Choosing between Elementor Kits WordPress Themes or building a theme


It is time to start thinking about how to present your contents and assets on the web page using the Elementor Editor for your visitors.

Whether you have never built a website before, or you have built many sites. You now need to consider starting with a kit, or just trying out some of the sections and widgets.

You ask: I am familiar with how to use Elementor, Why do I need kits? Kits are not just for beginners! Even advanced users can find our kits useful. Especially by using the wireframe kits to speed up your workflow.

Starting with a Kit

With over 100 designer-made website kits created to fit any industry, an Elementor Website kit is a great starting point for any web creator.

You ask: I have never made a website, should I start with a Kit?

You may choose to start with one of the premade kits from our Kit Library. There you will find many template and layout resources. If you like to start with something a bit more finished, then this is the best way for you to have your website up and running quickly.

You say: I have used the Elementor editor a little bit but still need help with the best layout practices.

The library contains kits called Wireframes. These kits are more bareboned and focus on layouts without distraction. These are designed for users that want to start creating from a template but do not want to import stock images, media, and other assets.

You say: I just want to dive right into the editor and start designing. 

Nothing wrong with diving right in and getting wet. You can delete sections, columns, and widgets, or use the history and revisions if you make a few mistakes. If you get too far into the deep end, you can always restore your Elementor Cloud Website back to an earlier version or delete it and start completely over.

Using a WordPress Theme

You may ask: What is a WordPress theme and why does my Elementor hosted website need them?

“WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the visual presentation of your content and other data on your WordPress site” Source: 

WordPress has used themes since the beginning of their development. They controlled everything concerning the layout and feel of your website until add-ons like Elementor became a more efficient way to manage this.

You ask: What theme should I use?

The Hello Theme, created by Elementor, comes already installed on your Elementor hosted website. While we recommend using it,  you may install hundreds of other themes available through the WordPress repository, and third parties such as ThemeForest* and Envato. Installing themes can be done through the WordPress theme customizer or dashboard.

*Note: If buying themes from third-parties such as ThemeForest, be sure to check their compatibility with Elementor. Many themes on these sites may use other builders or are not fully compatible with the latest versions of an Elementor hosted website.

You say: I am having trouble with a theme I bought!

If you run into an issue with your theme, your theme support will be able to fix the problem by contacting us and/or by checking our documentation for developers. You also have the option to switch to our barebone Hello Theme, in this case.

The Elementor Website Theme Builder

Elementor isn’t merely a page builder any longer. Elementor has expanded on the older “page builder” concept to include the ability to design areas that your WordPress theme normally controls. This is what we refer to as the  Theme Builder.

The result is the best website builder choice for designers, developers and newbies alike. You can manage all your site parts in the Theme Builder.

The Elementor Website Builder Theme Builder follows the WordPress Template Hierarchy. This includes the following standard templates:

Once you have the WooCommerce plugin installed, you will additionally have these templates.

With Elementor hosted websites, the “page builder” concept has morphed into that of a “theme builder”.


Now that you have a better understanding of your options when starting your design, you can make the best choice for your needs. And don’t worry, you can always revert your changes or restore from backups.

What’s Next

You may learn more about selecting a kit from this guide.

Learn more on how kits work and their structure.

Prefer to start without a kit or already have a WordPress/Elementor website?

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