Introducing Form Integrations: Connect Forms to MailChimp, MailPoet & Other Services

Today we are releasing a new feature that will make it easy for you to connect to email marketing services.

Email marketing is an integral part of every online business. The formula is simple: you create a website (via Elementor, obviously), fill it with content, gain traffic and sign up these users to an email list.

The importance of email marketing is something all marketing experts seem to agree on. For example, Noah Kagan states: “Appsumo is a 7-figure business, with over 90% of our revenue generated by our email list.”

The problem is that integrating forms to email marketing services isn’t that simple and intuitive. Building a landing page with Elementor is so darn simple, why can’t building a mailing list be as simple?

I guess by now you figured out that this is my build-up for Elementor’s next release. Here it goes:

Now, form integrations to email marketing services have been made simple!

A quick recap of Elementor Forms – Back when we first introduced Elementor Forms, our focus was on providing the best experience for designing WordPress forms. This included live visual control over every aspect of the form, as well as the ability to create the entire form from one place in the frontend editor.

Expanding Form capabilities has been one of the most anticipated features by our users. Just check out this comment from last week’s feature release post, made by Simon from the UK:

“It’ll be great to see more features with the form element. It’s killing my site at the moment […] Just wondering if there are any plans to fully integrate the form element with email service providers like MailChimp? From one very happy Elementor user!”

Simon, this post is dedicated to you!


Actions - What happens after submit

We are now introducing the next step in Elementor’s form evolution. We have added the ability to control all the actions that occur after the form has been submitted. This includes adding the form submitter to an email service like Mailchimp, MailPoet and Zapier, redirecting the user to a dedicated Thank You page, adding CC and BCC to the reply email, sending shortcodes of form fields and sending a second mail.

MailChimp form integrations

MailChimp Form Integrations

Mailchimp sends over a billion emails a Day. In 2015 over 3.4M users joined their email service. The company is by far leading the ever crowded race of email marketing services. I have to mention their recent “Did You Mean” campaign, which I personally will always remember as one of the most remarkable marketing campaigns ever.

We’ve made connecting Elementor sign-up forms to MailChimp lists and groups easy… oh so easy.

In fact, if you are connecting to MailChimp in any other way, go ahead and cut those wires loose and do it with Elementor Forms. If you routinely include leads and sign-up forms in websites and landing pages you create, this will make your workflow so much easier.

After you insert the MailChimp API key you’ll be able to fully handle the form submission integration into MailChimp:

  • Add the submitted form details to a list in MailChimp
  • Add the form details to a group inside a list
  • Choose which form fields go into each of the MailChimp list fields
  • Activate the MailChimp double opt-in so MailChimp will verify the user with an email

Again, all this is handled on the frontend by the Elementor editor, without any need to use code or go to the backend.

Zapier form integration

Zapier Form Integrations

Integrating with Zapier via webhook has already been available, but we have made it easier to work with. In case you are not working with MailChimp or MailPoet, Zapier is your way to connect Elementor to other email marketing services.

If all three email services are not your style, we have also created a way developers could create integrations with other services through our API.

MailPoet Form Integrations

MailPoet Form Integrations

Another top-notch email service which resides entirely inside WordPress is MailPoet. This plugin allows you to manage newsletters, automated emails, post notifications and autoresponders right from WordPress. It is a free plugin that has over 400K active installs.

We have now made integrating with MailPoet a cinch too. You can connect your forms to your MailPoet email marketing lists and groups, so the submitted form is automatically signed up into MailPoet.

Confirmation Email (Email 2)

There are many situations where you are likely to need to send more than one email after the visitor submitted the form. Think, for example, of when you need to send the visitor who submitted a confirmation email and send the site owner a notification email that a lead has just been submitted. You can now setup a second email to be sent from the Forms widget.

Email Field Shortcodes

By default, the Elementor form widget sends you all of the form fields of the visitor who filled the form. 

