We are getting closer to that time of the year - Black Friday. This is the date where every business owner can accumulate the biggest sales of the year.

Black Friday Marketing Tips

But other than giving a discount, what can be done to guarantee more sales on Black Friday? According to Adobe, 2016’s Black Friday brought in a record breaking $3.34 billion in online spending. 2017 holds a promise to be even better.

In this post, I want to suggest 7 ideas that you can easily implement in your site to get more sales on Black Friday. These ideas include: Hero, countdown, price table, coupon, promotion bar, single product sale offer and banner. This tutorial is published alongside the release of our Ultimate Black Friday Kit, and includes examples from the very same kit.

Let’s go over these examples, and see how to get your website ready for Black Friday in no time!

1. Add a Black Friday Hero Section

The hero section of your homepage is the one section that is most viewed by your first time visitors. This is the section that will set what kind of impression the user gets about your company and your product.

This is what makes it the perfect location to promote your special Black Friday offer. Using Elementor, you can quickly change your current hero to showcase your offer, and have it stay up there only for the limited time of the sale. By saving that section as a template, you can also use it again in future Black Friday and other sales, just by changing ’17 to ’18 and so on.

The text used in the hero section should be short and to the point, delivering the main selling point but still managing to grab the short attention and focus of the visitor.

Tip: Use a short line of text in the hero section

2. Offer a Special Coupon Sale

During Black Friday, there is one word that makes all visitors stand up with attention: ‘Coupon’. You don’t want to run a coupon campaign and have your visitors miss the attractive offer altogether. This is why you should use a designated coupon section that your visitors will notice and possibly even share.

There is a tendency to think that while coupons work on print, they aren’t the right fit for the modern online world. This is wrong! Coupons are extremely efficient in driving sales for both print and on the web. People love to copy the code, paste it in the checkout and get their discount. Even if your coupon works automatically on all sales, be sure to include it in your design to promote awareness of the sale.

Tip: Include your coupon code in your Black Friday creative, banners and designs

3. Create a Promotion Bar Your Visitors Can't Miss

People pay top dollars for advanced hello bars and other promotional bars that promise to raise conversion rates. There’s no question that these bars work, but you don’t have to use a special plugin for that.

Simply design your own unique promotion bar with Elementor, and implement it on any number of pages, or across your site. This is a great way to spread awareness for your Black Friday sale while not interfering with your website design. You only add a thin strip that contains a call to action message and button, possibly a countdown as well.

Because the top bar is a narrow and highly condensed section, it presents a greater challenge to get it looking sharp. This is why we recommend giving extra attention to designing this section, including making sure the font is readable, the color contrast is bold but not too loud, and of course the elements are well aligned and with the right padding and margin settings. Any problem related to symmetry, alignment and dimensions can ruin the entire user experience.

Tip: Spend time perfecting the top bar, because it takes some effort to get it to look just right

4. Highlight the Special Sale in Your Pricing Plans

Adding a Black Friday sale section to your homepage is not enough. You have to push the sale each and every step of the purchase process. Emphasizing the sale in the pricing page is crucial so users are enticed to complete their purchase right before they reach the checkout. Show the before after price, and possibly add a ribbon, sale bubble or countdown to create the right urgency and awareness needed on Black Friday.

Tip: Add Black Friday notices throughout the purchase process, in order to prevent transaction cancellation caused by the client failing to notice the sale

5. Create Urgency with a Countdown Timer

Adding a countdown sends a clear message to the users that if they don’t act fast they will lose the opportunity to enjoy the Black Friday sale. This urgency is an important buying motivator that has been proven to have an impact on sales and conversions.

Placing the countdown is a challenge in itself. You need to place it right so it produces the maximum results and drives the most conversions. The countdown can also be placed in creative ways, not just in call to action sections. For example, you can place it next to a newsletter registration form, so users are enticed to enter their email to get notified when the new product is released.

You can specify a whole section where the countdown is in the front. Make sure you don’t forget to remove the countdown after the counter reaches 00:00, and also don’t add the countdown too early. A countdown published 7 days before the sale will not work in favor of creating the urgency to buy your product or service, so try to get the timing right.

Tip: Time your countdowns so the target time is not too far as to remove the urgency, but is also not too soon as to get missed by the visitor altogether.

6. Make an Enticing Offer with a Bold Banner

Here is the classic banner section that includes a short and bold call to action and a minimal design. This type of design works well in banners you place in external websites, but can also work well inside your own site. The advantage with this kind of banner is that it fits anywhere on your site: in the homepage, below each blog post, in your sidebar etc.

Think of the banner as a section you would also place in external websites to drive clicks to your site. You can then add the section in a place that gets focus on your site, like your blog, so the visitor doesn’t miss your offer.

Tip: Add the section to the most popular areas on your site, like your blog, forum or top content

7. Promote Your Product in a Single Offer Section

We’ve already mentioned the importance of your pricing section during Black Friday, but online store owners have another challenge. They have to present different discounts per product, or discounts that apply only to a limited set of products. This is why we’ve included a single product offer section, that highlights a special offer for one product.

When you build the single offer sale section, it is important to present the product or service presented in the best way possible. Make sure your product has been photographed in high quality and that it looks presentable and appealing. It is important that the image integrates nicely into the section and the other elements inside the section. It should blend harmoniously with the typography, layout and colors as well, so all elements work together to drive the user to follow through with a purchase.

Tip: Customize the product photo with other elements of the section so it is properly highlighted.


Even if you only implement one of the 7 examples mentioned in this article, you are bound to increase your conversion rate this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and get more results for your business.

After you add it to your site let me know, I’d love to see your examples and possibly offer some feedback and helpful tips. Also, don’t just settle for these 7 best practices. Download the Ultimate Black Friday Kit we just released and start testing these super-converting templates on your products and services.