Jean-Paul leads the Zurich Elementor Community, which is represented by a diversity of German speaking web professionals. Let’s meet the person empowering web professionals all across Zurich.

Name: Jean-Paul Messerli

Profession: Teacher and Owner & Founder of Wollyweb

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Expert profile

A Determined Spirit

Jean-Paul’s introduction to the world of web creation began in 2008 when he launched a small financial firm, which provided both consulting and brokerage services. Jean-Paul’s web developer assured him that the website would generate countless site visitors and clients. Unfortunately, this never happened and so Jean-Paul was forced to hire an SEO expert to help acquire leads for his new business, which also failed. This is a recurring issue that many new businesses have to deal with. 

Determined to make his business a success, Jean-Paul took it upon himself to resolve this issue and immersed himself in SEO and Google ads courses, materials and any other resources that he could get his hands on. Through this journey, Jean-Paul discovered his affinity for web creation and SEO and was motivated to take his knowledge to the next level. 

Next, Jean-Paul began experimenting with different website building platforms, and eventually was introduced to Elemeontor by his course trainer. It was love at first – Jean-Paul was enamored by our platform and particularly enjoyed designing websites on the Elementor interface. What motivated Jean-Paul to further immerse himself in Elementor was its vibrant and tight-knit community. 

“I personally believe that all website building platforms are more or less the same, but what stood out to me with Elementor was its vibrant and tight-knit community.”

Jean-Paul sought to sign up immediately to one of our meetups to take his knowledge to the next level as well as meet like-minded professionals. Unfortunately, there were no local Elementor communities, and so Jean-Paul, being the driven individual that he is, decided to establish the official Zurich community in May 2019. 

The Zurich community is an incredibly inspirational story. Jean-Paul and his amazing co-organizers – Nicole, Aleks and Patrick – grew the community from zero to 500 members, and the meetups enjoy on average 100 RSVPs.

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From Adversity to Empowering Others

Today, Jean-Paul runs his own web agency, which helps small businesses create and fine-tune their customers’ journeys. Jean-Paul vividly remembers the frustrations that he went through when launching his financial business website and has made it his mission to empower small businesses and properly equip them with the web tools they need:

“My job is to identify the right words and SEO terms that will attract and convert customers – after all, words are the backbone of a website. I also design the website or co-design to avoid design pitfalls.” 

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The Zurich Community’s Secret Sauce

Jean-Paul’s and his fellow co-leaders’ key focus is finding notable industry experts and organizing meetups around their area of expertise.

When asked what is the secret behind the Zurich community’s success, Jean-Paul responded with a few reasons: “I’m incredibly grateful for my co-leaders Aleks and Patrick, we all work together and help one another when needed, and I don’t think that our community could have been this successful without their assistance. 

Secondly, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our community with interesting and useful topics. For example, this month’s meetup will host leading web security experts. We also aim to organize meetups that are interactive, inspiring and engaging so that people stay as long as possible and, most importantly, enjoy themselves. 

Our physical meetups attract German-speaking professionals from outside of Zurich and serve as an amazing opportunity for members to meet and bond, and even potentially discover business opportunities to collaborate on. 

There is nothing more fulfilling than to see our community thrive and for our members to grow, learn, and meet other professionals in the industry”.

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Zurich Second Meetup Juli 2019
Elementor Meetup In Zurich

Become A Community Leader

Thanks to web creation enthusiasts like Jean-Paul and his fellow community members, Elementor is at the center of a flourishing German-speaking community. We invite you to join the Elementor Community Facebook group or search for your nearest Elementor meetup.

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