You now have a lot more flexibility with the sent form. Each field includes a shortcode, so you can fully customize the submitted sent form that you receive. 

Build separate first and second emails, sending different fields to you or your team.

This also makes it easy to create a customized reply. For example, you can send your visitors who signed up a confirmation email with their details embedded inside the email. “Thank you {firstname} for signing up to our {course-type}” – This is just an example of the kind of emails you can now create.

Send Designed Email

If you want to send a designed email, you can use HTML inside the form content. If you decide to send such an email, make sure the ‘Send As’ select at the bottom of the email is set to HTML.

Redirect the User After Submit

Another action you can add is to redirect the user to a Dedicated Thank You Page. ‘Thank You’ pages are a must. They allow you to tell the visitor that submitted the form that his form has been submitted successfully, and can also be used to do some upsales. It also helps to track form conversions by placing the pixel in the Thank You page.

Add CC and BCC to the reply email

This field is for when you are sending submitted forms to your ticketing systems. It’s great for if you want a backup copy to be sent to your email. You can now use the CC and BCC fields to send the submitted form to recipients other than the main one.


Elementor Forms started out as a much simpler way to add and design forms into WordPress. The new Forms widget is much more powerful. It allows you to manage every action you need to be done after the form is submitted. This includes integrating with your email service as well as managing notifications, confirmations and thank you pages right on the Elementor editor. All this is done without once going into the backend. We plan to continue to listen to your requests and keep on making website management easier for you WordPress users.

Download Elementor today and start enjoying the power of visual form design.

About the Author

Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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176 Responses

  1. Nice!!! Exciting updates.

    Is the Zapier app already available in Zapier with a basic search, or is it in private Beta? I would like to get access.

  2. Wonderful! I’ve been waiting for this for months … I already use the Elementor + Zapier + MailChimp but now I can offer a more personalized service to my customers..Thank you guys

  3. Since we already use Gravity Forms to create and integrate forms with news services, is there any hope that you will include Gravity Form integration?

  4. Please I will appreciate if you have integration for independent mailing systems for self mail hosting or do you have that already?

  5. Awesome!! Please add an integration for MailerLite, that would be amazing!! Also looking forward to testing out the Zapier integration now.

  6. Great feature! Now, just need to combine it with modal box and we can do without one or more extra plugins … another big step forward.


  7. Thanks! Excellent upgrade!! Congrats!

    Ben, do you think in a future, the possibility to use the elementor forms, to crete a login form and also to be able to add the option of social login with one click, inside the form, like facebook or google+? That could be really interesting!!

  8. Even though I’m an (very) enthusiastic Elementor pro user, I have the strong feeling that it is time to say something ” negative ” about this kind of integrations: To my honest opinion, I do not see the added value of the form/mailchimp etc extensions build in into Elementor: There are many plugins that do the same, maybe even better. I myself use Formidable forms but there are more good alternatives. In my opinion it is a waste of time and you guys could better spent your time to develop Elementor further as the best page builder it already is 🙂 For example, making it possible to customize text in the text blocks instead of having to work in the sidebar
    But, this is just my opinion

    1. There are plugins for almost everything. Elementor already saves you from using a bunch of plugins, and having it built in to Elementor is in my opinion super convenient. We keep adding features and improvements through Elementor, and will continue to do so.

    2. I guess if you personally have no need for it, you can just choose to ignore it. There are thousands of devs (like me) that get requests from clients to embed a Mailchimp form (I only just got one last week) so it’s a huge relief to have this integration.

      Also if you go to the the Github page for Elementor, you can add your wishes to the Issues list and a dev will check it out in no time.

      1. I should clarify my comment – it’s a huge relief to have this integration *in the Elementor ecosystem* where clients can easily manage the style and appearance of said forms 🙂

  9. Please make an integration with with a Copy&Paste HTML form just like it is on the OptimizePress. This will enable integration with ANY email marketing. I have the Elementor Pro. Thank you.

