Why We Decided to Build Another Page Builder for WordPress

It’s been three weeks since the launch of Elementor, and even though we came across a few unexpected events, like the surprise addition to Product Hunt we wrote about, Elementor is spreading at a very pleasing rate, already with over 13,000 downloads and over 3,000 active installs.

Since launching Elementor, we’ve been getting the same questions time and time again: “Why another page builder?”, “Is it really free?”, “How are you planning to make money?” and “What will the paid plan look like?”.

This is why we decided to release this roadmap post, to give you a clearer view of where we are coming from and where we’re headed.

01. Why another page builder?

We decided to develop Elementor after working in the WordPress industry for several years. We couldn’t understand why other DIY platforms like Wix, SquareSpace and Weebly offered such great page builder interfaces, and WordPress did not.

Isn’t it only logical to assume that the most popular website CMS in the world would offer a convenient way for users to build beautiful website pages? The technology was there, just not offered in WordPress. We decided to create this solution, so every WordPress user can easily build their website in the best possible way.

Yes, there are many page builders for WordPress. Sadly, we found none of them offered a truly satisfying solution. In fact, the reason there are so many page builders is exactly because none of them has excelled to become the standard.

With Elementor, we tried to set a product that would become the new standard, as the most popular and widespread page builder plugin.

With Elementor, we tried to set a product that would become the new standard, as the most popular and widespread page builder plugin.

Among the areas it excels at:

1. Response. With its instant drag and drop, you are able to add widgets to the page with absolute no waiting for loading.

2. Frontend. Real live page editing, without the need to press on preview.

3. UI. A well crafted user interface, with every control positioned after careful thought and consideration.

4. Pixel perfect. Every widget comes with many customization options that allow to create unique designs.

5. Free & Open Source. The final excelling point is giving it away. This serves both as a means to spread the plugin to a wider user base, as well as a way to encourage developers to contribute and further extend the plugin.

02. Elementor is free forever

We’ve gotten a lot of questions on this, so once and for all: there’s no catch. no hook. no twist.

As I already mentioned, we wanted to create a worthy competitor of DIY builders, and make this competitor as widespread as possible. This is the key reason why we decided to release it as a free and open source plugin. It was more than a marketing technique.

At the time when we decided to develop this plugin, we already had a successful theme company that only focused on premium paid themes and offered no free plan. We knew the paid business model inside out. Going with a whole different model of GPL was much more difficult and unfamiliar, but we chose to go this way anyway, in order to make our vision of a great page builder for WordPress come true.

No other page builder has ever released as many features in the free open source plugin plan. We decided to do so, because we believe it is a win win for everyone. Obviously for the users getting an excellent plugin for free, but also for the future paying users, that will enjoy the community contribution to the plugin. Open source is also a win for us, because we benefit from the larger audience and lower marketing costs.

03. How are you planning to make money?

There will definitely be a paid plan. There, I said it.

We will be charging money for Elementor Pro, which is already in development. It’s hard to give an exact date for release, but in the next two to three months we expect to release it. The focus for Elementor Pro will be features that are related to promotion, conversion and engagement.

The focus for Elementor Pro will be features that are related to promotion, conversion and engagement.

We will never take out any design feature or widget that we currently have on Elementor. Moreover, we will keep adding new widgets and features to the free plan, like the two new widgets we just released, and the upcoming animation feature we will soon add to all our widgets and elements.

04. Join our journey

Our goal is to get as many websites as possible made in Elementor (#MadeInElementor). We could really use your help. We’ve already gotten a lot of support and positive feedback from the WordPress community, and a lot of inquiries into how to join in and become Elementor contributors. Right now, we could use help from three main contributors:

1. Developers. Our plan is for developers to add extensions and improve Elementor in every way possible. We also encourage theme developers to include Elementor as the page builder in their theme. We are planning to publish a tutorial for developers who want to incorporate their own widgets and plugins within Elementor. In the meantime, you can suggest new ideas on our GitHub page.

2. Designers. We set out to develop a solution that is first and foremost intended to help designers in their day to day work. This is why we are inviting designers to join the discussion on GitHub and contribute their ideas, needs, wants and thoughts. In the future we have more ways we plan to incorporate designers, but this is something still to come.

