Facebook Launches New Tools to Help With Holiday Marketing

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Time: 2 min

It’s that season again… of merriment, family dinners, and pumpkin spice lattes. 

For those who wish to use this season wisely, Facebook has released several new tools to help businesses with their holiday marketing. Check them out. 


Facebook'S New Holiday Marketing Tools

Meetup’s Payment Changes

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Time: 1 min

The WeWork-fly effect is spreading. 

Due to the WeWork’s recent fall from the public’s graces and its financial stagnation, its subsidiaries are required to find new means of financing themselves, and one such subsidiary is meetup.com. 

Meetup will be changing its payment options and will require members to pay a $2 fee when they reserve a spot at an event. 

Elementor’s Meetup members shouldn’t worry, however, as they will not have to pay a dime!


Meetups Logo

Best Practices for Halloween Email Newsletters With Examples

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Time: 8-10 min

Spooktacular! I like that word. You can find it, and others like it in this article. 

But you won’t only find puns and jokes here, you’ll get ideas, tips, and guides on how to create Halloween email newsletters including beautiful examples! 


Scaredy Cat - One Of The Haloween Newsletter Examples

Why Consistent Writing Makes You a Better Designer

Tag: #Design
Time: 6-8 min

“I get up in the morning, torture a typewriter until it screams, then stop.” — Clarence Budington Kelland. Hey, that’s exactly what I do to my keyboard, and it seems that maybe you should too. 

You may be surprised to find out that writing and designing have lots of similarities, and, in fact, writing will help you become a better designer. I wonder if it works the other way around? 


A Writing Hand

What Does It Mean to Have Good E-A-T?

Tag: #Business
Time: 10-15 min

E-A-T, pray, love? Maybe it’s just E-A-T, and pray that it works. 

Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness has to do with page quality and Google. Google updates its algorithm constantly and it seems that E-A-T plays a major role in the performance of winners and losers of these updates. 

Learn more about what it is and how to have good E-A-T. 


What Does It Mean To Have Good Eat

Marketers Say Most of Google’s Public Statements Are False or Misleading

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Time: 5-7 min

We had nothing to do with the way these bars on the right look, and any similarities between them and… human phalanges are purely accidental. 

Take a look at the results of a recent survey regarding marketers’ perception of ranking elements by Google’s search engine and the level of trust in Google’s public statements. You’d be surprised by the results. 


Statistical Results

Happy 25th Year to Blogging

Tag: #Content
Time: 3-4 min

Troposphere, stratosphere, blogosphere… wait, what? 

The blogosphere (a term for all blogs collectively) is celebrating 25 years and it all started with the first blog — Scripting News, which was written by Dave Winer in 1994. He still updates it and despite the blog’s wide readership, it has never run ads. 

Read more about the history of blogging and about some of the interesting people behind it. 


The First Ever Blogger - Dave Winer

Marketing vs. Branding: What’s the Difference?

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Time: 8 min

I wasn’t sure under what hashtag to put this…marketing or branding. 

You see that’s the problem with these terms. They often get mixed up, confused and substituted interchangeably. These terms, or more accurately, concepts, are very different and you should know how they differ.

Take a look at this article, you’ll benefit from it.


The Different Between Marketing And Branding

What’s Skeuomorphic Design?

Tag: #Design
Time: 10 min

Ok, let’s get this out of the way. Repeat after me: skew-a-morphic or skew-o-morphic (the learned are still debating). 

So what is it? Skeuomorphic designs are designs that mimic elements of real-life products and features. 

Think how, when you take a picture with your phone, you get the shutter sound. It mimics the real-life camera. That’s skeuomorphic design. Learn more about it and how to use it to your benefit. 


The Evolution Of The Recycle Bin Through Windows Releases

Joker Art & Design Collection

Tag: #Design
Time: 5 min

What’s worse than a clown? That’s right, a bunch of clowns!

This is true almost always, but not in this case. Check out these amazing pieces of art, all inspired by and related to the recent Joker movie, and in general, to the character from the DC universe.


One Of The Joker'S Illustrations