  10. Hi Ben, Congrats on the next step in the evolution of Elementor. Are you planning on adding other email providers? In particular, Drip or ActiveCampaign? Also, I belong to most of the top Guru’s FaceBook sites and these are the two most popular along with Infusionsoft of course. Hope you consider it. Thanks

  11. The problem with Zapier is you only get so many zaps (and the number per month is not that large) then you get charged or forced upgrade. In other words it adds a lot to the overhead financially per month not making it viable unless you are already successful. Frankly, there are few reasons to use it for linking autoresponders because most programs build the API to the autoresponder and only suggest Zapier temporarily for this kind of reason.

  12. Too complicated… Is there a plan to implement it as you’ve implemented Mailchimp?
    (And thanks for your answer!)

    1. Not in the near future. I recommend getting a developer to create an addon to your email service. We made it easy to duplicate what we’ve done with MailChimp and MailPoet to other services.

  13. I just have to say, thank you so much for the ongoing improvements you’re making monthly to Elementor. It’s truly a delight to see that email arrive announcing new stuff to play with, it’s like Christmas every time!

    Out of all the dozens of Web 2.0+ services and products I use in my daily life, you are the only team that actually pays attention to every GitHub issue & request logged, and takes quick action on the ideas that the community voices as the most needed.

    It’s such a joy to be able to use software that not only makes the developer’s life easier, but continues to add real value to the entire build chain right down to the end-user (the client).

    Hats off to you all.

  14. Hello Ben and the entire Elementor team.

    First off I would like to say “thank you for the feature update” I have been waiting for this for a long time and it is here, well, sort of.

    If I just want to create a SIGN-UP form, this Elementor update is great in the fact that we can eliminate another plugin such as:

    However, I would like to potentially capture their submission upon using a standard form where they may be writing a message to me through a form. While I get that I can use the MailChimp integration into the forms I choose not to use it because sadly in my opinion it is SNEAKY. Without a check box to ask “join our mailing list”.

    Reasons why I would be unimpressed when sending a message via contact form and being signed up for a newsletter:

    The form would need to state “by writing to us, you will automatically be added to our mailing list… or “don’t be alarmed, but every time you message us, you will receive a double opt in to join our mailing list.

    If the form didn’t state the above, and just joined me to the mailing list, I would think it is sneaky. If I received a “confirm you joined the mailing list” — I would think needy and unprofessional.

    I know, I know, you can say “have a join our mailer on your site” — as a separate form. To this I say “never miss an opportunity to get people to join your mailing list.

    This message is starting to become long for a comment. But I would like to say this “I am a HAPPY customer” — and I think this is something that needs to be addressed in a future update.

    While I’m here, I’m going to make a feature request as it is very similar to my check box request. Can we get a check box in the comment section like other newsletter add ons have sometimes implement?

    Actually two request assuming my request for a check box confirmation gets added. Can we get the option to have the check box turned on by default?

    Again, love what I am seeing with Elementor and Elementor Pro. Not a hater, but just felt this needed to be addressed.

    I sure hope this option isn’t there and I missed it. If I did, my mistake. But I looked and it doesn’t appear to be there.

    Thank you Ben and team, all the very best!

  15. Hi, I have Elementor Pro but my actions after submit does not have the Mailchimp option. How do I get that in the selector?
    I LOVE this plugin, thank you.

  16. Really excited about the Mailchimp integration because I’d rather not have to go through Zapier. However I followed the video and it didn’t work like this for me. The API didn’t bring up any lists and there were no other fields underneath (Groups, Double Opt In, Form Fields, etc). My Elementor Pro plugin is up to date. Any ideas why? Thanks. Otherwise I’m loving Elementor.

  17. This is wonderful, thank you!! The only thing that would make it even better for me would be the ability to route emails based on selection criteria. I tend to need that often for clients.

    Thanks again!

  18. That would be nice but looks like at this time, Ben Pines would like you to use Zapier to connect to Active Campaign or develop and Elementor Add-On to connect to your email service of choice.

