She leads the Düsseldorf Elementor Community and moderates the Elementor Community Facebook group. With connections to a worldwide network of web developers, web designers, copywriters, and online marketers, Anne-Mieke colorfully refers to herself as the “spider in the web”. So, without further ado, let’s meet Anne-Mieke!

Name: Anne-Mieke Bovelett

Profession: Specialist in Online Versatility

Which community do you lead?  The Düsseldorf Elementor Community (along with Humberto Gregorio)and the official Facebook Community.

Expert Profile

Teaching Others How To Create

Anne-Mieke comes from a long line of artists and musicians, which may explain her passion for creating. Anne-Mieke’s father, Børge Ring, was an Oscar-winning animator and a jazz musician. Her mother is a sculptor, painter, writer, and teacher of the philosophy of non-duality. “It’s no surprise that I inherited those artistic talents from them,” Anne-Mieke says. “But somehow, I have some rogue technical, analytical, and commercial genes as well!” 

Unsurprisingly, Anne-Mieke says that if she weren’t a web creator, she would be a full-time painter. However, there is one activity that Anne-Mieke loves more than creating — and that’s teaching others how to create.

Anne-Mieke is passionate about giving people the knowledge and skills they need to develop beautifully-designed, high-performing websites. According to Anne-Mieke’s website, she’s open to teaching anyone who is invested in learning.

This commitment is reflected in her personal slogan: “Creating is fun. Teaching others how to successfully create is bliss.” It’s this passion that first sparked her interest in Elementor. 


With Elementor, building a website is no longer the sole domain of professional web designers and developers. We make it so anyone can learn how to make their own website.

Anne-Mieke regularly helps businesses and individuals master Elementor and WordPress, regardless of whether they have any prior experience. This has led Anne-Mieke to conclude that Elementor doesn’t just live up to her personal mantra; it exceeds it.

Giving Back To the Community

Anne-Mieke has always enjoyed being part of a community. In fact, before moderating the Elementor Community Facebook Group, Anne-Mieke oversaw a weight loss-related Facebook group. 

After joining the Elementor group and attending some in-person meetups in Düsseldorf, Anne-Mieke became impressed by the strong sense of community. She decided to focus her attention on the Elementor community and hasn’t looked back since. 

“I love how the Elementor Facebook community has steadily grown into such a great and friendly resource for all members who care to support each other, whether beginner or very experienced users,” Anne-Mieke explains. 

She is always happy to see people take a more active role in the group. She also stresses that busy modern-day life is no excuse not to get involved! 

“I don’t have bucket loads of time to volunteer,” she says. “I make time. Because the spirit of Open Source is not to only take but to share and give back.”

A Day in the Life

As a dedicated Community Leader, Anne-Mieke checks the Elementor Community Facebook group every hour. She is passionate about making it a safe space where everyone can learn how to use Elementor. This involves weeding out the occasional troll but mostly taking on an active role in discussions. She strives to answer support questions herself wherever possible. 

Anne-Mieke is proud to see how the community has grown. In particular, she is looking forward to the Elementor Community group hitting the 100,000 members mark! 

Anne-Mieke’s participation isn’t limited to online groups. Together with Humberto Gregorio, she runs the Düsseldorf Elementor Meetup. As a community leader, Anne-Mieke makes sure they always have the next three upcoming meetups planned. She is particularly proud to have created such a welcoming, friendly community. 

Anna-Mieke With Verdi Heinz And Siggi Becker

“The social aspect of the Düsseldorf Elementor Meetups has always been a strong point,” she says.

Although in-person events are impossible in the current climate, the group continues to meet online. Anne-Mieke has even managed to maintain the social aspect. Once the official meetup is over the Düsseldorf group continues to hang out, sometimes until very late in the evening!

Becoming an Elementor Expert

When asked about her most memorable moment, Anne-Mieke states that being a Community Leader means having one memorable moment after the next. She admits that the Elementor community hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but the bumpy patches have reinforced her resolve and belief in it.

In fact, Anne-Mieke’s journey to becoming an Elementor Community Leader has been a rocky and colorful one. It started in 2012 when Anne-Mieke’s parental home burned down. This was particularly disastrous, as the house also served as the family’s bed and breakfast.

Anne-Mieke put her own business on hold and focused on helping her mother rebuild the home and family business. “It became our business together,” Anne-Mieke says. The stress of the situation took its toll. After a stark warning from her cardiologist, Anne-Mieke found the motivation to change her lifestyle completely. She ditched 82lbs and discovered an entirely new outlook on life. “I now live life, instead of life living me,” she says. 

With a newfound passion for health and nutrition, Anne-Mieke started a food blog because she wanted to share her knowledge with the world. It all goes back to her mantra: creating is fun, teaching others how to successfully create is bliss. “The same goes for great food!” she says. 

It was Anne-Mieke’s food blog that introduced her to Elementor. When developing her blog, Anne-Mieke wished to display her recipes using custom fields, and wanted to export her data into a JSON script to generate rich snippets. 

Anne-Mieke realized how easy it is to display dynamic data from custom fields using Elementor — and the rest is history! Today, she still lists this as her favorite Elementor feature.

Beyond Elementor

Today, Anne-Mieke continues to share her passion for food with the world via her Instagram and Facebook page. She also shares her technical expertise through Geek On Heels. The website is designed specifically for people who need technical answers fast.

While speaking about Geek On Heels, Anne-Mieke points out that you wouldn’t explain to an experienced car mechanic how a brake works or where the oil needs to be refilled — so why should you have to read through a plugin’s entire user manual just to learn how a particular setting works? 

Geek On Heels specializes in providing the information you need without any fuss or complexity. “I couldn’t find a centralized source of quick tutorials,” Anne-Mieke says. “So I decided to create one.” 

Anne-Mieke also creates video tutorials for websites and online applications. She believes this work will save developers and agencies tons of time, money, and support.

Championing Community and Accessibility

Anne-Mieke is inspired by every community member — from plugin developers and designers to teachers and tutorial makers. “The people inspiring me are the people who found a way to freely share their vast knowledge without losing their integrity, and make a living with that at the same time,” she explains. 

Anne-Mieke is particularly enthusiastic about creating more accessible websites. In fact, if she could make just one change to Elementor, she’d add a feature that actively helps users do just that. She imagines this feature as a skin that users can toggle on and off.

If Anne-Mieke was the CEO of Elementor for a day, she has even bigger plans. She’d create an Elementor Kids Academy where children between the ages of ten and 16 could learn how to build beautiful websites using WordPress and Elementor. It would also present a unique opportunity to get some valuable feedback.

“Children can give us the most honest feedback on UIX you could wish for,” Anne-Mieke says. “They are the web creators of the future.” 

Becoming an Elementor Leader

As Anne-Mieke is so enthusiastic about teaching, it’s no wonder she loves to share her knowledge via community meetups and online groups. Even in her free time, Anne-Mieke always strives to help others sharpen their skills and learn something new. 

Thanks to passionate individuals like Anne-Mieke, Elementor is at the center of a thriving community. You can join her at the Elementor Community Facebook group or search for your nearest Elementor in-person meetup

Do you want to join Anne-Mieke and become an Elementor Leader? If so, apply to become a community leader today!