3. Translators. We’ve built Elementor to be truly multilingual, and we are glad a lot of translators have already started working on translating it to various languages, including German, French, Japanese, Hebrew, Portuguese and Greek. To translate it, you don’t need to use any program. It’s all done online through the translation page. Here is a guide we recently published explaining how to translate Elementor.

How to add your own widgets?

We will be soon releasing a guide for adding widgets. Basically widgets are added to the Elementor panel automatically, so you can simply drag and drop the widget. You can also use shortcodes in the text widget. We are also working on an API which will set a standard process for contributing to Elementor and extending it.

I hope this article answers some of the queries you had about Elementor. If you have other questions, I encourage you to comment on this post.

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26 Responses

  1. Project very interesting.
    I am very happy with the plugin.
    There are plans to create a market where developers external to your team can promote our products?

    And I wanted to help develop new features or fix bugs, how can I do that?

    1. Our focus right now is on internal development of the plugin, but in the future a marketplace is possible.
      You can best help by communicating with us via GitHub.

  2. hi,
    I added the social networking widget but the spacing does not seem to be not working. I have the icons spaced at 18 but there is no spacing at all. I tried increasing and decreasing the spacing but nothing happens. Suggestions?

  3. I’m really liking the look of this but am new to WP… do you have any videos showing how you took the theme such as Leader and turned it into template-app example (the one top left on the home page in the Take a Look section). That’s the sort of design i’m wanting to put together but not clear how you have got from Leader base template to that final look?!?!?

  4. Hi .
    we implemented Elementor but need to copy and Past table that the content was updated .
    is there a way to copy , drag & drop a table ? remaining its size and position
    is it possible to change fonts and size only to part of the sentence .
    need also more fonts in Hebrew

    I am an expert in M/M Human engineering so you can use me


    1. You can try pasting the HTML table into our text editor widget. We still don’t have a table widget. Regarding Hebrew fonts, all Google fonts are already inside Elementor, including Frank Ruhl Libre, Varela Round, Amatica SC, David Libre, Miriam Libre, Heebo, Suez One, Rubik, Assistant, Secular One, Open Sans and Alef.

  5. Amazing product. I already can’t live without it, and I have only put it on one site, so far. This is a perfect complement to Formidable Pro. So much easier to make a full site. Thanks!

  6. Hi, Elementor ist great stuff!
    But I have a problem:
    Editing when using my own created theme I only see frames and not a live preview of a page.
    So what is the minimum requeirement in a theme for running Elementor?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Elementor edits whatever is within ‘the_content’. There is no minimum requirement, only that ‘the_content’ function is called in your theme’s page.

  7. hy ben,

    i just found out about elementor after (another) frustrated google search about page builders that let me add my own widgets with plugins or theme settings.

    first of all i want to say that it looks great. adding it to a production site and setting some global styles through my theme and finally adding content is done in minutes!

    only two questions so far:
    – as i would like to use it for client sites, it would be great to completely disable style settings and enable content input only for specific user roles. there are two settings so far for colors and typography, but changing them does not seem to make any changes to elementor in my case. are you planning to include such a setting in future? could be also a pro feature, which will be definitely worth its money as guess 😉
    – as mentioned above, i would also like to add some extra widgets for very specific content elements per site. you already mentioned to add an api for that. i found a blog which describes adding elements by now, so i wanted to ask if it is safe to follow this description? https://dtbaker.net/web-development/creating-your-own-custom-elementor-widgets/

    thanks for your great work and good luck with the premium business,

    1. Hi Matt,
      – Preventing style changes and allowing only content changes for certain roles is something we are planning.
      – I’d ask you to wait for the API that will be released in the really near future.

  8. Hi,

    I was searching for a page builder and found this is great plugin.
    I’m creating a wordpress theme for selling on themeforest and I want to know if I can use the elementor page builder plugin in my theme or do I need to buy a license?

    Thank you.

  9. Hello, I would like to know if I could use Elementor plugin in other then WordPress, like in word so a person can build his pages for future use. This is my first time website and using Elementor and I really love it. Thank you

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