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image carousel gallery

As promised, we are continuing to add more and more features to Elementor. Today I am happy to introduce you to two new widgets added to Elementor. We are adding two visual widgets that perform the same function as slider, image and carousel plugins. These are the Image Carousel widget and Image Gallery widget.

Image Carousel

The Image Carousel widget lets you add a collection of images that rotate in a sliding carousel. This is a great widget for displaying images or a set of logos that rotate with animation on WordPress. You can create a carousel that displays a single slide that interchanges automatically or with navigation buttons. Another option is to create a carousel with various image columns that interchange according to your custom setting.
image carousel
If you delve deeper into this widget, you’ll find that we’ve added complete control over every element and setting in the carousel. This is really helpful to make the slide fit perfectly into any page design you create. Among these settings are: Image Size, Slides to Show, Slides to Scroll, Image Stretch, Navigation by Arrows, Dots or Both. You also have control over: slide effect, speed, direction of the rotation, autoplay and more.
image carousel
Here’s a bonus: if you set the Carousel to display one image at a time, it functions exactly the same as a regular slider. You can use it to create a large image slider for your homepage or landing pages.

Image Gallery

The Image Gallery widget lets you add image galleries into the page, in much the same way as the WordPress integrated gallery, only with much more control and without the need to use pesky shortcodes.

image gallery

When you add a gallery you need to set the number of columns from 1 to 10, and choose whether the image will link to the image file, the image page or will not be linked at all. You can also randomly arrange the order of the images.

This widget also includes advanced design settings that let you set a custom spacing between images or change the caption design.

Coming Soon

We are currently working on an animation feature that will let you add animation effects to any widget on the page. This way you can create amazing interactive pages, as well as accentuate certain areas that you want the visitor to focus on.

Other Announcements

  • Last week we hit the 2,000 active installs mark. A truly great achievement to get only three weeks after launching Elementor. We appreciate your support in sharing this plugin.
  • A special thanks goes to WebDesignerDepot, for including us in their June edition of what’s new for designers and developers. Another special mention goes to WP Mayor for giving us the opportunity to write about Elementor. Last but not least,, that included us in their 259th issue.
  • We also would like to thank the wonderful translators that have already added translations to several languages. The latest addition is a Portuguese translation (pt_BR), added by Orangeweb. Obrigado Orangeweb!

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Ben Pines
Ben Pines
Elementor evangelist & head of content. Follow me on Twitter

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64 Responses

  1. Good afternoon. I’m using Customizr theme in wordpress and its not working am I missing something? thank you very much

    1. We will be releasing a guide for adding widgets. Basically widgets are added automatically, so you can simply drag and drop the widget. You can also use shortcodes in the text widget.

  2. We just started to implement Elementor. Why does it show: Page Settings (Soon) and Revisions History (Soon)?
    How do I change the size of pics and how do I change the font of text only in one place?

    1. Hi Aizenman,
      It shows the soon notices because this is a feature we will be releasing in the future.
      You can change the size of pics by going to the style tab > size:
      You can change the font of all texts from the top left hamburger button > Fonts

  3. I can not get the captions in the photo gallery to show up. Is there a glitch in the system, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks

    1. Just checked and it works fine for me. Are you using Elementor’s Image Gallery widget? Can you turn off all other plugins and test it again? Which theme are you using? If you still experience difficulty please send a support ticket to support at elementor dot com.

  4. In the post above the second “Image Carousel” heading should probably read “Image Gallery”.

    Thanks for Elementor btw. I only just got started, but it seems to be a game changer. Simple theme and Elementor instead of complex theme with built-in pagebuilder.

  5. Is it possible to link each image to a custom url, or do all images link to the same custom url. Often slides link to different places within the website. Thanks for the great work.

  6. Hi there! I was hoping to learn how I can adjust it so I can have a variable width carousel images. I want it to have the same height but scale the horizontal images to fit automatically to align and form a clean slide. Thank you!

  7. If Jasmin is having the same problem I am having with the carousel widget, this does not fix the problem.

    Horizontal images do not stretch/fit on the carousel the same way vertical images do. The height of horizontal images in the carousel remains smaller than the vertical image height event when you change the image size in the widget. The images I am using have the same height in pixels and this is still a problem.