  19. Could you elaborate on that suggestion for a noncoder, but good at following instructions 🙂 I was just about to ask if Elementor has an ability to show a popup with the subscribe form after clicking a button (register, subscribe, enroll etc…).

  20. Hello Ben,

    Please, I use Sendinblue for my email marketing.

    I want start to integrate all my form with my email provider.

    Mailchimp, Zaiper are not what use

    I do I use the API you are referring to this article?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  21. Is there a way to integrate a form in Elementor that functions the way that “Social Locker” works, where content is behind a page where a particular social action is neede to be taken, such as liking on Facebook or referring another person on email, etc ? We have a value-added piece that we want to trade this kind of social value before granting access to.

  22. Please help people integrate Infusionsoft.

    It is a VERY used tool in this market.

    How do we integrate it with the API that you commented on other pages? Could you create a video on how to do this?

  23. I am setting up a theme showcase site. Would elementor forms be able to take a simple form submission (name/email/website url/categories) then pipe the information over to a mailing list like mailchimp and subsequently create a post (while generating a website screenshot from URL) after the user subscribes to the mailing list?

  24. Two questions:

    – Does the form have a multi-step option?

    – Is conditional redirect possible? Redirect to a specific page based on a selected radio option in the form.

      1. I’d love to know how to pass form data to the redirected page to be used in the thank-you page content.

        Inspecting the code of the redirect page the data is not hidden nor passed as url vars.

        I tried using the form field’s shortcodes, both in content of the redirect page and the redirect url i.e. /thank-you/?name=[field id=”name”] for example but this breaks the redirect.

      1. Ben, it would be good to add registration forms, sure as I do there are people who do not know about programming, which would be of great help. Thank you

  25. This is all good and well, but for me, forms are still missing a pretty essential feature. That is the ability to see submissions in the WP dashboard. This is a basic must-have. I know there are plugins that can make this happen, but if the point of elementor forms is to remove the need for an additional plugin then this is a major oversight.

    Adding form is really easy, as is styling them. Great work so far.

  26. Yes Ben, we too really need to be able to drag and drop RAW HTML from Infusionsoft forms. Infusionsoft has over 50k users, so it would certainly be worth your time to do that. We do use Zapier, but don’t want to with this specific action. Better to connect straight to the API
    (launching new Elementor version of our site next week)

  27. Hi Ben,
    great article, elmentor is great.
    But I would like to retrieve the fields value from a form.
    You wrote “it is possible through our hidden fields feature” : can U explain how.


  28. Hi,
    I was creating an event form and it was miss ”date” and ”upload_image” types. I really need to import them as soon as possible.If you have any solution or upcoming updates improving the form widget.
    Thanks in advance for your time.

  29. How do I pass field names and form values via a redirect string. I need to pass the completed field values to SalesForce/Pardot via redirect.

    Also if I’m using redirect field to do this I need another way to send someone to a thank you page.

  30. HI, When I use a multiple select field only the last field selected is included in the shortcode that I put in the email. How do I get round this?

  31. Hi,

    I’m not sure but I think the responses from the Elementor form is not tabulated anywhere like Formidable Form does.

    So, is there a way to integrate that with Google Drive, for example, so that we get a tabulated data?

    Thanks! Elementor is awesome!!

  32. HTML FORMS: There are many email marketing services out there and more are being built every day. Many of them can show a form on your website as HTML code you can paste onto your site. So why not allow HTML to be entered into an Elementor form? This would make it so much easier to integrate those services with Elementor – particularly when Elementor staff don’t have the time to do every new integration. For example, this would allow Mautic and ConvertFox to be integrated into Elementor.

    This can be done with Elegant Themes’ Bloom and Thrive Themes’ Thrive Leads allowing them to be highly flexible and usable no matter the Email Marketing service. I wish Elementor could do this as well for its forms.

