Elementor has evolved from a website-building tool into a collaborative platform for professionals. However, our community would not be the same without its Leaders, who create real value for our members. On this day, Community managers appreciation day, we recognize and celebrate the amazing men and women who lead our amazing community forward.

Our Leaders Program is open to all Elementor lovers who want to facilitate networking opportunities for web professionals in their areas. We take pride in our thriving community of creators, who assist each other with various aspects of web design.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Elementor Community Leaders Program and introduce you to some of its prominent Leaders. We’ll also tell you how you can get involved. Let’s jump right in!

What Is the Elementor Community Leaders Program?

This program offers anyone the opportunity to lead and inspire communities of web creators, whether online or locally:

Spanish Community

Elementor Leaders are typically people who are passionate about helping others, sharing knowledge, and mentoring fellow web creators to develop themselves, both professionally and as individuals. Over 80 Leaders currently maintain communities worldwide, including 60+ meetup groups that span 27 countries and counting.

The Elementor Leaders You’ll Find in Our Community

Are you wondering what an Elementor Leader does in practice? All you need to do is check out our existing members, a few of whom we’ll be highlighting next:


We’ll also take a peek into the roles and responsibilities associated with being a Community Leader.

Empowering With New Opportunities

One of the best parts of being an Elementor Leader is the opportunities it offers for facilitating creativity and encouraging collaboration between web professionals. For example, Merche Salas Muñoz, the Leader of Meetup Elementor Zaragoza in Spain, was laid off during the global economic crisis of 2011.

However, she considered it a lucky moment for her, as she was able to resume her design studies. Investing all that effort in learning eventually led her into web creation:


Of course, it also led to her foray into the Elementor Leaders program. Merch’s penchant for sharing knowledge and doing favors got her started. At a meeting with some friends, she recommended Elementor as one of the best website builders for WordPress. One of those friends recommended that she spread the word about it further, and the rest is history.

According to Merch, “It’s very satisfying to help others evolve in their business. Thus, my purpose in the community is to facilitate creativity and better workflows.” Her efforts are greeted with plenty of enthusiasm.

When Merche thinks of her most memorable moment, it’s her first-ever organized meetup in Spain. She says: “We wanted everything to be perfect because we had a lot to communicate. In the end, it was a success.” Attendees were eager to learn more about Elementor and the tools it provided.

First Manchester Meetup Jan 2020

For Stirling Austin, who manages the Elementor Manchester meetup group for enthusiasts and web creators in and around Manchester, it’s his goal to enable community members to “share, learn, and support one another in [their] creativity and technical expertise.” He also owns a web design and business growth consultancy in Manchester.

Learning by Teaching

Being a Leader strengthens your reputation as an Elementor expert. However, even an expert needs to continually develop their skills. For some, the best way to do that is by teaching others. 

Tonisha Tagoe, Leader of the Elementor London meetup group, finds it fulfilling to educate community members about how to use Elementor to achieve a functional website that yields revenue:

As an educator, Tonisha shares proven best practices at community meetups. Additionally, part of her daily routine involves showcasing some of the best work from members of her local community. She also provides actionable feedback for improvement. As for Elementor, she uses it to build mini-websites and landing pages for illustrating key content while teaching.


Angela Bowman says she has “empathy for people just starting out [learning WordPress] and not knowing what they don’t know.” This makes her passionate about sharing what she has learned with others.

Angela presents at WordCamps and teaches WordPress classes — having been building sites for clients since 2007. She’s also a co-host for the Women in WP podcast, which you’ll often find to be laden with technical nuggets and business tips. Additionally, she organizes multiple Meetup groups in Boulder, Colorado, including the Elementor meetup with co-organizer Bethany Siegler.

Supporting One Another

The responsibilities of an Elementor Online Leader often includes moderating the online community, troubleshooting issues, and providing support. Few do this better than Chris Ayers, Moderator (extraordinaire!) at the Elementor Global Community on Facebook:


Chris taught himself PHPNuke and Dreamweaver to help a web designer friend who was color blind. This is just one of many examples of his penchant for helping others. At the end of that collaboration, he turned to WordPress — which had just arrived on the market — to continue working on his own.

These days, Chris has his own web design company, and spends his time tutoring and finding useful WordPress tools. As he says, “Having the tools and resources to help us achieve our goals is important.” He stays busy moderating the Elementor Global Community and working on client sites.

