Web creator, TV producer, business trainer, and award-winning entrepreneur — these are only a few of the hats that Tonisha Tagoe wears on a daily basis. Her passion for helping others succeed is one of the things that drives Elementor forward. And if she were CEO for one day, she would bring her dog to work.

As an enterprise educator, Tonisha has appeared on CNN, New York Times, and OK Magazine, just to name a few. Her strong work ethic helps to make Elementor one of the best website builders for WordPress users, and her contagious enthusiasm is changing the web as we know it.

As she likes to say, “Behind every focused woman is one hell of a story.” So without further ado, let’s meet Tonisha and learn all about her!

Name: Tonisha Tagoe

Profession: Enterprise Educator (Executive Education)

Which community do you lead? Elementor London meetup group

Expert profile

Passion for Community

When asked about her most memorable experiences, Tonisha talks about the thrill of seeing a beginner thrive with an effective website that yields tangible results (and a decent stream of revenue). She finds it fulfilling to see others evolve and reach their full potential, which drove her to become an Elementor community leader.

Tonisha is passionate about digital content, and she thinks page builders like Elementor are excellent tools for expressing creativity. She is enthusiastic about the software’s user experience in particular.

Through Tonisha’s work as an educator, she gets to share best practices with others at community meetups, such as the one she leads in London. The world of web development can be a lonely place sometimes, so she encourages fellow developers to connect with other professionals and grow together in an open and supportive environment. 


As a community leader, some of Tonisha’s daily duties involve showcasing the exceptional work of other members and providing constructive feedback that helps them improve their projects. Often members can implement these tips straight away. For instance, at Elementor’s show-and-tell sessions, users are invited to present their websites and ask for advice in areas where they feel stuck.

Working with Elementor

Tonisha often uses Elementor to build mini websites and landing pages for educational purposes. These multimodal forms of information help her put theory into practice, and help students, clients, or event attendees understand key content.

Her favorite thing about Elementor is that it enables users to create websites with editing blocks. That means she can pick some of the elements from other designs, and build her own unique content with them.

Tonisha believes that templates can actually limit creativity. So she encourages her students to let their imaginations fly and uses blocks to help them visualize the process. She also likes the freedom to remove the editing sidebar when she wants to, as it enables her to instantly see her work without having to navigate away from the built environment.

What functionality would she like to add to Elementor? An even wider variety of blocks. Tonisha loves their flexibility and educational value so much that she also uses them at live events, creating landing pages on the go.


Speaking Out About Dyslexia

Tonisha’s background wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her struggle with dyslexia, which she describes as a crucial part of her life. It’s because of this challenge that she developed an interest in web creation in the first place.

Being able to express herself through a series of audiovisual tools empowered her to turn this obstacle into an opportunity, carving a successful path for herself in the world of academia, technology, and entrepreneurship.

She is a recurrent speaker for Aspire2inspire Dyslexia, a charitable organization that aims to bust the stigma and change the way dyslexia is seen in society. Tonisha is a prime example that this learning difference can be a gift rather than a hindrance, and she proves that dyslexics are natural solution-finders. She keeps inspiring others with her compelling story and is a passionate advocate for the cause.

Not Just a Businesswoman

If you look up Tonisha on social media, her profiles might make it seem like she is all about her business. In fact, she has amassed an impressive following of over 46,000 people across her social networks, with over 29 million views on her business development videos.

However, Tonisha is also a mother and dog lover, and she stresses the importance her family has on her ambition to succeed. She laughs that her eighteen-year-old son is taller and smarter than her, and it’s safe to assume that she probably never sleeps in order to juggle all of her daily responsibilities.

Keeping busy is what makes her thrive, though, and she is already working on several new projects. That includes the launch of her next book, titled The Ultimate ‘Digital Fitness’ Trainer. It’s available to register for on her website, along with many other useful resources Tonisha has collected to help businesses and individuals achieve success in the digital space.

Being an accomplished web creator, one would think that no other career would suit Tonisha quite as well. So what would she have become if her life had taken a different direction? When asked, without hesitation Tonisha says that she would still have become a business trainer and executive coach, as teaching is so important to her.

Tonisha has taught across various age groups, even to those as young as six years old. In fact, she feels especially passionate about encouraging young people to develop their talents. She would love to see more junior designers join the community, as she believes their creative ideas could significantly benefit collaboration and spark new innovations.


Leading by Example

By leading other web creators and empowering them to reach their full potential regardless of their age or background, Tonisha not only provides the tools for those who want to evolve – she also actively lives her values. She’s been able to face any obstacles thrown her way on her journey so far, and the Elementor community greatly benefits from her depth of experience.

Want to join Tonisha and become an Elementor Community Leader, or host an Elementor meetup in your area? You can enroll in the Elementor leaders program – apply now!