Each month Elementor’s vibrant community hosts fascinating meetups (both in-person and virtual events) for web professionals on in-demand topics to ultimately empower you to become an even better web creator. We’ve searched high and low and spoke with our esteemed Meetup Leaders to source the best-in-class meetups that took place in the last quarter. Below are the top four meetup recordings that made it to our list.

Designing a Landing Page on Elementor | SEO vs SEM

Who is this meetup beneficial for: Elementor/WordPress beginners and advanced users

What made this meetup so great: It provided a tutorial on how to build a landing page with Elementor and it covered crucial topics like: the difference between SEO and SEM, how to implement SEO on your site, and how to leverage Google marketing tools to increase online visibility. Thanks to the meetup, the attendees are equipped with ideas and top-notch tactics to make improvements to their site’s SEO and build a successful landing page with Elementor.

Mike Scampini, our Chicago meetup leader, organized this meetup.

12 Basics for Better Typography

Who is this meetup beneficial for: As it covers the fundamentals of typography, it’s beneficial for anyone whose work involves typography or general design.

What made this meetup so great: In this well-prepared typography workshop, Humberto takes you through the do’s and don’ts of fonts – topics like font pairing, font weights and sizing are presented with incredibly practical rules of thumb. Typography can either make or break the user’s experience on your website, and this workshop enabled anyone from beginners to experts to take something valuable with them. 

Webinar presentation

Humberto Gregorio, our Meetup Leader in Düsseldorf, Germany and organizer of the Elementor Designers meetup, arranged and led this meetup, which turned out to be one of the most successful meetups to date with over 273 registrations.

Converting an Existing Site to Elementor

Who is this meetup beneficial for? Intermediate and advanced Elementor users.

What made this meetup so great? The meetup was phenomenal for attendees to create a solid strategy on how to convert an existing site to Elementor. It covered topics like: setting up a staging environment, taking inventory of all existing content and creating a plan to convert it to Elementor, de-activating unnecessary plugins, installing Elementor, recreating templates and setting global styles, and recreating page layouts. Many people dive into site conversions without a strategy for how to manage the existing site content that might be specific to the currently installed theme or plugins. This meetup will help web professionals save a lot of time and headaches by implementing and utilizing a clearly outlined strategy in advance.

Angela Bowman and Bethany Siegler, our Elementor Boulder meetup leaders, organized this meetup.

Creative Animation With Kike Rodriguez (Spanish)

Who is this meetup beneficial for? It’s helpful for both designers and developers.

What makes this meetup so great? This meetup was all about creative animation. The host, Kike, shared tons of useful tips on how to use and create animations with Elementor in a clever way. You can view the full list of animation demos that we reviewed during the meeting by clicking here. Lastly, the meetup was quite a show with all of the animations and colors – attendees were completely engrossed! 

Santiago Becerra, Alberto Perojo, and Montse Magaña, our Spain Leaders, organized this by the Barcelona and Mardid meetup groups.

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