GitHub Launches Security Lab to Spot Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Code

Tag: #security Time: 4-5 min “In Dexter’s Laboratory, lives the smartest boy you’ve ever seen, but Dee Dee blows his experiments to smithereens!” I am sorry, but that’s what came to my mind when I read the title. In all seriousness, however, GitHub has officially launched a new security lab with the aim to secure open-source software. Its objective is to “ “bring together security researchers, maintainers, and companies across the industry who share our belief that the security of open source is important for everyone.”
An Illustration Of A Shield

How to Write a Blog Post for SEO

Tag: #seo Time: 20 min I’ve never watched a video of a writer writing. It’s like watching paint drying, and equally as interesting. But, I’ll be honest, as a writer, I found this video absolutely fascinating. This video and the accompanying article take you through the process of creating a blog post that ranks high in search engine results. This is especially useful for beginners but can also teach veterans a few new tricks. Check it out.
The Author Depicted As Bob Ross

Know Your Worth! A Guide to Setting Your Rates

Tag: #business Time: 5 min “What’s your rate?” what a difficult question. How does one approach this question? What’s the benchmark, and how do you get the most? Coming up with the right answer is difficult, as the question above can instill dread, confusion, and uncertainty in many freelancers. It’s important, therefore, that you know your price, and that’s why it would be good to read this article which offers a guide to setting your rates.

INK — The Web Content Optimization Editor

Tag: #contentmarketing Time: 2 min INK, which also rhymes with pink, which coincidently is the main color theme of this product, is the first AI web content optimization platform for writers. In human terms, this means that INK offers an all-in-one solution for writers that includes anything from grammar correction to keyword suggestions and more. Give it a try. You may find it very helpful.
A Model With A Laptop

11 Things That Only Ahrefs Can Do

Tag: #seo Time: 10 min “What can you do, that others can’t?” For most of us, this question is difficult to answer, but not for Ahrefs, they found 11 things that make them unique. We’ve long been fans of Ahrefs, and this slideshow captures some of the reasons. Learn more about Ahrefs and its uniqueness.
11 Things Only Ahrefs Can Do

Every Social Media Company Should Copy Pinterest’s Newest Feature

Tag: #socialmedia Time: 2 min Helping others is one of the noblest things we can do. It’s especially heartwarming to see a major company taking the extra step to help their users. Pinterest’s newest feature spots search queries that involve self-harm, and, instead of providing the requested results, it provides users with 10 exercises to cope with feelings and release dangerous tension.
An Example Of Pinterest'S Results

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the WordPress Community

Tag: #wordpress Time: 5 min We are back to the topic of helping people and this time around with WP&UP. WP&UP offers a range of services that support the WordPress community. Its services are based on a triage model where we look to match the best resources for your current needs, to improve your wellbeing. Take a look at it, and maybe it will improve your mental health and wellbeing.
An Illustartion Of Holding Hands

How to Get Started in Product Illustration

Tag: #design Time: 3-4 min “From the halls of Montefusco to the shores of Alice Lee. We illustrate our products, for all of you to see!” Ha, nailed it — the new, product illustration hymn. What is product illustration, you ask? Well, read this great article about what it is, how it differs from other types of illustration when to use it, and more.
An Abstract Illustration Of Product Illustration

Would the Web Be Better With One Good Browser?

Tag: #internet Time: 7-10 min “One browser to rule them all, one browser to search them, one browser to gather them all, and in the web darkness, bind them.” … or not, whatever. Is it good to have many browsers, or would it really be better to have one? The answer is not straight forward, and one needs to take into consideration several key concerns. Read more to learn.
Chrome'S Logo With A Crown On Top