Meet Our Elementor Community Leaders

Elementor lovers who initiate, lead and enable other Elementor users through online and offline communities to share their voices, support one another and develop as professional web creators.

Raffaele Mele
 Fiumicino, Italy

I am a web creator who loves Elementor and is an expert in the product. I created the Italian Elementor community and I am happy to meet all the fans who love Elementor.

Gabriel Pinto-Hasagiv
 Haifa, Israel

I’m a leader in Elementor Israel Community since 2018 & a Professional Photographer. Our community is the biggest Elementor community in Israel. As leaders we encourage the members to help each other. We also organise Online & offline Meetups. “Do what you love & love what you do” – This is my guidelines in life & in the community

Tonisha Tagoe
 London, United Kingdom

I’m a Leader of the Elementor London community, where web creators flourish and grow while gaining knowledge to succeed. As a dyslexic Entrepreneur and academic, I try to support neuro diverse members. The rapid growth of our local community proves its value.

Humberto Gregorio
 Düsseldorf, Germany

I am part of the leadership team at Dusseldorf meetup. I’m a visual-oriented Brand Designer, Brand Translator and Packaging Designer, with a wide and general skillset.

Delmar L. Whittington, II
 Atlanta, United States

I lead the Atlanta meetup group, as a gifted technologist with over 20 years of experience in information technology consulting.
I’m a strong enthusiast, evangelist, and advocate for WordPress and Elementor, specializing in building unique and custom web solutions for customers.

Sunday Ukafia
 Lagos, Nigeria

I’m passionate about building tech communities, meetups and training — as a way to bridge Africa’s digital gap and empower their youth with skills for self-reliance, as well as helping small businesses leverage tech to scale.
I’ve been enthusiastic about WordPress and Elementor for the past five years.

Kerry Wolfe
 Atlanta, GA, United States

I started the Elementor Gwinnett County meetup in February 2020. People are really appreciative of the help they get in the meetups. I look forward to growing the community and Leaders team.

Mario Röder
 Vienna, Austria

I’m a Web Developer from Vienna, Austria. I have over 13 years of experience with WordPress, specializing in WooCommerce shops and Elementor websites with fast loading time.

Michael Cremean
 Las Vegas, United States

I help organize the Elementor Las Vegas meetups. We have an active Elementor Community, and I also give free basic Elementor training at Quadshot Digital.

Carlos Vazquez
 Miami, United States

In hosting events that inspire growth and help attendees build meaningful professional relationships. leverages the power of automation to build, manage and grow businesses and communities.

Clifton Canady
 Greenville, SC, United States

I am the lead organizer of Elementor Greenville, SC Meetup Group. Alongside two other co-organizers that together we creating events and managing the meetups. I make sure all our members are happy and get the support they need with Elementor.

Gere Maurer
 Zug, Switzerland

I am committed to a local Elementor community in Switzerland. With Elementor I’m patient to build online projects that anyone can just add the content without worrying about the presentation.

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