While Elementor gives you the power to create designs from scratch, sometimes it's better to start with a pre-made template. In this article, we explore 10 free and premium WordPress portfolio templates (Elementor templates of course).

Portfolio Templates

Update: We recently released a Portfolio Template Kit, free for our Pro subscribers. Check it out!

In our previous article, we’ve discussed essential rules for creating a stellar portfolio. Since the goal of every portfolio is to deliver the information in an easy-to-consume way, it’s vital to create a layout that honors the content. Building a website and creating the right layout can be a daunting task since there are many considerations to take to heart, including color combinations, negative space, and fonts.

While Elementor gives you the power to create designs from scratch (using our Portfolio Gallery widget), sometimes you might want to save time and use a pre-made template. In this article, I want to share a list of 10 great WordPress templates that you can use as a foundation for your next portfolio (and be sure to check these standout examples of web design portfolios for some inspiration).

1. The Tek Portfolio Template

Template source: AnalogWP (You need to install and activate AnalogWP plugin for WordPress)

Ideal for: graphic and visual designers, developers

Pricing: FREE

Tek is a simple, yet efficient one-page template. It starts with a quick introduction which shows visitors a large photo of a designer paired with basic information about him.

Photographer Templates

Next come two sections: ‘About me’, which provides more information about the person, and Skills, which describes the designer’s skills in detail.

About Me Template

The actual works can be presented right below the ‘About me’ section.

WordPress Template

The template also features the ready-to-use contact form that invites visitors to get in touch.

Fashion Template

2. The Fashion Photographer Template

Template source: Elementor Library

Ideal for: photographers

Pricing: FREE

This portfolio features a split screen in a hero section. A split screen is an effective way to direct user attention from one object to another. In this case, the attention of the users first goes to the photo, then shortly after that to the message.

Fashion Photographer Template

Since it’s a portfolio of a fashion photographer, the significant part of the page is dedicated to pictures. This portfolio uses a masonry grid layout with different sizes of the images. This layout is an excellent choice if you want to convey visual interest.

Grid of images

This layout has a dedicated section for testimonials. Good testimonials can significantly improve the level of trust and increase the chances that visitors will get in touch with a person.


3. Monstroid 2

Template source: Template Monster

Ideal for: creative agencies, graphic designers

Pricing: $75

Monstroid 2 is by far one of the most flexible templates available for WordPress. You can use it for various purposes, including creating a portfolio. Monstroid 2 is ideal if you need to highlight your brand.

Monstroid 2​

The template features a few helpful scripts such as animated microinteractions – nice on-hover effects create a sense of fine craftsmanship.

Monstroid 2​

4. The Portfolio Template by Mojo Marketplace

Template source: Mojo Marketplace

Ideal for: creative agencies

Pricing: $59

Portfolio is an excellent choice for people and companies who prefer to present their work in a structured way. The layout consists of the sections, and each section provides answers to common questions that visitors may have — what you offer, what projects you’ve worked on and how to get in touch with you.

Portfolio Template white

5. Creative Agency Template by Envato Elements

Template Source: Envato Elements (you will need to install and activate the free plugin)

Ideal for: photographers / web designers / creative agencies

Pricing: FREE

Images are a powerful tool for conveying the message. The Creative Agency template that you can get from Envato Elements is built around the concept of using imagery to deliver the primary message. It is a very visually-centric template that relies on imagery to create an emotional connection with visitors.

Portfolio Minimal

6. Neve: A Free Elementor Template by Themeisle

Template Source: Themeisle

Ideal for: startups, agencies, photographers

Pricing: FREE

It’s a well-known fact that emotions play a key role in our lives. Many decisions we make are emotional rather than logical. Not surprisingly, emotions play a crucial role in product design.

When it comes to selecting a layout for your portfolio, it’s not enough to have great content of features; they also should be presented to users in a way that makes them feel the design. Neve template follows this approach of emotional design when delivering the information to visitors. The magic happens when you scroll – Parallax and lazy loading effects create a great feeling of well-crafted layout. And overlay content blocks make the user feel that they read a high-class print magazine.

Neve Free Template

7. The Novelistic Template

Template source: Template Monster

Ideal for: Graphic and web designers, writers

Pricing: $7

Color is a multipurpose tool. Not only can color create a mood; it can engage users or even guide them. This template uses color as a functional tool—dark tones used together with modern, catchy typography create an expectation that this portfolio is something special and can engage visitors to scroll for more information.

Graphic designer template

8. RokoPhoto: An Elementor Template for Creative Agencies

Template Source: Themeisle

Ideal for: creative agencies

Pricing: Starting from $69

Want to add a creative touch to your work? No problem. RokoPhoto theme follows the original way for presenting the information. Each work is presented in a grid. The magic happens when the user hovers over the cell – the smooth animated effect is used to reveal more information about each piece.

Elementor Template

9. Amateur: Photographer Template by Analogwp

Template source: Analogwp

Ideal for: photographers

Pricing: FREE

Content is king, and visual layout should salute to the king. This template pairs clean, minimalist design with easy-to-scan Zig-zag layout. By removing distraction and playing with the size and location of objects, you put the entire focus on your work. But since your work will have a lot of attention, be sure to select only the best examples of your work.

9. Amateur: Photographer Template by Analogwp

Start Working on Your New Portfolio Site

Your portfolio website is more than just a description of your work — it is your work. Thus, do everything you can to make it perfect. Using templates to create a unique portfolio for your business might not seem the instinctive move, but the truth is that you can take every template and make it your own, using creativity and your body of work.