    If I can’t get this to work I will be forced to use a different product, which would suck because I love everything else Elementor offers. Please help!

  8. YES! This is exactly my issue – already tried what was suggested prior to asking and it is not working for me. I would love to know if this is at all possible with Elementor.

  9. I have tried using images all the same size. If they are anything but a vertical 4×6 orientation they fall short of the height of the carousel. Yes, they are of high enough resolution.

    Ideally, I want a gallery with both vertical and horizontal images, like most galleries offer. The images I am using are all the same amount of pixels on the long edge of the photos, and all 4×6 orientation.

    If this is not possible with Elementor, and I can only use all square or vertical or horizontal images, I would like to know so I can stop wasting my time.

    If it is possible, who can I talk to to help me with this? The widget tutorial videos do not address this problem.

  10. Hi! thanks for your Elementor. It’s the greatest than other builders i think. By the way, I am using an “image carousel” and making 2 images slide, but I can’t make two images get distinct links. I can only make them get one link. I want N images and N links, not one link. Can you help me?

  11. Hi Ben,
    Is it possible to create the same call to action button inside the slider ?
    I don’t see how I can create a button at all
    Thank you,

  12. Dear Ben,

    everything works perfectly, I only miss the option of making a preview of the images from gallery.

    Thank you and best regards, J

  13. Is that possible to embed link on Image? What if I want to link Logo of sponsor to their website?
    As I don’t want to customize the core, that will be issues after upgrade.


    1. Are you talking about images in our Gallery or Carousel widget? If Carousel, I suggest you use the Slides widget in Elementor Pro, it can link any image to any site you like.

  14. hi, i’m trying to use carousel bur I have a 2 problems.
    1. when I choose 2 pictures to be in “slides to show” and pick manually size for them, I can’t control the gaps between them. either the gap is to big or to small…is there a way to change it manually? Tnx!

  15. Hi Ben, I’ve had the same problem 🙂 It shows up in the Elementor Editor but after saving, not on the front end of the page.

    Regards, Rachel

  16. Hola Ben. ¿Cómo puedo hacer para que, mostrando sólo una imagen, cuando haga clic sobre ella (sin salir de esa misma página) realice un efecto lightbox y pueda navegar con flechas por el resto de fotografía? Como se puede realizar.
    Muchas gracias y un saludo

  17. HI – is there any update on adding a custom URL to each image in the carousel?

    I have tried using Slides instead of Carousel but the images don’t resize on different sized windows, which they do using carousel. Am I missing something ? Thank you!

      1. Thanks Ben.

        It’s a shame as it would be so good!

        Do you mean that there’s no way to do individual custom URLs or that there’s no way to make sure images in the slider resize? Thanks 🙂

  18. I like the image gallery widget. I would like to see a feature where we could add pagination to our galleries so viewers wouldn’t have to scroll too far to see all of the images. And maybe even a way to categorize our images.

  19. Hi,
    please add masonry grid view for image gallery. I’d try use 3rd party plugins for that but it didn’t work correctly (there was conflicts with lightbox view).

    I think it will be great and useful feature.

  20. Do you think, that possibly a user of a page would click on a image of a product expecting to see the product page that comes with it??
    I’ve only just launched and my first user asked me the question of why the images in the gallery didnt do this, seems like a glaringly obvious omission…

  21. Is it possible to sort images randomly in the Image Carousel options? I’ve been able to randomize my portfolios with Elementor but I don’t see an option for this or way to make it work. I’m open to any suggestions… this would be absolutely perfect for what I’m working on.

  22. Hi, are you planning to add tabs to the carousel?

    In fact what I’d really like is to be able to add a tabbed carousel within an Elementor tab I’ve already created e.g. Food & Drink.

    The carousel would then display categories e.g. French, Spicy – navigable through the tabs above it if that makes sense?

    Regards, Steve

  23. Hey there,

    I’m creating a website and I’m using elementor free version and the image gallery widget, but I have an issue with it.
    I want to have a 33 image galley on a page, but elementor and the widget only display 11 images, no matter of the size, the number of columns… ect… it always showed only 11 images.

    Is there a solution to my problem ? 🙂

    Thanks for your answer,


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