Today we are happy to release 3 brand new premium WordPress templates, that are all part of one ski resort website set, offered for the enjoyment of all our Pro users.

As with all our previous templates, you are free to use all the images inside. The templates have also been adapted to all devices, making them 100% mobile responsive.

Let’s take a closer look at this cool templates, and review all the pro widgets that have been incorporated into each page.

Home Page Template

The main homepage template for this set includes the use of the Form and Flip Box widgets, as well as the recently added Testimonial Carousel. The homepage has a strong focus on visuals, which makes it perfect for showcasing other travel destinations and resorts.

Services Page Template

Don’t you just love that cute squirrel blissfully chewing on a nut? Here we have another great template filled with eye catching imagery. The template includes everything you need from a ski resort services page: main hero image, information about the restaurant and spa, plus a list of the resort’s equipment.

About Page Template

Here is a great example of an Elementor about page, that presents information about the resort in a stylish manner. It also showcases images of the spa in a well crafted grid. If you use this template for your own spa resort clients, don’t forget to change the images – or the resort’s clients might get disappointed when they arrive on scene.

More Elementor Templates Coming Up...

To get the new templates, go to Dashboard > Elementor > Tools, and click on Sync Library.

We have a lot more templates coming your way real soon, so be sure to subscribe so you can get the first look on what’s to come next.

If you have a certain topic or widget you’d like to see in future Pro and free templates, drop us a line and let us know.