We’re thrilled to introduce this month’s inspirational Elementor Community Leader, Wil Brown! Wil leads the Sydney Elementor Community, represented by a rich diversity of web professionals ranging from designers and developers to marketers. Let’s meet the person empowering web creators all across Australia! 

Name: Wil Brown

Profession: WordPress Consultant & Business Coach

Which community do you lead? Elementor Sydney meetups

Expert Profile

Championing Entreprenuership

Wil Brown was first introduced to the web development world in the early ’90s when studying computer science at university. It was in his early career as a software developer that he discovered his passion for systems integration. 

Within a few years, Wil became bored of the corporate world and started a side gig of website building, quickly realizing that this fueled his passion andwas how he wanted to spend his days. Fast forward two years, Wil made his dream come true and had enough clients to leave his corporate job and focus entirely on his independent business. 

Today, Wil is the founder and owner of Zero Point Development, a consulting company that helps clients integrate WordPress into their companies. As an example, Wil worked on a project with Nikon as the WordPress expert to advise on server hosting specifications and to write custom code to import their camera ranges, specifications and customer submitted photos into a custom-built WordPress website to showcase those products in Australia.

Also, in the coming months, Wil will be launching online courses to teach other web creators how to build and run a successful WordPress business — so make sure to stay tuned! 

Leading at Elementor

Wil came across Elementor a few years ago when he was looking for a robust website building platform for one of his clients and understood that Elementor was the best solution, thanks to its ease of use and versatility. He then came across the Facebook community as he wanted to become knowledgeable and familiar with the platform. 

Wil was inspired to become a meetup leader. He viewed it as a fantastic opportunity to take his Elementor design and business skills to the next level while connecting with like-minded web creators who bring different capabilities into the mix. 

Wil has led the Sydney Elementor Meetup group for almost a year with a dream team of three co-organizers: Jon Wolfgang Miller, Maurice Cohen, and Giulia Zambelli. The secret sauce to this team’s success is that they bring their unique skill sets that complement and are always there for one another when needed. The team’s collective ethos is to make attendees feel welcomed and contribute and share their voices. 

When asked about what he enjoys most about leading the community, he responded: 

“I especially love to see the ‘aha’ facial expressions of our members when I share something new with them or when they suddenly understand something. You see the light bulb turn on at that moment, and it’s just gratifying. It’s also wonderful to reach the end of a meetup and receive lots of questions, as this is proof to you that you created something engaging and exciting for your audience.

Lastly, I very much enjoy seeing the technical and creative aspects of how people use the Elementor tool — this many times serves as a great source of inspiration and creativity for me.” 

Sydney Online Meetup Meet Our Leaders: Wil Brown 1

Sydney Community

Here is why you should join the Sydney community according to Wil: 

  • We’re a very friendly and welcoming community of individuals from every culture, ethnicity, and industry.
  • Our meetups are informal, informational, and fun at the same time. 
  • We cater to every skill level from beginner to expert and there’s a lot of knowledge out there that people are freely willing to share.
  • The community isn’t all about Elementor; we also explore general WordPress functionality and business topics too.

Become a Community Leader

Thanks to web creation enthusiasts like Wil and his incredible co-organizers, Elementor is at the center of a flourishing community in the land down under. We invite you to join the Elementor Community Hub, our official new community platform or search for your nearest Elementor meetup.

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