10 Best Tools & Apps to Use When You're Starting out as a Freelancer

Why click: Get acquainted with the best tools and apps to use if you are starting out as a freelancer.
Tag: #Business
Time: 9 min

With the wrong tool, you can do more damage than good to your business, costing you more in terms of time and money to fix and maintain it. It’s important to start using good tools from the very beginning as they are the key to creating a solid foundation for your business. Whether you are looking for which page builder plugin is the best, or how to keep track of income, or even if you are looking for ways to track time on your jobs, a good tool can help you with it. Here are out these 10 best tools and apps, that will make your life a lot easier as a WordPress freelancer.

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How to Manage a Graphic Design Project with monday.com

Why click: Improve your graphic design project management with monday.com
Tag: #Business
Time: 6-7 min

Seeing any project through conception to delivery is difficult, especially so with a graphic design project. Excellent project management is critical to delivering successful projects withing specified deadlines and budgets. There are many approaches to effective project management, and one of them is monday.com, which is used by more than 70,000 businesses. It’s simple yet it’s sophisticated and allows team members to communicate with each other, plan each stage track tasks and more. Learn how you can become more effective in managing your graphic design project with monday.com.

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7 Best Illustration Resources to Use in Your Web Design Projects

Why click: Take advantage of these best, free illustration resources to use in your web design projects. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 5 min

Did you know that the use of illustration is an incredibly effective way to engage your visitors and add a human touch to their overall experience? Look at these seven free resources that offer a variety of illustration styles that follow recent web design trends. 

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Buffer Analyze: A Facebook and Instagram Analytics Tool from Buffer

Why click: Understand how to improve your social media strategy with the new Buffer Analyze tool. 
Tag: #Analytics
Time: 10 min

Data is the fuel that powers social media strategies and by understanding it, you can make better decisions about your content, ensure you are connecting with the right audiences and boost engagement. There are, however some difficulties with reading and measuring all those many metrics. You need to take into account things like likes, comments, shares, clicks and more. To ease this process, Buffer has created Buffer Analyze — a Facebook and Instagram analytics tool for online consumer brands that want to make better decisions about their social media strategy.

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The Designer’s Guide to Netflix: 12 Must-Watch Shows and Movies

Why click: Look at Netflix shows and movies from a designer’s point of view and get inspired. 
Tag: #Design
Time: 10 min

Check this interesting take on Netflix shows and movies from the point of view of a designer. Take a look at 12 hand-picked must-watch shows, from neuroscience to documentaries to lost footage, all which will spark your imagination and leave you amazed at what the human mind can accomplish.

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Weekly Design Inspiration

Why click: Get design insight and inspiration by looking at these amazing works.
Tag: #Design
Time: 5-7 min

Need more inspiration? Browse these 14 different and rich design inspirations, including work from our very own Raya Usiatynskaya. 

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WordPress Caching: All You Need to Know

Why click: Understand caching so that you can increase the performance of your website. 
Tag: #WordPress
Time: 10 min

What is caching in WordPress? It’s often confusing and misunderstood, but the main two roles of caching are improving the performance and increasing how much traffic your site can handle. Should you read this post, you’ll have a better understanding of what it is and how various layers of caching play a role in speeding up WordPress. 

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