It happened on Saturday, of all days. After 3 days of post launch, no-sleep and working around the clock, we hoped to get at least one full day of rest. The web had different plans.

Without our knowledge, and right in the middle of our weekend rest, someone posted Elementor on Product Hunt, and it got on the top results of the day on its own.


We planned to launch on product hunt a few weeks later. This was planned for when the work around the launch would subside a little, and after we already had an intro video for Elementor. We had to immediately change our plans and start working on creating the right buzz on Product Hunt.

Getting on Product Hunt

For those of you aren’t familiar with Product Hunt, it’s a website that lets users, called hunters, share the new products they had discovered to other users. The products that get the most votes of the day rise to the top. You don’t want to get lost in the abundance of launched products. To avoid this, it is advised to contact your friends and colleagues and let them know about getting on PH.

So, it was already Saturday evening, and we had to quickly notify our network of friends that Elementor was “hunted”.

I’m glad to say things turned out fine. We finished the day with about 300 upvotes. This was only surpassed by one product that day, and this number of upvotes is rising. We now hope to reach enough to enter the site’s weekly list, so if you haven’t voted yet, head out to our page and see what the fuss is about. Here is the link for Elementor’s Product Hunt page.

We have a lot more to tell you. People are loving our plugin. We’ve gotten a bit of coverage on the Advanced Facebook group. We also got mentions on Russian, Japanese and other blogs from around the world. The Japanese blogger even created a video tutorial for Elementor. There was another Hebrew tutorial made by Omer Herzog.

If you haven’t already tried Elementor, the fastest frontend page builder for WordPress, head over to the WordPress repository and install it on you site.