into a showstopping masterpiece. We’re proud to have been a part of your 2020, and look forward to great things in 2021.