  33. Hi Ben, I’m confused. I did the same you explain in the video but if the email2 is activated, apperars “server error. Form not sent”. Mailchimp is running ok. The list is growing without a proble, but I can’t send the confirmation email. What can I do?

  34. Hi Team, Great work with Elementor and email integrations.

    We use MailerLite and wonder if you plan to release an update to integrate MailerLite as well? I did see some other comments asking for the feature so this is a follow up if there’s been any plan to do it in the future?

    If you can, that’d be great 😉


  35. Is it possible to pass the form values along to the redirect url?
    That is, I would like to send the data that the user has filled out, along to the url specified in the “Actions after submit” value for “redirect”. It’s nice to have Elementor validate the data, but once that is done, I want to send it to another page for processing.

  36. Hi Ben, do you mean that if I add the code below, the $record is passed into the $_GET array?

    add_filter( ‘elementor_pro/forms/webhooks/request_args’, function( $args, $record ) {
    // Add additional data to the request body
    $args[‘body’][‘user_id’] = get_current_user_id();

    return $args;
    }, 10, 2 );

  37. Hi!

    I’m using Elementor and Sendinblue, as one of the users here but… we are not developers and don’t know what to do with that link to the API documentation :\

    Is there a way to integrate it or do you plan to do it in future updates?


  38. Hi Ben, This is a great article and I love Elementor. I just signed up to GoDaddy email marketing. Do you have any information on how to set GoDaddy Email Marketing tool with Elementor? I’m not a designer and I was hoping for an easy solution similar to Mail Chimp.

  39. I don’t see information on the custom messages. In “Additional options”. I have activated them but they don’t appear anywhere when somebody sends a form. PLEASE tell me what to do. Thank you.

  40. I am using Elementor pro now I want to integrate mautic when the form is submnited also data is submitted to mautic kindly suggeted me solution how can i integrate ?

    Looking for a positive response

    thank you

  41. Congratulations. In the meantime I migrated to a Brazilian email marketing service called “Klicksend”. Would not you have a suggestion of how I integrate it with Elementor? This is giving me a big headache because I have to use the HTML element to insert a form that gets very ugly inside the site. The name is “Klicksend”, could not this integration happen?

    1. Hi Fabio. Have you tried contact KlickSend support team? Even though I’m not an expert in this specific tool, I know how proactive they are outthere, so I’m quite sure there is a better integration already in place! Try it!

  42. I would like to send the data that the user has filled out, along to the url specified in the “Actions after submit” value for “redirect”. It’s nice to have Elementor validate the data, but once that is done, I want to send it to another page for processing.

  43. My client would appreciate if you could add Robly support. It looks like I’ll have to find some plugins to workaround the lack of support, but I wish I could just stick with Elementor’s forms.

  44. Amazing article and I love Elementor web builder. I just signed up to Hubspot email marketing. Do you have any information on how to set Hubspot Email Marketing tool with Elementor? I’m not a designer or developer and I was hoping for an easy solution using to Mail Chimp.

  45. Any chance you’ll be adding Kartra? It’s an amazing platform and growing like crazy. Even if you allowed me to copy the Kartra form code into a pop-up would be acceptable for now. Thanks for considering.

  46. The problem with using Zapier for all the ones missing is I’ve already maxed my 5 free ones out with tons of other services that connect to Zapier. I don’t want to add another $35 monthly fee to my financial limits. Im sure others are in the same predicament.

  47. Hello Guys,
    This is a nice post, Thank you for the valuable information you have shared with us, I love using elementor, it is the best page builder here is a page made using elementor.

  48. Sir is it possible to store the form data in MySQL database after we make a
    form using Elementor ?…….please reply….thank you…

  49. Hello Ben,

    We work with sendinblue. Are there options for linking sendinblue ????? I see that there are already more questions about it …..

    Thanks so far.

  50. “If all three email services are not your style, we have also created a way developers could create integrations with other services through our API.”

    That’s it, one line? How does one access this way to create integrations with other services through API?

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