Gabriel Pinto Hasagiv

Gabriel Pinto-Hasagiv from Israel is a professional photographer and has been a Leader in the Elementor Israel community since 2018. He believes in a community that helps one another. His motto in life and as part of the community: “Do what you love and love what you do.”

Penang Online Meetup Meet Our Leaders: Making A Difference With Elementor’s Leaders Program 1

Julian Song Sin Shyang is an organizer for WordPress and Elementor meetups in Penang, Malaysia. He’s also Admin and Moderator for WordPress-related Facebook groups in Malaysia and Taiwan.

In 2019, he helped organize WordCamp Kuala Lumpur. He has more than 10 years of experience working in an international advertising agency. Other areas where Julian is particularly proficient include performing optimization with Google PageSpeed Insights, web design, and WordPress managed services.


“Being part of the Elementor family as a Meetup Leader makes me feel honored”said Clement Yonathan Daramadi. Clement also told us about his motivation for leading meetups: “I organize Elementor meetups in Jakarta, Indonesia, in order to enable local Elementor users to share their experiences that will benefit everyone in our community, including myself.” Professionally, Clement is also passionate about helping his clients: “I … help companies grow their businesses with lead generation websites.”


Kerry Wolfe describes himself as a 25-year veteran Web Developer specializing in harnessing the power of Elementor. Together with co-organizer, Brian Griffin, He is the organizer of the Elementor Gwinnett County Meetup. He started the Elementor Gwinnett County Meetup meetup in February 2020 and notes that people are really appreciative of the help they get. Kerry is enthusiastic about and looks forward to growing the community and overall Leaders team.

Santa Clarita First Meetup Jan 2020

Joe A. Simpson Jr, an Elementor and WordPress fan, organizes the Santa Clarita meetup. His enthusiasm for the Santa Clarita Community shows in his roles as an organizer for local Meetups that convene monthly. Joe was also the force behind bringing the area’s first WordCamp to the northern valleys of Los Angeles.

Anne-Mieke Bovelett is a moderator in the online Elementor Facebook Community. She is also a co-organizer of the Elementor Düsseldorf meetups. Another way she provides support to the overall Elementor community is as the founder of GeekonHeels. This site offers quick tips and tutorials for Elementor which are “mostly based on repeat questions in the Facebook community.”

Vancouver Meetup Meet Our Leaders: Making A Difference With Elementor’s Leaders Program 2

Amy Haagsma is also an online moderator. As you may have already noticed, many of our Community Leaders have very diverse interests. Amy is a graphic and web designer, as well as a social media consultant

She’s also a writer and editor with a background in marketing and works mainly with small businesses, solopreneurs, and nonprofits. Amy lives near Vancouver, Canada, with her husband and two kids – one two-legged and the other four-legged.

The Perks of Becoming an Elementor Leader

Being an Elementor Leader is not all work and no fun. It comes with a few perks. For example, you’ll receive backstage passes to our headquarters and have the chance to influence the direction the company progresses in.

You’ll also be among the first to learn about our plans and features, and you get access to special swag available to our leadership community. Best of all is that you get to be part of a global and welcoming community of inspiring people, which includes the kinds of individuals we highlighted above.

In summary, being an Elementor Leader enables you to build yourself by supporting and leading other web professionals and enthusiasts. This can only make the web – and the larger world — a better place.

How You Can Get Involved

There are two categories of Elementor Leaders: the Meetup Leader and the Online Leader. The former typically schedules and organizes meetups locally to connect web creators, and helps to inspire, educate, and generally enable networking and collaborations.

On the other hand, Elementor Online Leaders generally focus on providing support. They build web communities that give our users a space to exchange and share ideas and tips, and often to develop their skills.

Note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, meetups are now largely virtual events. However, in-person gatherings will hopefully begin again, once the health threat the coronavirus poses passes.

To apply for either the Meetup or Online Leader roles, you can simply fill out one of the following forms to get started:

  1. Become an Elementor Meetup Leader
  2. Become an Elementor Online Leader

Completing the form is the first step, after which you’ll need to be approved. In the meantime, we welcome any questions you might have. Please email us at [email protected].

Join Our Community Leaders Program

Elementor thrives thanks to inspiring individuals who motivate and lead other users. Our community members support one another through online and offline meetups, which continue to succeed despite the pandemic.

Becoming an Elementor Leader will enable you to grow your local community, and inspire others to build spectacular web designs. You can host a meetup in your hometown, or even help facilitate an Elementor online collaboration network.

Are you interested in helping to grow the Elementor web building community in your region? Apply and become a Leader today!