2,000+ Free Elementor Templates, 680,000+ Royalty Free Photos - What More Can You Ask For? #Envato

Back in September, we first mentioned the beta release of a promising Elementor template plugin made by Envato.

Now, comes the official launch of the plugin, including its integration with the Envato Elements subscription service.

The plugin offers 2,000+ Elementor templates, some of which are exclusively available for Elementor Pro users.

So, What Does Elements Do, Exactly?

Elements gives you an unprecedented access to:
  • FREE templates – 2,000+ templates, 80+ complete website template kits. 
  • Premium stock images (Included in their paid subscription) – 680,000+ royalty-free images.
All these assets are smoothly integrated into our editor, to help you find templates and images anytime you need them.

Envato is connecting their Envato Elements subscribers with this plugin, offering them a complete suite of everything a web professional might need to build a website.

In this post, I want to go over why this launch is a huge deal for both Elementor, as well as its community.

1. A Huge WordPress Industry Shift

For the past 15 years, the first step users made when they wanted to create a WordPress website was choosing a theme. The came to ThemeForest, Envato’s leading theme marketplace, and picked a theme of their liking. This was the absolute standard process for setting up a site. 

We launched Elementor three years ago with the clear intention to replace this ‘first stop’, and now – it’s happening!

When the first-word processor came out, it took a while until it took over typewriters. It’s only natural for the same transition to occur with Elementor.

2. The Power of Open Source Extensions

Tools like WordPress and Elementor rapidly improve thanks to the fact they are open source, and evolve through third-party contribution. This kind of improvement would not be possible with technology that is not open source.

With partners like Envato, continually adding new templates and resources, the Elementor team can put even greater focus on the editor, and is able to develop groundbreaking features like this year’s popup builder, flexible layout, and motion effects.

3. One Subscription – All the Design Assets You Need

With Elements, our users can enjoy access to an unimaginable and ever-growing number of templates and images, as well as other design assets which will be integrated into the editor in the future.

Envato is connecting their Envato Elements subscribers into this plugin, offering them a complete suite of everything a web professional might need to build a website.

With an Envato Elements subscription, you’ll have access over 1,000,000 assets across graphics, video, music, sound effects, fonts, and even courses and educational material.

Get Started with Elements

The Elements plugin is free, but if you want to have access to photos and other assets, check out Envato Elements subscription service.

Plans start from $16.50/m, which is a very reasonable price. Go ahead and try it out. Tell them Ben from Elementor sent you 🙂

In the last few months, we received great feedback from users who tried the beta version of Elements. I’d appreciate if you try out the free plugin, and possibly sign up to the subscription service, and let me know how it goes.